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With the increasing number of overseas Chinese immigrants in recent decades, the problem of Chinese education for overseas Chinese children has become increasingly prominent. It is the common wish of countless overseas Chinese parents and teachers to allow millions of overseas Chinese children to learn Chinese well and to further inherit the fine traditions of Chinese culture.

Both theory and practice have proven that learning classic culture is an effective way of overseas Chinese education. Let the children learn Chinese with half the effort through the traditional learning method of recitation of classics during the golden age of developed memory, directly feel and absorb the essence of Chinese culture, and store inexhaustible and inexhaustible spiritual treasures in their lives. Lay the foundation for a lifetime of elegant personality, so that overseas Chinese children will also inherit the excellent Chinese cultural genes and give play to the soft power of our Chinese culture.

In order to promote the excellent traditional culture of China and promote the learning of Chinese and classics by overseas Chinese children, Professor Wang Caigui, the master of Taiwanese studies who is known as the "world's first advocate of classic reading", will be held in Australia and New Zealand from August 2017 to September 8, 26.Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wolong Harbour, Auckland and HamiltonWait for the city to start lectures on topics such as studying classics education and Confucian cultural heritage.

Professor Wang Caigui devoted his life to the promotion and promotion of Chinese traditional culture. His lectures caused countless parents to cry and changed their lives. He was hailed as "a lecture that shocked a century."

Teacher Yang Mei, who has accumulated rich practical experience in overseas children's reading education, will also accompany the whole process.

Classical education not only allows Chinese children to learn Chinese efficiently, but also directly touches the core of Eastern culture and personally feels the beauty of Chinese culture... It can also cultivate children's calmness, comprehensively improve their learning ability, care for their pure conscience, and cultivate gentlemen Character.

Are you in doubt about the effectiveness of children's reading of the Bible?
Are you eager to try children's Bible reading, but you can't start?
Have you started children's Bible reading at home, but encountered problems in specific operations?

Parents who care about the growth of their children, teachers who care about children's education, and friends from all walks of life who care about cultural heritage are welcome to participate.


Professor Wang Caigui, The word Ji Qian. Born in 1949, one of the important representatives of contemporary Neo-Confucianism. Master of the Institute of Chinese Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University, Ph.D. of the Institute of Philosophy, Cultural University, Retired Associate Professor of the Department of Language Education, Taichung Normal University. The teacher is the hermit of the herdsman, the famous modern philosopher Mr. Mou Zongsan, and the calligrapher Mr. Wang Kaihe. He was an associate professor and doctoral supervisor at Taichung University of Education, and chairman of the Taiwan Sinology Education Association.

In 1994, Dr. Wang Caigui, the pioneer of Bible reading education in the world, initiated a children's reading education movement in Taiwan based on years of thinking and practice. Over the past 20 years, he has given more than a thousand public welfare speeches in China, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions, setting off a wave of Bible reading in the global Chinese region. So far, more than XNUMX million people have participated in reading the Bible. At present, more than XNUMX million children in the mainland have benefited from "reading the classics"; in Taiwan, more than two million children are "reading the classics"; in Europe, the United States, Australia and Southeast Asia, more and more Chinese children have joined the " Reading the" ranks.

Yang Mei, Zi Huairen, Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University, Master of Classical Indian Studies from Peking University, PhD in Classical Indian Studies from University of Göttingen, Germany.

Contact reading education in 2002,

In 2006, he founded the first children's Bible reading class in Europe, and began to think systematically and practice solutions for overseas Chinese education.

In 2009, he founded the first reading school in Europe-Zhiqian School.

In 2012, he founded the Hamburg Chinese Classic Culture Association, Germany, dedicated to the overseas dissemination of Chinese culture and the improvement of Chinese education.

In the summer of 2009, the fall of 2014, the spring of 2015, and the fall of 2015, he accompanied Mr. Caigui Wang to lecture in Germany, lecture in six European countries, lecture in XNUMX cities in the United States and Canada, and lecture children in four cities in Japan. Education has set off an upsurge in reading the Bible for overseas children. He is known as the first person to promote overseas reading, a famous teacher of overseas Chinese education, and has in-depth thinking about English reading education and Sanskrit reading education.

In February 2016, he returned to China and became the founding principal of Boon Lay International School, a subsidiary of Boon Lay College.

Lecture tour time:2017年8月26日-9月17日

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Wolong Harbour, Brisbane

New Zealand: Hamilton, Auckland

澳大利亚 2017年8月26日-9月13日

First stop: Sydney August 2017-8, 26

Second stop: Wolong Port, August 2017, 8 (Thursday)

Third stop: Melbourne September 2017-9, 2

Fourth stop: Brisbane September 2017-9, 8

新西兰 2017年9月14日-9月17日

First stop: Hamilton September 2017, 9

Second stop: Auckland September 2017, 9


Yong Qian College

Melbourne Mingde School

Ji Confucian Temple

Australian Chinese Traditional Culture Association

Melbourne Traditional Culture Education Association

Melbourne Global Potential Family Kindergarten Management Company

Australian Chinese Cultural Foundation

Those interested in joining, please contact.


Cheng Shu+61 413 350 818

Shen Zhengang +61 425 523 888

Chen Meifen +61 411 858 518

First lecture: Sydney August 2017, 8 (Saturday) 26:2-00:5 PM

Organizer: Yong Qian College

In April 2016, Guqin painter and calligrapher Jin Wei founded the Sydney Chinese Classic Culture and Art Center in Sydney, aiming to promote Chinese classic culture and art in Australia. In order to promote reading, the Australian Reading Education Promotion Center has been established and a reading education institution-Yongqian College has been established to offer various classic learning courses.

Yongqian College has long held classic reading courses for children. Currently, there are three reading courses for children of different ages or levels, and intensive reading courses are held during school holidays to actively promote children's reading in Sydney.

The academy offers various art learning courses: adult guqin class, calligraphy class, calligraphy and calligraphy appreciation class, taught or instructed by Master Dongbai (Mr. Jin Wei). Lectures on guqin and calligraphy are held from time to time to listen to Mr. Jin Wei’s lectures on art and experience the beauty of classic culture and art.

The academy also invited Teacher Yu Xingdong, the XNUMXth generation descendant of Quanzhen Longmenquan, to teach Longmen Taijiquan and Chinese Taoist Quanzhen Longmenquan.

Mr. Ji Qian (Mr. Wang Caigui) wrote the inscription for the Australian Bible Education Center and Yong Qian College


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