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There are indeed many kangaroos in Australia, and a large group can be seen on the road.

On the highway, you can often see such warning signs to make you pay attention to kangaroos that appear at any time.

But many kangaroos died in car accidents.

But most of them are unintentional.

however,Recently, a frightening photo made Australian netizens angry.

This photo was taken by a motorcyclist on the side of Plenty Road in northern Victoria.

After investigations by the environment, land, and planning departments, the kangaroo in the picture was killed by a gunshot, and the person who shot it shot at least three times.Then, the person who shot it tied it to the chair. It can be seen that in order to prevent the kangaroo from falling, its feet are fixed to the chair by wire, and its two forelimbs are also fixed by ropes. It had a leopard print shawl on its back and an empty wine bottle in his hand.

Mike Sverns, a senior investigator in the investigation department, said in a statement on Tuesday:"This is undoubtedly a tragic act. The kangaroo was not only shot and killed, but also maliciously made into this pose. It will definitely take a while to get this shape. There is a lot of traffic on this road, so We believe that there should be witnesses who have witnessed all this."

It is hoped that anyone who has witnessed all this will contact the relevant authorities as soon as possible, and will be fined as low as $7500 and as high as $36500 for shooting and killing wild animals.

Netizens are also screaming at this cruel move:

Horrible behavior. What is even more terrifying is that someone carrying a gun, he slaughtered and abused animals so unscrupulously. And this might just be the beginning, maybe he plans to continue to slaughter other animals or people.

What a good job, my friend! You let the whole world see how disrespectful we Australian people are to other creatures. The kangaroo is a symbol of our country, so being tortured and killed is still considered acceptable and even interesting? ! This is simply inhuman! ! !

Some people can be ruthless and cruel to the extreme, and these scum who have done such cruel behavior are not worthy of being called humans.

Three shots? not enough? They thought of a "better" idea, so they gaveit"Dress up" and letit"Sit" there? Are you wrong? !

Anyone who sees this and finds it funny should really die

This is cruel. There are kangaroos near my house,itThey are so cute. This is simply too scary

I also think this is a terrible thing, but it is also the first time I know that shooting a kangaroo is illegal...Anyway, you should catch the looting person and let them face the punishment.

sinceitIt is dead. It is still immoral for you to treat its carcass like this, and the kangaroo is also one of Australia's iconic animals. The main thing is, how terrible it is to let children see this scene! You are simply not human

How could a person be so cruel! !

Those who can do this are completely crazy. Who will be next? Ordinary people? Which household on Plenty Rd?

It seems that we must seriously consider moving to this livable city! It's simply an "interesting" place! ! !

News compiled from "7 News"


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