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Today I recommend some homestays with special experience in Victoria. After reading it, I just want to say: You are the most lazy people in the world who enjoy life, so I am convinced! It can be said that it is because of these homestays that I want to travel. Anyway, I live in these houses in the sauna, no matter what the cold Victorian wind is dancing outside the window!

Camp Kulning tram experience

Have lived in a tree house, a yurt, but have you ever slept in a tram? At Camp Kulning in Kyneton Resort, I will give you a tram-style accommodation experience. This tram is called Jean Claude Van Tram, from Melbourne, and is now over 90 years old!

On this tram, you can completely solve all the needs of life. There are two bedrooms, which can accommodate 4 guests. The two bedrooms are at the two ends of the tram. There is a living room and lounge between them. There are some retro treasures collected by the owner. As decoration; of course, there must be a bathroom and kitchen, and most importantly, it contains a fireplace that can make a fire! !

There are books, board games, and some snacks in the car; there are hammocks, barbecue area, and bonfire outside the car. At night, you can watch the starry sky, eat skewers, and dance around the bonfire! Pretend to be a wanderer, live in the mysterious tram in the Into the wild movie, and find yourself. Don’t forget, you can take a series of themed photos here!

Price: $160/per


Address: 3 Darcy Lane Lauriston 3444

Astra lodge ski experience accommodation

Astra lodge first opened in Falls Creek in 1988. When it opened, it was already the most popular winter ski lodging in Victoria, but it was sold before the Chinese New Year. It was bought by the current owner and invited a famous architect to renovate it. Since it is close to the ski slopes, guests must have the experience of enjoying the snow scenery during their stay. It was ranked first in the category of the best ski boutique hotel by the Austrian World Ski Grand Prix last year and was nominated this year.

The hotel has a day spa, library, and a heated mineral water swimming pool, where you can directly enjoy the snow scenery through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Don’t worry about eating. There is a luxurious restaurant that mainly provides Italian themed meals. Currently, Swiss cheese fondue is also available every Wednesday afternoon. It’s not great!

The price list of standard rooms is attached for reference only.

价格:25/6-7/9 from $622


Address: 5 Sitzmark St, Falls Creek VIC 3699

Abby's Cottage enjoy private spa

Abby's Cottage, which is only a 5-minute drive from Bright town, is definitely one of the places you want to be empty. Most people go to the nearby Mt Buffalo snow mountain in winter to stop and rest.

There is a fireplace in the house, and there is a sauna in the room. The large glass windows can completely let you calm down and look at the mountains outside. The kitchen can let you take a late bath and prepare breakfast for your lover. The kitchen is equipped with eggs, bacon, butter, milk, oatmeal, etc. Basic food and apples are freshly picked from the owner’s own apple farm.

During the day, you can ride a bicycle to relax in the forest trails around Wandiligong. You can also go to the nearby Wandi Pub and the local drunkards. Most of the wine in it is locally produced.

Price: $275/per (minimum 2night)


Address: 169 School Road Wandiligong 3744

Riversdale Retreat and kangaroo partition say hi

This is a Japanese tatami-style hotel with a Zen room. The design was nominated for the World Architecture Awards.

There is a fire in the living room, the lounge is a Japanese-style design with sliding doors, and the cushions are also tatami-style. The solid wood furniture and the undisturbed outside surrounded by bushes should make you feel calm when you walk in.

The house has a sense of design, so it can only accommodate 3 people. The master bedroom has an extra large and comfortable bed and a relatively small single bed compartment. In addition to being suitable for tired couples, it is also very suitable for a family of three. live.

In this house alone in the bushes, when you fall asleep at night, you hear the occasional beating sound outside the window. Don't worry, there are no thieves. It should be the kangaroo who came to say hello to stupid humans, haha. Of course, you still have the chance to meet some other wild animals here, such as small birds. Of course, although the house makes you feel isolated from the world, it is on the edge of the small town of Castlemaine. It is only an hour and a half drive past Melbourne.

Price: From$235 (minimum 2nights)


Address: Riversdale Retreat Chewton 3451

Cortes Cottage Experience the Ao Village Walnut Farm

It's rare for you to come to Ao Village, so you really don't want to try the perfect rural pension life?

This Cortes Cottage is located in Valley Nut Groves, Australia’s oldest walnut farm. The first time I saw this homestay, I would mistake it for a local home. It has its own small garden and many walnut trees. If you go to live in the mature season, you can open the window and reach out to eat. There is solar power on the roof, and all the waste after cooking in the house can be directly fed to the garden through the pipeline. There are two bedrooms in the house, one is a comfortable large bed and the other is a twin room.

Not far from the house is the cattle and sheep paddock. You can walk through the cattle and sheep paddock for about 15 minutes to reach the Ovens river, where you can fish and swim.There is a golf course not far away, and then you can go skiing in Mount Hotham for an hour.Here you can feel the so-called heavenly wonderful life of the people of Xia'ao Village!

Price: From$190


Address: 235 Schlapps Rd Gapsted 3737


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