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TasmaniaHas always been a tourist attraction,More people have gone in recent years,The result became a hot spot.

When TASS’s “state guarantee” policy was introduced, the island became even more hot. Some people said that this place is verylonely,Some people say that this place is verycomfortable.Today, I don’t talk about policies, onlyWhat can I do when I go to Tasmania?


Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia, and it is also the state with the most dispersed population and the richest geographic diversity.In fact, although Tasmania is about the same size as West Virginia, the Republic of Ireland or Hokkaido in Japan, here, within a 90-minute drive, you can see the landforms change from rainforest valleys to highland lakes. Turned into a long white beach, Tasmania has a mild marine climate.

recommended places:

Hobart and its suburbs

Hobart is leaning against Mt. Wellington, which is more than a thousand meters high, facing the Derwent River. It has beautiful scenery and is a world-famous and beautiful city.The capital of Tasmania.Whether you like antique craft shops, enjoy the aroma of roadside coffee and tea, or explore the scenery of the fishing port, this place can satisfy you.

In addition, it is held every SaturdaySalamanca MarketIt is also great to experience the local leisure life and lively weekend atmosphere.

Address:Salamanca Pl, Hobart TAS 7001


From Hobart, beautiful and pleasantDerwent Valley is a great place for a day trip to the suburbsIt is also the only place to go to the west coast of Ta Province and the coastal town of Si Strahan. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, pass through the valley, various woods, and experience the unique scenery here.

Richmond, an ancient town only 30 minutes’ drive from Hobart, has Australia’s oldest stone bridge and artistic streets and lanes. You can buy a lot of handicrafts.Interested friends must go!

You can also visit the famous wineries of Moorilla Estate and Coal ValleyThe winery tastes mellow,Oyster lovers are recommended to visit the oyster farmBarilla Bay Oysters (group booking, weekend only)Learn about the breeding situation and taste the fresh oysters, and then everyone can go to the abalone factoryTas Live Abalone (For group bookings only), Tasting abalone and selecting various abalone products, such a delicious seafood feast probably everyone will not want to miss it!

MoorillaEstate address: 651-655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011

Barilla Bay Oysters Address:1388 Tasman Hwy, Cambridge TAS 7170

Tas Live Abalone Address:17 McIntyre St, Mornington TAS 7018

Here, you can also explore historical sitesPort ArthurOr join the Tasma PeninsulaTasman Island Cruise Admire the magnificent views of marine ecology and coastline.

Address:6961 Arthur Hwy, Port Arthur TAS 7182


Activity experience

• Visit Sorell Fruit FarmPicking seasonal fruits

• At Moorilla Estate Winery dinner,Tasting wine and food, Overnight in the stylish The Pavilions

• At the Apple & Heritage Museum,Explore about ApplePlanting history

• Take a dip in Battery Point,Enjoy the beautiful scenery and taste delicious seafood

• Follow the Hobart waterfrontInteractive communication between artists and craftsmen

• At Forest and Heritage CentreUnderstand the evolution and development of forestry and watch various wooden products

Sorell Fruit Farm Address:174 Pawleena Rd, Sorell TAS 7172

Apple & Heritage Museum Address:2064 Main Road,Grove, Tasmania 7109

Forest and Heritage Centre Address:15 Church St, Geeveston TAS 7116

Exciting experience

• Board the 48-meter-high Tahune AirWalk,Enjoy the green forest scenery

• Challenge Cable Hang Gliding AustraliaStimulating paragliding

• Participate in Island Cycle Tours,Cycling downhill from the top of Mount Wellington

Kayaking along the coast of Hobart,Enjoy the view while enjoying the famous fish and chips

Jet boatFeel the speed at the Derwent River or Huon River

• Participate in half-day Tasman Island Cruises or runy Island Adventures Cruise on a boat trip to enjoy the coastal scenery and marine ecology

