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The temperature is getting lower every day, and getting up is more painful every day!Australian media said, this is the coldest early winter in 128 years! And this is just the beginning of a bitterly cold season.

The morning temperature in Adelaide was below 5 degrees for 5 consecutive days this week, the coldest in 128 years, and the mountains are freezing!

Frost hits fallen leaves!

Canberra’s roads are freezing in the morning!

In Sydney, those who can go to the beach in this windy, cold day are all heroes!

The low temperature in Melbourne will drop to 4 degrees tomorrow. In the past many years, the temperature was at least 6.9 degrees, which shows how fierce this winter has come.

However, the good news is that the temperature around Mt Buller Mountain in Victoria has dropped to minus 6 degrees, and conditions are ready for skiing!

SoStarting today, the Mt Buller ski resort officially announced its opening to welcome guests, which also heralds the arrival of the annual Melbourne ski season~

The major ski resorts are already in place!

(Mt Hotham)

There will be a small holiday next week. You can plan early and reward yourself for a trip to the snow-capped mountains after your busy schedule!

How to go skiing in Melbourne? Let’s introduce you to several major ski resorts in Melbourne, many of which provide shuttle buses.You can go even without a car!

Collection-Melbourne's most comprehensive ski resort guide

There are five ski resorts around Melbourne, namelyMt Baw Baw, Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Lake Mountain and Mt Hotham.

1.Mt Baw Baw

Mt Baw Baw is the closest ski resort to the city center. It is surrounded by a national park with beautiful scenery. The terrain here is flatter than other ski resorts and is very suitable for beginner skiers. There are 16 ski trails and 7 cable cars in the ski resort. You can also take a helicopter to overlook the entire national park, the scenery is particularly good.

Mt Baw Baw is located about 160 kilometers east of Melbourne, about 2 and a half hours by car.

People who don’t have a car or can’t drive don’t have to worry.The ski resort has shuttle buses every day, costing $55 for one way and $70 for a round trip, and there are more shifts.

If you go with a few friends,There are also special car rental services that can provide minivans ranging from 2-9 people, Transport you and your friends directly from the City to the ski resort, and the rental car price is not too expensive if it is evenly distributed to each person:

Appointment address:


Someone may be concerned about the cost, so let's take a look at the various costs. First of all, of course the entrance fee:Private car goes to 56 dollars/car, and bus goes to 18 dollars/person.

Secondly, you must buy skiingLift ticket :

If you are a ski enthusiast, buying a seasonal pass will be more affordable.

Rental cost of ski equipment:

A set of double board + snowball fight + shoes that beginners like to use starts at $50, and the price is reasonable.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to ski. Group lessons and private lessons are provided here. You can choose courses according to your needs:Group courses are $69, and there is a discount on Wednesdays. You can also purchase a course + ropeway package for $105.

Private lessons are a bit more expensive, $1 for 125 hour and $2 for 225 hours.

It’s also a good choice if you want to stay overnight at the ski resort.From hostel-style dormitories to luxurious four-bedrooms, there are many types of accommodation here, with prices ranging from $50 to more than $400.

You can see the price of accommodation through this booking page:


2. Falls Creek Ski Resort

Falls Creek is the largest alpine resort in Victoria! There are more than 90 downhill ski trails here, providing skiing, snowboarding facilities, and a wealth of daytime and night activities for skiers of all levels. It is also the only ski resort in Australia that allows adults to drive their own snowmobiles.

The ski resort is 400 kilometers away from Melbourne, about 4 and a half hours from the CBD.Although it is far away, it is definitely the first choice for ski lovers.

Of course, don’t worry if you don’t have a car.The ski resort provides shuttle bus to Melbourne CBD, 53 one way, 126 round trip:

You can book at this website:


You can also take the V/Line from Southern Cross Station for 3 hours to Wangaratta or 4 hours to Albury. After getting off the bus, the ski resort also provides ferry services. Book at the address above.

