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June is the little tail of autumn! Grab it firmly and go play together!

Cat half-price adoption day

A good day for cat slaves is here! People who want to start with the cats should not miss this day! The animal charity is fully deployed, and cats can be adopted at half price. The usual adoption price of more than 25 dollars can be won on this day for only $90-XNUMX!

In this cold winter, give cats a warm home!

  • Time: June 6rd 3:10am ~ 00:3pm
  • Address: Australian Animal Protection Society
  • Website:www.aaps.org.au

June Food and Wine Festival

Have you ever imagined that full of happiness surrounded by food and wine?If you love food!Love wine again! Good Food & Wine Show is such a festival specially prepared for you!Here you can taste the signature food and wine brought by hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world!

Love fine wine but don’t know how to taste it correctly? There are professional wine tasters here to provide you with wine tasting knowledge on site! Of course, young experts who love to make delicious food should not miss this flourishing age! Here are famous chefs from all over the world to show you how to make high-quality exquisite dishes at home!
  • 时间:6月2-4日:周五 &周六10am-6pm 周日 10am-5pm
  • Address: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Website:www.goodfoodshow.com.au

Victoria Market Winter Night Market

June is the season for eating meat! Wei Ma's winter night market is here again! Don't miss it if you haven't visited enough in the summer!
Give us a reason to get out of the house in the cold winter! More than 30 food stalls are steaming hot, and the light show is already in place, giving you a winter night full of sweetness and satisfaction! There are also 50 exclusive creative booths. The crystal ball heralds the future, the Tarot card fortune telling, and the small objects that contain secrets. There is no temptation you can refuse!
Every Wednesday afternoon from 5pm to 10pm, 5 hours with high! are you ready!

Queen's Birthday small holiday

The Queen has a holiday on her birthday, which is also happy! Weekend➕Monday, for a total of three days, you can rest at home, or you can run around by car!
  • Time: June 6th ~ June 10th 

Future Home Dream Festival

The house is rented, but the home is your own! Who has never imagined the appearance of his own home? The "Future Home" with more than 1200 square meters held at MCEC allows you to find the future in ordinary life!

Hundreds of exclusive ideas from designers! Is there a sudden motivation to make money? !
Even if it is a rented house, you must live a decent life!

Ballet "Sleeping Beauty"

"Sleeping Beauty" produced by Disney. Over and over again, let us believe in the appearance of princes and princesses when we were young. Believe in the magic of true love kisses. Believe in true love. Believe that love is only related to love. Believe that no matter what, the invisible big hands of destiny will always arrange a person for you to meet you in the vast crowd at a certain moment, just for that amazing glimpse.

So what would a beautiful and romantic fairy tale look like if it were changed into a dance on the toes? Believe in you who really loves you, who love ballet, let us wait and see!

2017 Melbourne Yacht Show

I have heard of the aircraft show before, and this is the first time I have seen the ship, but in fact it has a long history of 57 years, and this time there are many luxurious and high-equipped ships from Italy debut!


This is organized by the Victoria Yacht Industry Association, from jet skis, fishing boats, various paddle wooden boats, and fishing gear and equipment. You can also enjoy the sunshine with friends and family and set sail together!

  • 时间:6月16-19日(周五&周六:10am-8pm,周日&周一10am-6pm)
  • Address: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Ticket price: two days pass $28/person, single day $16/person, free for under 10 years old
  • Website:www.melbourneinternationalboatshow.com.au

winter solstice

The Winter Solstice Festival is to commemorate the longest night of the year! Bonfires, food, fireworks, performances, let us spend time together in joy! Reflect the sky into a city that never sleeps!

This day is the winter solstice in Australia!
From 3 in the afternoon to 9 in the evening, there will be six hours of non-stop! At the end, light a bonfire and sing and dance together! Come and experience the authentic Australian celebration!

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