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The school holidays are coming soon, has your heart started to stir when you go out to play?

These are the most suitable places in Australia to post on Instagram, how many have you checked in?

This is marked34 attractions, covering Australia’s most magnificent sunrise, sunset, starry sky, as well as those Australia’s most photographed natural wonders and national parks, Let’s take a look at which attractions are on the list?

1. Gunlom Falls, Northern Territory

Gunlom Falls, located in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, has an enchanting natural pool, suitable for watching the sunset. It is the best choice to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy a relaxing holiday in this tranquil natural atmosphere Don't be too great!

2. Hill Inlet, Queensland

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland is well-known in Australia for its soft sand and clear waters, but Hill Bay at the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is even more breathtaking and a little-known beauty. At low tide, the hues of white sand and blue sky here blend together, coupled with the silhouette of the famous whirlpool-like beach here, it is simply a wonderful work of art!

3. Pink Lake (Pink Lake), Western Australia

The pink lake in Western Australia, which is inundated with girls' hearts, is located off the coast of Esperance. The pink lake water is decorated with dense melaleuca and eucalyptus forests. It is said that the pink color of the lake is because the algae in the lake reproduce under the conditions of the lake water's salinity and temperature. However, it doesn't matter! What we need to know is that clicking a piece here will definitely attract the exclamation of friends! Absolutely natural without processing!

4. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Is there a place where you can only hear your own breathing when you stop, and you dare not speak loudly and move, for fear of breaking the silence. This may be the experience of many travelers in Cradle Mountain~ When you look at the undulating Cradle Mountain surrounded by virgin forests and look at its reflection in the calm mirror-like water of Pigeon Lake, you will have an illusion, as if you were yourself Went to the paradise.

5. Blue Mountains, NSW

In the hearts of the people of NSW, Blue Mountain is probably similar to the existence of Dandenong Mountain in the hearts of Victorians.Here, whether you are going to climb the Three Sisters, look for a waterfall in the mountain, or take a challenge on a hike, you can take a lot of good photos!

6. Boroka Lookout, Victoria

This is definitely a beautiful hidden attraction in Victoria! Boroka Lookout is located in the Grampians National Park. This piece of rock that looks particularly frightening is definitely a good opportunity for you to show your "death" state in the ticket circle. There is no need to hike for several hours, and you can drive to this crowded scenic spot with a panoramic view of the mountains! "

7. Babinda Boulders, Queensland

This is a spectacle formed by pebbles, located to the south of Cairns. We can take a dip in the natural pool surrounded by the lush primitive jungle and blend into the beauty.

8. Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria

The most photogenic thing about Sherbrooke Forest is the morning mist in the forest. It will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. However, it may also be a horror story, "Silent Hill"? It is located around Dandenong, only 40 kilometers away from the cbd. It is a one-day trip that just walks away. It's best to come here!

9. Glass House Mountains, Queensland

The name of the glass mountain range was named after the mountain in his hometown by Captain Cook who discovered the Australian continent, located near the Sunshine Coast. Ascending to the top of the mountain, you can have a glimpse of the magnificent scenery of these undulating volcanic peaks and a 360-degree panoramic view of the forest!

10. Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Jervis Bay contains many charming beaches and parks, as well as the whitest beach in the world. Look at this refreshing sapphire blue water, absolutely photogenic. Whether you come here for swimming, camping or hiking, every photo you take is a postcard level!

11. Broome, Western Australia

To come to Broome without going to Cable Beach is worth nothing! This is a charming pearl town. Here, whether you choose to participate in a camel tour or go to a daze on the beach to admire the sunset photos of the Indian Ocean, you can offer countless beautiful photos~

12. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Tasmania is definitely one of the most beautiful states in Australia, and Wineglass Bay is the star among them. This is one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you are strolling through the half-moon bay formed by the intersection of white sand and azure water, or climbing to the top of the mountain to see its full view, you have captured a lot of big pictures!

13. Fraser Island, Queensland

Come to Fraser Island in Queensland and experience the charm of Australia's sunny beaches! This is the largest sand island in the world. In particular, the tropical rainforest growing on the sand dunes is unique, and there is also a freshwater lake in the middle. Swimming in the clear lake and enjoying life, you must send IG Friends envy and envy!

14. Glasshouse Rocks, NSW

This is the best destination for photography lovers! The boulders on the seashore have large holes formed naturally. They are very spectacular and even have a shape similar to the map of Australia. Moreover, another reason that attracts many photography enthusiasts is that the beautiful Milky Way can be photographed here.

15. The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

I have to bring my relatives and friends to travel several times a year. You know, not to mention, it is Meimeimei. Not being here to take photos is equivalent to not visiting my Greater Melbourne!

16. Karijini National Park (Karijini National Park), Western Australia

The Pilbara area of ​​Western Australia has some little-known and beautiful attractions, like this natural pool surrounded by towering red rocks. Take a picture of a bikini swimming here, definitely more than net celebrities. good looking!

17. Sydney Harbour, New South Wales

Well, this is too "neighborhood" compared with the previous niche attractions, but the editor still has no way to remove this attraction. In addition to taking good photos of the Opera House and Sydney Bridge near Circular Quay, you might as well take a ferry to McMahons Point to get a better view away from the crowd.

