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"Permanent residents have to wait 4 years before they can apply for naturalization. This is not long, and it is almost that long in many Western countries."

On June 6, Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton stated in Parliament that the new naturalization law proposed by the Liberal Party is in line with the current situation in Australia. The government will carefully treat applicants whether they integrate into Australia, and comply with the law and values. I hope the opposition party (Labor Party) will not oppose (when voting...).

It has been six weeks since the prime minister’s blunt speech. After accumulating some social feedback, the formal draft of the Australian citizenship reform proposal that caused a stir was officially submitted to Parliament for deliberation this week.

The next New Deal will affect the naturalization applications submitted on and after April 4 this year. As for the public feedback received by the government, they said they would refer to it but would not announce it.

What does it say in the draft that is actually submitted for trial?

Applicants must first hold a permanent residence visa and have lived in Australia for 4 years(Previously, as long as the PR has been held for at least 1 year, the Liberal Party did not intend to make concessions in this regard);

Must pass a specific English proficiency test(Mentioned is a tougher English language requirement, not IELTS, not difficulty or specific scores);

Values ​​test, Australian priceValue assessment(Some changes in naturalization test questions and assessment methods);

Applicants have to prove that they are integrated into Australian society(The applicant is working, or the child is studying in an Australian school, etc., which can be proved by a combination of many items. It is a bit like renting a house and signing a mobile phone contract to make up a credit score);

In addition, there is no mention of the saying that if the naturalization test fails three times, you will have to wait another two years for the test again.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the original page of the notice of the New Deal motion, the statement on the page describing the threshold for naturalization applicants on the official website of the Immigration Bureau has really begun to change:


The term of staying for 4 years (including one year of PR) has been changed and replaced with the term of staying for 4 years for the PR visa; the original term of Basic Knowledge of English has now become a Compentent Knowledge of English.

At the same time, the Minister of Immigration mentioned some details of the New Deal:

Permanent residents will not be able to naturalize if they fail the personality test, but can continue to stay in Australia;(Stay? But, how terribly it would be to stay...)

Citizenship acquired by cheating or lying at the time of application can be cancelled under the new regulations;(The Minister of Immigration has the power to cancel citizenship)

Permanent residents who commit crimes will be rejected when they apply for citizenship, their original visas may be cancelled, and those under the age of 18 may face deportation after reaching 18 years of age.

Children under the age of 10 cannot be naturalized. If they live in Australia illegally, they will lose the right to apply for citizenship.(A way to punish the parents of black people. In the past, the children of black people could get Australian citizenship after 10 years of birth.)

(For the purpose of anti-terrorism, since last week, the streets of Melbourne have been installed with anti-collision stone piers to separate the carriageway and the sidewalk.)

(At that time, after the Prime Minister's speech in April, a magazine said that Australian men, please pay attention to check whether you are in line with Australian values.)

Yes, the man on the right below can drive you away in the future, even if you are Australian.

What is the attitude of the opposition party?

Originally, the Labor Party criticized the Liberal Party for not even saying anything about a formal proposal? ! Now let’s talk about the draft, the Liberal Party really has it. Bring it, let's make a noise.


Labour Party leader Bill Shorten:We are very cautious, PR needs to wait longer, and it is reasonable to meet certain English requirements;

Some Labour Party members:Don't make trouble, many Australians fail these tests, oppose, oppose, oppose!

Some Labour Party members:Many applicants’ female spouses must have lower English proficiency than men, and the assessment is simply sexist! It is simply undermining Australia's tolerance and fairness.

Some Labour Party members:You tied up the votes and made grandstanding! How to prove that these tests are helpful to Australia's safety? ?

Some Labour Party members:I object anyway!

It seems that before this bill came into effect, which passed, which failed, bargaining, and some were noisy...

To this day, many people are still confused about this matter. They think the so-called new naturalization policy will take effect on April 4.

Again, that means that applications submitted on and after April 4 will be processed by the New Deal, and not that anything has been effective on April 20.

It's like the boss said to you: Your employees who join the company after April 4 this year will have their wages increased! Yes, it will rise. The question is when and how much, did you tell you?

There is currently no conclusion about what the New Deal will look like.A big game has just begun.

Recently, there is news that Mike Pezzullo, the Secretary-General of the Immigration Department, said that the Immigration Department will have to save nearly A billion Australian dollars in the next four years.250 staff have to be laid off,According to forecasts, the number of overseas immigration applications will increase from 2015 in 19 to 2019 in 25.

Regardless of whether there is a New Deal or not, the waiting time for applicants who are waiting to obtain Australian citizenship, PR and refugee visas may be extended.

Can only wait and see the changes.

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