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According to Australian media reports, there are now more than 6.4 "black households" living illegally in Australia, and many of them have illegally arrived in Australia for 40 years!

Statistics show that there are more than 64,000 people living illegally in Australia!

Among them are 6500 Chinese, second only to Malaysia in number.

According to figures from the Immigration Department, among these illegally stranded population, 1/3 of the "black households" have formal jobs, and 2/3 have been stranded for more than 2 years.

Among them, 9440 Malaysians "top the market," followed by 6500 Chinese, followed by Indonesia, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

There are also considerable numbers of citizens of Germany, France, Japan and Fiji!

At least one person (may have died at the moment) has been playing "peek-and-see" with the staff of the Australian Immigration Service for nearly 40 years.

The Immigration Bureau stated that the current number of illegally stranded people in Australia has increased by 5 percentage points from 6 years ago. Among them, 70% of these stranded populations have “black households” who have had tourist visas, and 15% of “black households” have held tourist visas. student visa.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that in the next phase, "appropriate" tough measures will be taken against these populations, and targeted and planned enforcement will be carried out.

Although most employers strictly abide by the employment rules of Australian law, those who allow illegal workers to work in their own companies will face serious consequences!

Employers should be aware that if there is sufficient evidence to show that the employer knowingly makes the employee work illegally or violates visa regulations, he will face sky-high fines and even criminal proceedings!

Employers who hire illegal workers may face:

1. Warning Worker Warning Notice, Illegal Worker Warning Notice!

2. Administrative Penalties-Individual (sole trader) fined 3240 Australian dollars, company fined 16200 Australian dollars!

3. Civil penalties-personal fines of 16200 Australian dollars, company fines 81,000 Australian dollars!

4. Criminal penalties-personal fines of 21,600 Australian dollars or 2 years in jail, company fines 108000 Australian dollars!

5. Serious criminal penalties)-personal fines 54000 fines or 5 years jail, company fines 270000 fines!

The above penalties are only for a single person, if the number is more than one, it will be doubled!

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