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Mark Walker is a courier for Australia Post,On weekdays, his job is to deliver mail and express delivery from door to door.

On this day, as usual, he rode a small motorcycle on the small road to send letters to everyone,As he rushed to the next house, he found a hand on the road ahead!

When he got closer, he saw that the hand belonged to an old lady.The old lady fell to the ground, motionless, not knowing her life or death.

He tried to yell a few times, but there was no response.The old man was gray-haired and didn't know how long he had been lying down.

Mark wanted to go up and check the old man's condition.But the moment he stopped the car, he hesitated.

He thought, there will be no one else around here, although he should help others,But if you stop to help the old lady, what about the other unsent emails?

So he retracted the foot he had stepped out, looked around and found that there was no one in this block. In other wordsNow on this street, only him and this old lady who fell on the ground, if he will leave directly, no one will know...

His family's economy is not rich, and every dollar is very important.At this time, there are still hundreds of families waiting for him to send letters, if they are complained, Will directly affect your bonus...But it's just a momentary thing,Mark took his jacket out of his backpack and walked to the old lady.

He put the warm coat on the old lady, and then called the rescue call, The rescuers said they would arrive within 1 hour and told him not to move the injured. The old lady opened her eyes slowly amidst his shouts!

Seeing the desire to survive in the eyes of the old man,He knew that saving the elderly was right!

In the next time,Mark prayed not to receive a complaint call, and kept joking, trying to relax the old lady.

After that, rescuers quickly rushed the old lady to the hospital,Mark also quickly started the motorcycle and rushed to the next tenant.

Some families have the habit of receiving mail regularly, but this time they learned that Mark was late because of helping an elderly man who fell. Everyone said:You did a great job, you should help her!It seems everyone thinks that the elderly should be saved first! Only then did Mark's heart relax.

After saving the old lady, Mark still sent the mail every day as usual. But a few days later, he was stopped by an old lady.And it was the old lady he saved that stopped him!


The old lady poured him a cup of tea, and then introduced herself: Her name was Alma Mancktelow, she was 94 years old, and now she lives alone after her husband died.

That day, as usual, she went to a store only 10 minutes away from home to buy things.Who knew that on the way back, I accidentally tripped over.

For a while, a huge pain swept over her!She tried to get up on her own, but in despair she found that she couldn't move at all, couldn't even sit up, and then fainted...

She couldn't imagine,If there was no Mark, then she might be dead now...

The old man said:Mark, I am so grateful to you, you have shown me the beauty of human nature, and I can see this beautiful world a few more times, thanks to you!

Mark felt relieved all at once! He thought to himself that next time he encountered such a situation, he would definitely go up without hesitation! He was very sure that if he left that day,Then he will definitely live in regret for a lifetime.

The words of the old lady made him wake up like a dream,It doesn't matter what happens after you save someone. You can live upright if you don't violate your conscience.

Thinking about this, Mark decided to take a look at the old lady's house every day to make sure that she was well at home alone.

So, every morning, Mrs. Alma could see a yellow-green figure at the door of her house.

That was Mark who came to visit her.

Whether it's windy or rainy, Mark comes to talk to the old lady unimpeded.

Even on vacation, I would ask my colleagues to check it out at the elderly's house.

After this incident was reported, netizens said that Mark did a great job:

waffa taleb:This postman is so kind!

charlie carter:well done! There should be more people like you in the world.

norzi matthews:Very good story! I am glad to know that there are still many good people in the world!

panayata tosoukalas:Good job brother!

When the company where Mark worked knew about this,I also appreciate Mark's behavior! Also praised him in front of all employees!

At this time, the editor couldn't help but think of the big turmoil caused by Australians helping small animals.

In order to save a kitten trapped on a pole, the power company shut off electricity for most of the block.

To save a stray dog, the strong man gave the dog artificial respiration.

In order to protect the safety of the ducklings, dozens of vehicles stopped to watch the ducklings cross the street.

In the eyes of many people, these seemingly incomprehensible things happen frequently in Australia. As netizens said:

This is not just because Australians love animals,But deep inside them,Have respect for life.

Regardless of whether it is a person or an animal, we will do our best to help. Whether it is Mark who saved people, the householder who was released with pigeons, or Mark's company, everyone thinks that helping passers-by who fell is the best thing to do.

Focus on life,This is why,So many people love this land...

News compiled from "7 News Melbourne"


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