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On June 6, a bloody hostage taking case occurred in the Buckingham Serviced Apartments on 5 Bay Street, Brighton, Melbourne. The extremists brainwashed by IS shot and killed the hotel lobby manager, who was a Chinese Australian who had just married and became a father.

When I became a father, I died under the gun

"Melbourne 6.5 terrorist attack"In the third day, the identity of the Chinese victims in Australia was fully exposed.

Australian Prime Minister Tan Bao was interviewed on the 3AW radio station yesterday morning.

During the interview, Tan Bao announced some information about the victims.

His name is Kai Hao (Kai Hao transliteration), his English name is Nick, and he is 36 years old this year.

Born in Jiaozuo, Henan, China, he came to Melbourne to study in 2004 and then graduated from Monash University.

Nick who just married and became a father recentlyI just formed a happy family, and I am preparing to return to China for a wedding.

Nick is a staff member of Buckingham Serviced Apartments, and he works hard.

Unexpectedly, he died forever in the place where he worked every day.

At 6 pm on June 5th, Hao Kai's life clock stopped forever.

This explosion, which caused countless people to panic, also ruined the happiness of Hao Kai's family.

Nick is the only child in the family, and his mother said at the press conference,

"My son is gone, our family is completely destroyed!"

"We received the bad news at three o'clock in the morning. We couldn't believe it and couldn't accept it..."

"I am happily coming here to reunite with my family. In just two days, I will return to China with my son's ashes."

She showed her hands to the reporter: a diligent family, now that her son is gone, she doesn't know how to maintain the family.

After Nick's accident, the Chinese in Australia were sad.

To mourn Nick, some people sent flowers to the scene of the incident.

Some Chinese also sent cards with Chinese characters-"Nick, go all the way well".

All the Chinese dad killed
June 6-earlier
The criminal Yacqub Khayre departed from his home in Melbourne's northwestern district and came to the Buckingham hotel apartment where Hao Kai worked.

(Yacqub Khayre)

June 6th – 5:4 pm
The criminal Yacqub Khayre kidnapped the sex worker in the apartment and shot Hao Kai.Victoria Police received multiple calls to the police, and people said they heard explosions.

June 6-5:5 pm
Victorian police dispatched special forces and firefighters to the apartment. Emergency blockade of roads near the incident site. Simultaneously,The police found Hao Kai's body.

June 6 – 5:5 pm
The criminal Yacqub called the number of 7 NEWS in Australia,Said his actions "for IS, for al-Qaeda!"

There were screams of hostages on the phone.

June 6 – 6:7 am
After an overnight investigation, Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton made it clear in an interview on Melbourne News Channel 9 that:The police have classified the incident as an act of terrorism ('Act of terrorism').

The police have taken some items from the apartment for testing.

June 6 – 6:7 am
The terrorist Yacqub was confirmed to be a refugee and had a long criminal history.

(Yacqub Khayre)

June 6 – 6:7 am
The terrorist organization IS claimed responsibility for the incident.

June 6 – 6:8 am
Nick’s identity has been confirmed, indeedChinese in Australia.

(Network screenshot)

This is the murderer Yacqub Khayre. He was killed on the spot,Not only did it ruin Nick's small family, but it also plunged Nick's parents and wife into deep grief and despair.

In a sense, terrorism is a negative feedback to the rapid development of modern society. It stems from the widening of the gap between human civilizations, which ultimately leads to the inability of the backwards to adapt to this society and the fear of civilization.

Terrorists use indiscriminate killing of innocents to attract the attention of the media, thus putting everyone in a situation where everyone is at risk, and causing massive panic.

We believe that religion is inherently good, but we do not rule out that religion will go to extremes and bring devastating blows.

In any case, violent incidents directed at civilians are despicable and shameful. When the banner of anti-terrorism is raised, people all over the world should stand together unconditionally.

The editor is here to mourn the Chinese father who lost their lives in the "Melbourne 6.5 terrorist attack".

May Nick go well all the way,There are no bullets in heaven, let alone harm.

News compiled from "The Age"


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