So, let us look at the various expenses together:

Ski resorts need to pay an entrance fee. The price for advance reservation and on-site purchase is different. It is recommended that you book online in advance. The reservation price is:

The on-site purchase price will be slightly more expensive:

Because the ski trails of this ski resort are very rich and the ropeway is also more complicated, the cable car fee will be more expensive:

It will be more expensive if purchased on site:

As for ski equipment, because this ski resort is very large, there are many shops for renting ski equipment around, here is the price of one for your reference, the price of ski equipment rental will not be too different from each store:

It is a good choice to spend a night here, because there are many night activities in the ski resort at night. The price of accommodation ranges from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. You can choose according to your budget. Please go to thisURL to query:


3. Mt Buller Ski Resort

Mt Buller is the most popular ski resort in Mocun with the most tour groups. There are many resort hotels on the mountain, from various apartments and hotels, providing up to 7,000 beds at different prices from budget to deluxe rooms. It can be called the ski resort with the most accommodation options in Victoria. Whether you are a beginner or a master skier, Mt Buller can make you come home with great fun.Adjacent to Melbourne, 231 kilometers from CITY, about three hours' drive.

Like other ski resorts, there are alsoBus transfer from Melbourne CBD to ski resort, Here is the schedule of the shuttle bus:

The round trip price is109 knives, The round-trip price the next day is185 knives, This fee includes the entrance fee.

Details can be viewed at this website:


If you choose to come by car, you will also need to pay an additional entrance fee. The price is as shown below. If you book in advance online, it will be cheaper~

To use the cable car there, you need to buy a $5 magnetic card, which can be purchased online and mailed in advance or purchased on the spot. The cable car fee is currently $129. Sometimes special events will be launched, so the price will change. You can go to the followingURL for query:


Ski equipment can be rented at the ski resort, and the price is not much different from the above ones.

The accommodation in Mt Buller is also second to none. There are occasional fireworks displays at night. You can choose from a variety of specifications from dormitory style to luxurious style. The price ranges from tens to hundreds. Those who want to stay can visit the followingURL query:


4. Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain is located to the east of Melbourne. It is the closest nature theme park to Melbourne. It is a relatively junior ski resort. It is good to take children to go. The whole family can go sledding (tobogganing), cross-country skiing (cross-country skiing), snow walking (snow shoeing), snowmobile sports and playing in the snow ideal resort.It is only about 120 kilometers away from Melbourne, and it takes about 3 hours to drive.

This place is not so friendly to students who don’t drive.The bus to there runs 1-2 times a day, If you want to go by car, you must live in the ski resort for a day.

If the entrance fee, openIt costs 56 dollars to enter by car and 18 dollars to take a bus

Because it is a resort, in addition to skiing, there are some mountain hiking, cycling and other projects. Many children can participate in projects, which are very suitable for the whole family.

The price of ski rental and accommodation is not much different from other ski resorts. You can go to the followingURL for query:


5. Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham Ski Resort can bring all the ski facilities to ski enthusiasts, including comfortable accommodation, food and entertainment. It is a must-see for skiers. Of course, there are many junior tracks in the ski resort, and you can also have fun. Ascending to the top of the mountain, you can also enjoy the beauty of Dargo High Plains.It is about 400 kilometers away from Melbourne, about 4 and a half hours by car.

Mt Hotham does not provide direct shuttle buses from downtown Melbourne. It may be troublesome for people without a car to go there. You can go to Southern Cross to take the V/Line to Wangaratta, and then transfer to the bus to Dinner Plain, where there is a shuttle bus provided by the ski resort, 15 dollars per person. However, it is still very troublesome to go without a car. It is recommended that you rent a car and take a ride there.

The entrance fee is shown below,It costs 47 dollars per car to drive, and 18 dollars per person to get in by bus

There are places to sell and rent ski equipment, and there are many shops. Here is a screenshot to show the price:

As for accommodation, like other ski resorts, various grades of accommodation are provided here. You can choose according to your budget. For accommodation reservation, you can enter the followingURL for:


How is it, everyone is ready to watch! Hurry up and pack your bags and go skiing together~

News compiled from "7 news, Daily Mail"


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