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Speaking of Gumbuya Park, how many Chinese friends have been there? It's just southeast of Victoria, about an hour's drive from City.

To be honest, before today, the editor was not familiar with such a place in the east. But every time you go to Gippsland and Lakes Entrance, you pass by a golden pheasant, which is quite eye-catching.

Behind the golden pheasant is an old gate. Comparing the two, there is a sense of vicissitudes.

Gumbuya Park covers an area of ​​166 hectares and is 65 kilometers away from Melbourne.It used to be a farm, and later it was built into a safari park. It opened for business in 1978. Later in the early 80s, some amusement facilities were added to transform it into a park.

Of course the biggest highlight is the animals, the park currently lives includingMore than 300 animals including dingoes, fur-nosed wombats, koalas, emu and various birds

The rest of the amusement facilities, such as snowboards, mini golf, bumper cars, water slides, etc., were still a gimmick in the 80s. They are probably equivalent to antiques today, and they can only be operated at discounts.

Indeed, this is a 40-year-old park. The Gumbuya Park, which is "middle-aged", has lost its old charm and can no longer attract everyone's interest.

But recently, the owner of the park announced,To invest 5000 million Australian dollars to upgrade Gumbuya Park to Gumbuya World, and turn it into a “world-class” tourist resort integrating water parks, resorts, wildlife parks, and large convention centers—the Victorian version of “Disneyland” "!

1. Large Wildlife Park

This is the characteristic of Gumbuya Park and will be carried forward. After the renovation project is completed, more wild animals will be attracted to settle here.

2. Victorian version of Disneyland

In addition to the animal park, Gumbuya Park after the "facelift" will also add anotherA "family area" suitable for family play. Family areaThere are 4D cinema, ropes course, jumping machine, disco rideVarious recreational facilities. Visitors can enjoy the thrill, excitement, and rapid heartbeat here.

The above picture is from the Internet, not a rendering of the park renovation

3. Water Park

After the transformation, Gumbuya Park will open another水上 乐园. Visitors can take a lazy spring river ride on an inflatable boat.

You can also feel the fun of "Walking with Dinosaurs".

The above picture is from the Internet, not a rendering of the park renovation

4. Jungle Resort

Don’t worry if you want to stay overnight here.Jungle huts, campgrounds, hotels, motels, function centers and other supporting facilities are all available, which can provide various conveniences for overnight tourists.

The above picture is from the Internet, not a rendering of the park renovation

The first phase of the renovation project will start on July 7 and end on December 16. In other words, we will be able to meet you this summer. During this period, the park will be temporarily closed.

"We want to build Gumbuya Park into a world-class tourist attraction suitable for people of all ages, the Victorian version of'Disneyland'! "One of the investors, Jayco Caravans founder Gerry Ryan said.

"I used to bring my children here to play, but now this safari park is a bit old. I hope to do my little bit so that my grandchildren can also experience the fun of this outdoor park. "

The Cardinia Shire, where this park is located, wrote in a previously planned tourism strategy report:In the past, everyone did not list this as a must-visit tourist attraction in Victoria. However, with the transformation of Gumbuya Park, it will become a veritable "Melbourne's playground" in the future.

What will happen to Gumbuya Park, which is said to be transformed into a "Victoria version of Disneyland" after completion? I look forward to it! In short, friends from Victoria will have another good place to play in the future!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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