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Friends who are active in Melbourne CBD during the small holiday should have noticed it.Overnight, a lot of large squares suddenly appeared in some streets of the CBD.

These big squares are ordinary concrete blocks, about half a person tall, sitting solidly on the ground.

How did these rocks with the wrong style come out? ! And their surface is too rough!

It's actually like this,You should remember the terrorist attacks that happened one after another some time ago.

Manchester, Jakarta, and London were all shot. Dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds were injured.

At that time,The Australian government began to strictly monitor suspicious elements.

But even so,A few days ago, there was still a distressing case of kidnapping with a gun in Melbourne.One Chinese was killed and many others were injured.

Afterwards the kidnappers issued a statement stating that this was an attack for (ISIS).

People were panicked for a while, and the cloud of terrorist attacks hung over everyone's heads.The Australian government has also played up the spirit of this, Conducted an overnight search of the area surrounding the incident,Vow to protect the peace and tranquility of Melbourne.

And these concrete piers are put on by the staff day and night to prevent terrorist attacks!

Regardless of its appearance, it is life-saving at critical moments!Remember the tragedy that happened on bourke street last year?

The frantic murderer, driving a red car, rushed into the pedestrian street when everyone was unsuspecting.

The tragedy caused many deaths and injuries, countless families were broken, and Yin and Yang were separated!

And tracing the source, the source of a tragedy,Except for the cruel villains, these are the streets full of literary and artistic atmosphere that we walked through on weekdays!

For beauty and convenience,Many pedestrian streets in Melbourne do not have railings.The sidewalk and the roadway are connected.

It is precisely because there are no barriers that the red car can rush into the crowd without any hindrance, killing wantonly!

Today, terrorists all over the world are ready to move, in order to prevent the same large-scale bereavement from happening again. The Melbourne government hurriedly ordered a batch of protective stone piers.Correct! It is these big cubes who will take on the responsibility of protecting your safety!

According to Sky news, a government secret report stated that10 high-risk areas in Melbourne that may be hit by a car accident have been identified.

"The location of Melbourne's possible attack has been confirmed"

According to reports, there is a certain risk in these places in Melbourne, and there will be the same car accident as in London.

The specific location has not yet been revealed,But it is likely to be some landmark buildings in Melbourne CBD.

These stone piers will be placed first in these high-risk, high-traffic areas.Including landmark locations such as Federation Square and Bourke St.

Although the appearance is so simple, countless people are saying it is too ugly,But XNUMX% of people think that this stone pier is necessary.

After all, life safety is the most important thing, so be ugly!

Because of these stone piers, there is no need to be afraid of car accidents! Think about it,In the past, when there were no stone piers, the murderous culprits could be killed directly on the sidewalk.Everyone was crowded and there was nowhere to hide, so they could only watch the car crash!

And now! With these stones,What to do when the car comes? If you hide behind, everyone’s safety is guaranteed.The stone is a protective wall that completely isolates pedestrians from cars,No matter how frustrated the car is, it can only be stopped by Shidun!

Think about it this way, although these stone pillars are ugly, they feel safe!

of course! As a city with a strong literary atmosphere, Melbourne will certainly not let these big rocks remain so ugly.They will be replaced by bollards with more beautiful appearance and stronger security later, isn't it much more attractive!

At the same time CBD alsoMultiple surveillance cameras have been added so that the police can always observe suspicious persons!

AndThe large loudspeaker with super high volume gives everyone early warning at any time.

The Australian government treats it so seriously,Not only has security been strengthened, but also so many facilities have been added.

As we are in Australia, we must also understand, In case of a terrorist attack, how to use these facilities to help yourself.

Scene XNUMX: Car attack 

If you encounter someone driving on a rampage, hide in a place with steps and obstacles at this time!If there are big stone piers around you! Don't be afraid, just hide back and stand further!

Remember not to stay in an open area.

Scene XNUMX: Encountered a robber with a gun indoors

When encountering terrorists with guns,The first thing you have to do is turn off the phone volume! Don't scream. Don't think about being confronted with the gangster! !

When escaping, pay attention to walking position:
  • ►Don't worry about money, pack light, and let's talk about it after running.
  • ►Let others go with you.
  • ►But don't let other people hold you back.
If you can't run away, then hide:
  • ►Find a sturdy hiding place, preferably with a sturdy wall.
  • ►After hiding in the room, lock the door.
After safety, dial 000 to report to the police:

When calling the police, you must tell the address and the number of survivors. Provide the following information to the police whenever possible:

  • ►Number of terrorists.
  • ►Appearance characteristics.
  • ►Situation.
  • ►Weapons held.
Scenario XNUMX: A gun battle is encountered outdoors in a densely populated area.

If you encounter a gun battle outdoors in a densely populated place, don't think too much about it at this time, get down first, and then observe the situation. If you are optimistic about the place of refuge, you will quickly escape.

In short, these self-help tips are not necessarily useful, and I hope you don’t use them.But in case you really meet, rememberCalmly judge the situation, flexibly use skills to avoid, make decisions and then move.

After all, the Australian government has recently spent 1000 million to upgrade its anti-terrorism facilities just to be prepared.People in Melbourne should also pay attention to safety!

News compiled from "The Age"


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