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BranchAT Kearney recently released"2017 Global Cities Report" (Global Cities 2017), Ranked 128 cities around the world, and evaluated two results:

one is"Global City Index"-intended to list the most influential cities in the world.Around 27 indicators,5 dimensions (business activities, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience and political participation)To measure the current performance of major cities.

Melbourne and Sydney are both on the list of global elite cities,Among them, Melbourne ranked 15th, the same as in 2106. Sydney followed closely behind in 17th place.

The second result is"Global City Outlook" is intended to rank the future potential of cities and see whose world the world stage will be in the future.4 key indicators:Personal happiness, economic development, innovation, government governance.

This year, Melbourne's ranking has jumped from 16th in 15 to 6th! This is also the highest ranking of Australian cities in the three years since the report was released. Sydney dropped from 12th last year to 13th.

In the column of personal happiness, Melbourne has ranked first for the second year in a row, especially in terms of environmental performance, tied with Sydney for first place. This means that the second largest city in Australia has made investment in improving infrastructure construction, per capita GDP and improving private investment at an unparalleled speed and has become a model of sustainable development!

In this regard, being a Melbourne native is undoubtedly proud! When Melbourne takes the lead in the center of the world stage, every Melburnian will be a beneficiary.

Don’t forget, it has been voted the world’s most liveable city six times!

Ranked second in the Times Out "The Most Interesting Cities in the World", second only to Chicago.

In the Times Global University Rankings, University of Mexico once again leads Australia.

The Royal Botanic Garden was selected as the most beautiful botanical garden in Australia.

Patricia Coffee Brewers on Lt Bourke St has become the most authentic hand-ground coffee in Australia.

Attica at Ripponlea was elected the best restaurant in Australia.

The Nature Play next to the Royal Children's Hospital has become the best playground in Australia.

Even the public toilets in Ringwood Lake Park have become the best public toilets in Australia.

WiFi covering the whole city was officially put into use.

The renovated Rodlaver Arena will become the best Grand Slam venue in the world.

It is also the only official literary city in Australia, and the name of the cultural capital is well-deserved.

There are also the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.

The most diverse street art in the world.

The most artistic graffiti culture in the world, every wall makes people can’t help but press the shutter.

And the future of Melbourne, we believe it will be better because:

  • Construct an express road from the eastern district to the northern district

The expressway connecting the existing ring road and the Eastern Freeway will be completed in the next 10 to 15 years.

  • Construction of the airport subway express

The subway express line from city to Melbourne Airport will be constructed and completed in the second half of the 30-year plan. Airport buses will become a thing of the past.

  • Shut down thermal power plants and convert all to clean energy
  • Pass laws to allow driverless cars on the road
  • ·Pave new subway lines, repair Cityloop, and improve transportation capacity
  • Set up new courts in Wyndham, Dandenong and Bendigo
  • At least one of the Alfred Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Footscray Hospital will be refurbished with more advanced facilities.
  • Set up more police stations to increase police coverage and density.
  • Improve the railway transportation capacity from inland to Port Melbourne.

Infrastructure improvement, public security, medical care and environmental investment will be Melbourne's main development direction in the next three decades.

Let us wish Melbourne a better future!

News compiled from "Business Insider Australia"


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