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Recently, a piano album was released on iTunes, which has attracted special attention from many netizens.

Donald album cover

The warm and lonely figure in the picture is Donald Gould, the piano player. And his life, like this piano song, has its ups and downs!

Donald recent photos

Can you believe it? The skinny bum in the picture below is the chic musician above!

Donald Street Wandering

And just a year ago, Donald’s daily life was to hum some songs on the street for the entertainment of passersby and make some money.

Donald sings in the street

Can't eat enough, don't wear warm clothes, life can no longer be destitute. Ripped jeans, black T-shirt and baseball cap are his only clothing.

Donald on the street

Once, when he passed by a musical instrument store called Sarasota Keys. Seeing an old piano on the roadside outside the store, and the girl playing the piano seemed to remind him of something...

Old piano on the street

After standing beside him for a long time hesitated, he rubbed the dirt on his clothes, walked to the piano, and asked in a low voice: Can I try it?

Donald answers passersby questions

The person beside him frowned, but said nothing. So the old man sat down cautiously, and at the moment his fingertips were flowing on the keyboard, all passers-by stopped...

No one thought that this unkempt and unkempt tramp would pop up such a light and warm melody...

Donald playing piano video

A caring person posted a video of him playing the piano on the Internet and was immediately reposted like crazy. It touched 400 million netizens at a time.

This film also completely changed the rest of the tramp's life.

A week later, a kind person sent him a donation of 40000 US dollars and arranged accommodation for him. However, Donald made a request to the kind people: Can you help me find my son? I really miss him...

Donald tells the kind people

You may not imagine that this unshaven tramp was once a handsome boy. He had entered the United States Marine Corps. See if the photo is also a handsome young guy!

Donald military uniform photo

After retiring from the military, he was passionate about music and went to a conservatory for advanced studies. However, soon after, with no financial resources, he could no longer afford the high tuition fees of the Conservatory. After only learning basic music theory, he had to drop out to work as a handyman to support himself and his newly established family.

Donald went to college

He still often finds opportunities to practice piano. Seeing a piano on the side of the road or in a store, you can't help but play a song.

Donald recalls the past

His beautiful piano was also practiced at that time. Donald told the media: From Billy Joe to Bach, there is no tune he can't play!

Donald plays the clarinet on the street

It was hard to support the family, but Donald still felt bland happiness. Especially the arrival of his son made him feel that life did not treat him badly. He also often hums piano music to his son, hoping that his son can realize his musical dream in the future.

Donald and son

However, soon, his wife died suddenly from overdose! The sudden bad news shattered Donald's short-term happiness! His wife is the most dear and beloved person in his life. He stayed with her when he dropped out of school and was penniless. She gave him a complete family and a lovely son.

Donald shows his old photos to the media

He gave up his dream of music, and the only motivation for working hard was to make his wife and son happy. Now he has no motivation to live, and starts to use drugs to nausea his depressed himself!

He was addicted to drugs and eventually lost his son's custody.

Donald regrets the past

When the government forcibly took his 3-year-old son away from him, he did not expect that this difference would be 16 years!

In the past 16 years, his wife has been scattered, and he is alive like a walking dead.

As he recalled this unbearable past, Donald couldn't cry.

Donald tells the past

Donald said, I have been wandering around for so many years just hoping to meet my son one day! I hope he can recognize me when he hears the tune I sing!

Donald can't cry

Now, over half a hundred years old, he has finally realized his dream after 16 years of wandering!

News report: Donald's long-lost son found

The video of him playing the piano was reposted wildly on the Internet, and his son Downey’s adoptive parents also saw some news about him and were moved by the poor old man. This kind-hearted couple intends to reunite the father and son, and they hope that by doing so, the old man can regain the beauty of life.

Donald's son and his adoptive father

After Donald learned the good news, in order to meet with his son, he specially asked someone to arrange the hair for himself, hoping to leave a good impression on his son!

Donald Haircut

Seeing that his son is being well taken care of now, Donald's heart for 16 years has finally settled. He is very happy that his son can live with this kind-hearted couple, and he is satisfied as long as he can see his son from time to time.

Donald's long-lost smile

Donald's music has warmed the world, and his fate has not stopped his favor.

Now he can not only work and live like normal people, but also make his favorite music. I can still support myself by my own dedication.

Donald Studio Work

He shared his stories and music on Facebook, inspiring many people who are at the bottom of their lives.

At the same time, he also used part of his income to help other poor homeless people.

Downer donated tents to homeless people

He also became a popular performer. Fine dining restaurants, concerts, and even the National Rugby League would like to invite him to play a song. Even his alma mater, where he dropped out, kindly invited him back to school as a music teacher!

Donald playing in the National Football League

Donald playing in an upscale restaurant

Now, his biggest musical dream has come true, he has released his first music album! In this album, he wrote his ups and downs in his life!

Perhaps Donald himself did not realize that music, with such a powerful force, can change life! !

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