18. The Breakaways (The Breakaways), South Australia

Located near the Opal town of Coober Pedy, in the hinterland of South Australia, it looks like a view of another planet. Breakaways is a huge red sand rock that slides down from the Stewart Mountains. The raised rock forms a visually striking contrast with the endless desert landscape. There must be many people asking where this is, Mars! ?

19. Bay of Fires, Tasmania

The Bay of Flames is a 50-kilometer-long coastline. The rocks in this area are covered with orange algae, so that they look like blazing flames. At sunset, these bright stones and emerald-green sea water form beautiful landscapes under the rays of the setting sun. You see, even if it is cloudy, you can still take good photos here by "rotating, jumping, and closing your eyes"!

20. Armidale, NSW

This is a relatively unpopular attraction, but it is definitely rewarding to come here in autumn. The golden autumn leaves all the way, there are not so many people like Macedon Mountain and Blue Mountain, it is absolutely right to shoot a blockbuster! Don't miss the nearby Wollomombi waterfall, which is also a great place to take photos!

21. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Don't miss this stone that looks like a sci-fi movie! This huge rock standing on the top of the cliff is a masterpiece carved by nature. Standing underneath it, rubbing a piece against the blue ocean in the background, beautiful!

22. Boranup Forest, Western Australia

This forest in the Margaret River Basin has incredible towering trees. In this secluded forest, you can take a lot of good photos whether you drive or walk~

23. Coffin Bay, South Australia

There are stretches of coastline and sandy beaches, a suitable climate and pure and unpolluted seawater. The Eyre Peninsula is one of the few undeveloped primitive coastlines.In addition to producing top quality oysters, you can also see penguins and seals here!

24. Cape Byron Lighthouse, NSW

Byron is a paradise in the hearts of many travelers, and it is almost a must-visit attraction for those who travel to NSW. However, if you haven't been here to see the spectacular sunset with the lighthouse as the background, take a photo and punch in it, it's nothing!

25. Great Otway National Park, Victoria

It’s another virgin forest that only appears in fairy tales~Walking in the Great Otway National Park, getting in touch with the fern-rich valleys and peaceful lakes here, just click on a beautiful photo of getting lost in the forest. The number of likes is going up!

26. Cape Hillsborough, Queensland

What if you want to take a picture with the most characteristic of Tu-Macao? Come here! Every day at sunrise, this sandy beach at Hillsborough Point is full of kangaroos running! Take a beautiful picture with them just getting up, envy your friends!

27. Lord Howe Island, NSW

This island is known as one of the most beautiful islands in Australia. Lord Howe Island is not large, surrounded by blue water with distinct layers. The almost undeveloped island retains the most pristine features of Australian nature. The clear waters and bright corals make this a great place for diving. The subtropical rainforest on the island is also a paradise for hikers.

28. Flinders, Victoria

This quiet and peaceful island can be called a suffocating paradise. Located on the Mornington Peninsula, the waters around the island are covered with colorful corals, and the clear water can reflect the 4~5 meters of the seabed. The most beautiful scenery is the sunrise here, it's worth getting up early and waiting on the edge of the cliff~

29. Wallaman Falls, Queensland

This is the tallest and largest permanent waterfall in the southern hemisphere. It is located in the ancient tropical rain forest near Townsville, Queensland. No matter from which angle it is viewed, the rainbow under the splash of the waterfall is worth taking a picture.

30. Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Come here to find the happiest animal on earth~ Although Rotney Island itself is a beautiful island worth visiting, the short-tailed kangaroo (Quokka) on the island is the biggest motivation for many people to come here. There are a large number of short-tailed kangaroos living on the island, and you can catch their signature cute smiling faces in a few steps! I can be happy for a day~

31. Bondi to Coogee walk, NSW

If you want to go to Sydney, you must go to Capundi Beach, but if you want to enjoy a little private space, away from the crowded beaches to appreciate the beauty of the niche, you must try this section of the route from Bondi to Coogee, this coastal walk The path will definitely save your camera a few bars of electricity!

32. Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Walking along the edge of the thrilling red cliffs of Kings Canyon, you can see the spectacular forest at the bottom of the canyon and the endless horizon while adrenaline surges. You can also take a deadly photo of a back sitting on the edge of a cliff, invincibility is loneliness, ah (but be careful! Remember!)

33. Innes National Park, South Australia

Located at the tip of the Yorke Peninsula, Innes National Park is another piece of paradise in Australia. There are world-class surfing beaches, as well as famous shipwrecks and ancient coastal lighthouses to explore. Taking pictures is absolutely beautiful to cry you! The point is, no Chinese have heard of this place, is it unique?

34. Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

The famous "world belly button" Uluru (Uluru) leads to Kata Tjuta, also known as Olgas. These rocks standing in the red earth desert change magical colors with sunrise and sunset. As shown in the picture, it is absolutely comparable to the scenery of US Highway 1!

After sharing so many attractions in Australia, the editor wants to say, I want a holiday, I want to travel! ! ! !

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