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The cheese-filled doner balls, the Taiwanese Pancake that bursts with a bite, and the most beautiful flower croissants. I think I have all the best packages in the world!

Cheese and Bread

No one can refuse the temptation of cheese. The owner of this store has focused on "cheese bread" for XNUMX years, and has made a small simple snack to make the most attractive. Hot cheese bread is still rising, and the air is floating with a unique milk aroma.

The biggest joy of eating this bread is that after I just bought it, the cheese is hot and there are some bubbles, and the fragrant and waxy taste lingers on the tip of my nose.

Pull it out all at once! It can be as long as 20cm, and the feeling of endlessness is really wonderful!

Those who are afraid of getting tired can also eat it with pickled cucumber or beetroot!

Address: The Food Truck Park, 518 High Street, Preston

Butterlake pancakes

This is Pancakes from Taiwan, and the little prince in Wei Ma night market! The fragrant and soft noodles that are twice as thick as ordinary dorayaki make the whole Pancake taste better and richer, and then filled with full of special cream, it is delicious!

A small stall with strong fragrance

The boss has developed many special flavors, such as strong vanilla, mellow chocolate or coffee, and special matcha! Be sure to bite it while it's steaming. Let the dough cool on the outside, the juice inside is still mellow, and you will feel a burst of pulp every bite!

Take advantage of the Vima Night Market, be sure to go early! Otherwise, there will be a long queue to eat~

Address: Victoria Markets (night market only)

Left Field

They have the most beautiful Muffins at home, and the cake maker will create various shapes of Muffin top decorations according to the theme or mood of the day. The editor once bought a dark chocolate muffin with a flower on the head, or an apple muffin with a green grassland growing on the head. It depends on your luck~

Blue sky and white clouds Muffins and gourmet food

The color of their home is fresh and lovely, and Cronuts are bursting with bites. The cake chef will pour a thick matcha milk or vanilla milk into the baked Cronuts that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and bite down, the whole milk syrup will flourish, and the crispy slices of bread will rush in the mouth!

Address: 358 Koornang Rd, Carnegie VIC 3163


France is the originator of doughnuts, and this shop is the king of French bread! I ate Beignet here for the first time, and my taste buds were instantly conquered~

Delicious to burst!

Beignet is a French donut without holes. In the United States, this kind of food is often found in New Orleans, and Americans often associate it with New Orleans. Different flavours of Bennett (with shrimp or crayfish filling) are also regarded as an appetizer.

Address: 84 Bay St, Melbourne VIC 3207

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

The store believes that only high-quality ingredients can create high-quality food. Therefore, Shortstop's donuts are made with local honey and organic milk.

Ten Mile Fragrant Myrtle Rose

There are not many flavors in this shop, but they are all very special. The doughnuts sprinkled with fine salt on the top, beetroot and dark chocolate red velvet cake doughnuts, and another special one: use Earl Grey tea to knead the dough, then use lemon myrtle as a trap, and finally dip it in rose water and Rose petals in syrup. Please remember the name "Earl Grey and Rose Cake", and try this fairy-sounding donut when you have time.

If you are afraid of queuing, you can make a reservation or purchase directly on Shortstop's official website. Then you can pick it up at the store, or directly request home delivery.

Address: 12 Sutherland Street Melbourne 3000

Croissants originated in Austria. According to legend, in the 17th century, when the Turkish army tried to attack Vienna at night, the bakers who got up early in the local bakeries found out and sounded the alarm in time. As a result, the Turkish sneak attack plan ended in failure, and the bakers later celebrated the battle. Victory specially made the bread into the shape of a horn. The name of this bread was Viennoiserie at that time. Later, the Austrian princess passed this kind of bread to France in the 18th century, and over time it evolved into the present croissant.

Croissant is different from ordinary bread in that it must be handmade, Baked with less butter, because of the crisping process in the production process, the freshly baked croissant was crispy and delicious on the outside, full of creamy aroma, and soft and sweet on the inside, which is very popular among diners.

Rustica Canteen

This is a very suitable place for breakfast, the environment is cozy and comfortable, and every dish can tell the owner's good intentions. Croissant is a must-try food here, in addition to Cronut, a new dessert that combines croissants and donuts, it was named the 25th Invention of the Year by the New York Times.

The corner shop is full of delicious

The bread menu changes frequently, but each is worth trying. Many people like Twice-baked Ispahan Croissant, which contains roses, lychees, almonds and raspberries, as well as red berries and fresh cream as the filling of buttery cronuts.

No one can refuse the temptation of flower petals and sweet jam. The croissant wrapped in the rose and raspberry in the mellow and hot croissant just out of the oven seems to bite the taste of spring.

Address: 402 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Agathé Pâtisserie

All the desserts come from the skillful hands of French pastry chef Agathe Kerr. After professional training by Paris institution Pâtisserie Lenôtre, he traveled across the ocean to Australia, determined to create the most authentic Parisian taste.

A small store full of freezer

The green tea croissant in this shop brings together French and Japanese dessert cooking styles. It is very special and the classic degree is self-evident. The faint matcha fragrance, coupled with almond chips and red bean paste, will make you feel happy. There is also a purple carrot flavor, and a "black pearl" flavor with cuttlefish juice.

For Cruffins! They chose a limited time supply very willfully, the taste is random! ! It may be blueberries, pistachios, or mojito cocktails! So, we must hurry and find!

Address: 64/322 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205


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