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We all know how annoying a power outage is, but this Wednesday,Residents of Chifley, Canberra, Australia, are constantly requesting the power company ActewAGL to cut off power!

Just to save a kitten trapped on a telephone pole-Ash.

Ash’s owner’s name isJason. Apart from Ash, the family also has a dog.

Not knowing what was wrong this day, the dog started chasing Ash wildly. Ash ran out of the house and climbed onto the telephone pole.

During this climb, I accidentally got stuck on the pole.

Master Jason was anxious this time. The poles are too high for people to climb up, and there is a danger of electric shock.

How is this good?

Jason tried everything he could, and he contacted the fire department.

The fire brigade said it could rescue,But you have to power off first.

So Jason contacted the power companyActewAGL, Asked them to stop the power supply on this street first. But ActewAGL believesThe kitten will get off by itself after a while, and there will be a fine for such an unplanned outage, so Jason’s request for a power outage is rejected.

Can it be difficult now? The temperature is very low at night, and the kitten may not be able to stand it in such a high place. If you accidentally cut the wire...the consequences will be unimaginable.

In a hurry, Jason contactedCanberra Pet Rescue (hereinafter referred to as CPR). CPR immediately issued a call for help on his Facebook page.

With this incident, people in Canberra immediately offered suggestions to make ActewAGL aware of the importance of the matter.

"Everyone, go and message their Facebook!"Someone suggested

At this time someone came up with this method:Leave a message directly under the latest status of ActewAGL!

As a result, large groups of troops went to ActewAGL to leave a message under the "Dial Before You Dig" status.

"Can you cut off the power and save the trapped kitten."

"Just cut off the power for 5 minutes! Save this little life and help this heart-wrenching family! They may have paid you for electricity too! Kitty is now trapped on a pole in Canberra, very helpless. Its family too!"

"Please sympathize with them, so that the kitten can get off the wire and reunite with his family."

Such comments instantly filled the state below:

Everyone is as anxious as the owner of the cat!

Facebook’s pressure is not enough. Someone suggestedTwitter is coming :

SomeonePo makes a 24-hour emergency call, calling everyone to call.

Someone even @ itNews media, want to attract more people’s attention :

CPR is also following the progress of the whole thing in real time-the kitten is still trapped above

Everyone is still trying to comment on ActewAGL's Facebook...

Time passed by, but everyone was still working hard, and the number of comments was increasing.

at last,ActewAGL understood everyone’s voice and was touched, and sent relevant staff to the scene to provide assistance, saying that it would try to save the kitten without cutting off the power supply..

CPR appealed to everyone on FacebookRequest the staff to arrive at the scene as soon as possible, Because the kitten will touch the wire several times!

Eventually, the staff of ActewAGL arrived at the scene,Decided to stop the power supply in this community first, To facilitate rescue work!The kitten was successfully rescued!

The rescuers are still comforting it

CPR stated that the power outageOnly 10 households were affected and lasted about 20 minutes.If the kitten touches the wire, it may cause more trouble.

In 20 minutes, I got a little life

20 minutes, avoiding more trouble

20 minutes, the result of the unremitting efforts of all Australian residents

The owner of the kitten, Ash, was also very touched, and left a message in CPR to thank many netizens:

After everyone heard the news of kitten safety, they all cheered and celebrated:

And the kitten Ash has returned to his warm home

Maybe I haven't realized what happened just now

But everything that happened was left under the Facebook comments. Seeing those tense, joyful and even severe words, they are all obviousAustralian people's respect for life, Even if it's just a kitten.

Although they don't know each other, but one party is in trouble, all parties still support selflessly!

The efforts of the people moved the power company, let it compromise, let it change the original decision between public opinion and business, and make the impossible possible.

This effort also touched us and showed us how lovely the people in this land are.

In fact, this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

[Whale stranded, everyone supported]

No, yesterday a 12-meter-long whale accidentally ran aground on the beach in NSW. The water kept scouring, seeing the whale's whole body about to turn over.

At this time,A group of residents playing on the beach immediately ran into the sea to support the whale so that it could stay upright so that it could breathe.

Although a veterinarian at the scene said that the probability of this whale's survival is not high, everyone still held the whale in the sea, accompanied it to be washed by the sea, waiting for rescuers to arrive...

[Tree frog injured, airlift treatment]

In June last year, the Mount Isa family in Queensland accidentally injured a small green tree frog while mowing. A big cut was made on the head and neck of the little tree frog.

The family did not ignore it, but immediately contacted Cairns Frog Hospital in northern Queensland. The doctor said that the little tree frog can be rescued, but it must be sent to Keynes first.

So the service agencies on both sides of Mount Isa and Cairns began to look for suitable airlines, and they had to find personnel who could rescue tree frogs. In the end, a carrier offered to invite the frog to fly to Cairns!

Finally, the little tree frog was airlifted to Cairns, where he was healed and recovered.

[The duck is trapped and the firemen are eager to rescue it]

In August last year, a group of ducklings was trapped in a muddy drain in Paralowie, Adelaide. Mother Duck was watching, especially anxious.

A woman passed by and directly called the fire brigade to the scene. Everyone used various tools to carefully rescue the ducklings.

[Living with bees, just to give them a home]

A couple in NSW, Jody and Richard Mcnelle, used soft and porous asbestos panels to build the walls of their home, which attracted countless bees to make their homes on the walls.

Their usual "buzzing" sounds are too strong. But Jody and RichardThey did not drive them away, but let them live in this house for 3 years, even if the noises made by these bees would sting them.

Later, when the number of bees increased, they had no choice but to find a beekeeping expert to carefully guide the bees out, and then build a honeycomb for them.

This is the lovely and caring Australian people! Perhaps it is because they have lived in this place rich in animal resources for a long time, and they can also show respect, patience and care for these weak creatures.

This world is not without killing and abuse, but it is more of such a loving act. Living in this beautiful land of Australia, learn to discover these loving actions and let yourself become a loving person!

News compiled from "ABC/Facebook/Dailymail/9News"


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