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At about 11 o’clock last night, a car crashed into a pedestrian on Swanston Street, the main road of Melbourne’s CBD. A man drove a car into the gates of ANZ Bank and Commonwealth Bank, and rushed into the lobby of Crown Casino. He was subsequently arrested by the police.

According to the Australian Nine News report, the police received a report that someone was driving a vehicle along Swanston Street very abnormally at around 11pm last night. The video taken by witnesses on Swanston Street showed that a white SUV was driving in Swanston. Street, then rushed onto the sidewalk and ran into the doors of ANZ Bank and Commonwealth Bank!

There were a lot of pedestrians on the road at that time, which shocked the surrounding crowd.It is reported that the man is 34 years old and is from Burwood East.

After colliding with pedestrians to no avail, the man drove along Swanston St to the parking lot of the Crown Casino, and tried to violently crash into the entrance hall of the parking lot, which is the parking lot and the escalator. .

Fortunately, the police arrived and arrested him immediately. According to other witnesses, the speed of this SUV was nearly 50-60km/h at that time, which was quite crazy!

"He tried to kill people on the road because there were many people on the road." There were many homeless people lying or sitting on the side of the road, almost injured. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the car crash last night.

The film shows that people dispersed and fled. The driver continued to move forward. Then he rushed into a basement parking lot of the Crown Casino and then into the lounge of the building.

(The driving man drove all the way on Swanston St and finally rushed into Crown)

It is understood that the man then abandoned the car and ran to the casino. He was arrested by the police. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation. The perpetrator suffered minor injuries. The police have not yet announced the purpose of this person's driving attack on pedestrians, nor whether it was a terrorist attack. A police spokesperson stated that there are no reports that the vehicle was stolen.

As the MCG had a match between Australia and Brazil last night, more than 4 people watched the match at MCG, and a large number of police forces were deployed near the MCG. Therefore, the police did not immediately stop the vehicle involved in the accident on Swanston Street last night.

It is particularly worth mentioning thatIn the chaotic situation last night,A brave tramp came forward.

Just after 11 o'clock last night, the homeless Stuart Hicks saw the 34-year-old man driving a car, he did not hesitate to take action, and this indirectly saved many lives.

"He is going toChinatownopen.So I ran towards him, and then he turned, I ran towards him again, and finally he turned and crashed into the bank......This also prevented him from going to the sidewalk," Mr HicksWhen it comes to: "If he didn't crash into the bank.He will be fromChinatownBumped all the way……Really lucky.In the end, no one was hit by him."

Recently, Victorian Governor David Andrews issued an order to set up multiple stone piers in Melbourne's CBD to prevent such attacks. This incident happened just a few days after City had just started installing the anti-collision stones. From this point of view, the urban area of ​​Melbourne really needs these stones to protect everyone's lives.

News compiled from "9 News"


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