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Recently, many Australians have inexplicably extra money in their bank accounts. Some thousands, some tens of thousands.

One of the Melbourne families received a total of $26000 in tax rebates, but they have not yet declared their personal income last year. The couple is also very strange. If this is a scam, why would they send money to them?

His wife Gay said: "When I paid the bill, I saw the account balance, and it was strange how it was so much.My account has increased by 1.629, and my husband's account has increased by 1.What's even stranger is thatThe money comes from the Australian Taxation Office! "

That’s right, all the money comes from the same place:ATO Australian Taxation Office

The couple who received the money inexplicably did not dare to spend the money indiscriminately. Instead, they called a professional agent who helped them handle the tax.

"I started to think they made a mistake, and the money should be called to someone else.The agent said that there was a problem with the system. The fraudsters may have obtained the details of our bank, and may use the information to file tax returns. "In the future, the couple may also receive calls from fraudsters posing as tax bureau staff.

Now ATO has received many similar cases, and here, we want to remind everyone: If you have recently received money from ATO, please pay attention!

First of all, don't move this money!

Unless you have actually filed a tax return in the last fiscal year and applied for a tax return, and the amount is the same as the amount you declared. Otherwise, the money from the ATO is probably not yours, and it will be returned to the ATO in the end! ! Similar incidents basically happen when the parties have not declared their personal income.

Your personal information may have been leaked!

In the past month, many similar incidents have occurred.

In most cases, it is caused by others embezzling your personal information to file tax returns.

The ATO system is not malfunctioning!

Although there have been many such situations, a spokesperson for the ATO said that the internal system did not have any malfunctions and was not compromised. Regarding the possible leakage of personal information, ATO said that the internal information security of their system is doing very well, and it is definitely not a problem with ATO.

After receiving the money, please contact ATO quickly for a refund!

Although the ATO does not know the cause of the malfunction, you still have to contact the ATO quickly for a refund if you receive the money.

The phone number of ATO is: 13 28 61

If you have received similar money recently, please contact ATO in time to return the money, and secondly, pay attention to whether your personal tax information has been leaked!

Every year, various things happen during the tax filing season around July, most of which are all kinds of phone/email scams that falsely claim to come from ATO and require you to pay taxes. Please be very careful during this time, confirm that the call or email is from the ATO official, and then read the content!

There is usually no pie in the sky, and the money that the Australian government gives you in vain is even more impossible!

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