Tahune AirWalk address:Arve Rd, Geeveston TAS 7116

Cable Hang Gliding Australia Address:LOT 3 Reatta Rd, Trevallyn TAS 7250

Bruny Island Cycle Tours and Hire Address:66 Ferry Rd, Kettering TAS 7155

Tasman Island Cruises Address:6961 Arthur Hwy, Port Arthur TAS 7182

Ecological experience

• Take a trip to Devil's Kitchen,There are many majestic coastal ecology waiting for you here

• In Tasmanian Devil Unzoo,Get close to wild animals

• Take a tour of Curringa Farm,Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the farm life

• At Bonorong Wildlife Park,See a variety of farm and zoo animals

• At The Neck's Wild beach at night,Waiting for the little penguin to return

Devil's Kitchen Address:31 Tasmans Arch Rd, Eaglehawk Neck TAS 7179

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo Address:5990 Arthur Hwy, Taranna TAS 7180

Curringa Farm Address:5831 Lyell Hwy, Hamilton TAS 7140

Bonorong Wildlife Park Address:593 Briggs Rd, Brighton TAS 7030

The Neck's Wild beach Address:North Bruny TAS 7150

Launceston, Tamar ValleyAnd northern regions

Launceston (Launceston) is the second largest city in Tasmania and the fortress to the north of Tasmania.The city has Victorian architecture, and the streets and lanes are filled with the atmosphere of old history. Only 15 minutes from the city, you can reach the Cataract Gorge Reserve. You can choose to take the funicular to admire the canyon surrounded by mountains, or stroll along the waterfront to the Old Launceston Seaport. Drive north for another 10 minutes, and you will arrive at Tamar Valley, the famous wine cellar in Tas.

Cataract Gorge Reserve Address: 74-90 Basin Rd, Launceston TAS 7250

Activity experience

• In Tasmanian Honey Company Try Tasmania’s unique honey

• Pick it yourself at Christmas Hills Raspberry FarmPicking tree fruitsAnd taste the Ashgrove Cheese Farm’sBritish cheese

Embark on the "Wine Brewing/Tasting Road",Visit the major wineries of Tamar Valley

• Go to 41 ° South Aquaculture Learn about salmon raising process, taste Citi and Korean ginseng

• Visit the SwissSwiss Village(Grindelwald), overnight in Tamar Valley Resort

Tasmanian Honey Company Address:25A Main Road, Perth, Tasmanian 7300

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Groundsite:9 Christmas Hills Rd, Elizabeth Town TAS 7304

Ashgrove Cheese Farm Address:6173 Bass Hwy, Elizabeth Town TAS 7304

41 ° South Aquaculture Address:323 Montana Rd, Deloraine/Red Hills TAS 7304

Other experience

• To Hollybank Treetop Adventure,Experience likeThe wonderful taste of flying over the forest like Tarzan

• VisitSeahorse World and Platypus House

• Go to Marakoopa Cave,Explore the stalagmites at the top of the cave, the gurgling streams that flow into the ground, and fireflies that look like stars

• Visit the small towns of Evandale and Pontville,Feel the strong local colonial history

• To Tasmanian Wood Design Collection Select handicrafts

Hollybank Treetop Adventure Address:66 Hollybank Rd, Underwood TAS 7268

Seahorse World Address:200 Flinders St, Beauty Point TAS 7270

Platypus House Address:200 Flinders St, Beauty Point TAS 7270

Marakoopa Cave Address:330 Mayberry Rd, Mayberry TAS 7304

East Coast

The editor must say that fishing villages, small penguins, Changbai beaches, wineries, national principalities and deep mountain valleys are the scenery you can see everywhere on the east coast of Tasmania.On the east coast, hike to Wineglass Bay Lookout to enjoy the magnificent view of the pristine beach surrounded by pink granite.Staying in Freycinet at night, walking north along the coast to Bicheno, there is a chance to see the little penguin returning to the nest.

Activity experience

• Enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay at Saffire Freycinet水 疗, By the way, looking at the endless sea view of Great Oyster Bay is also in a good mood

Take a four-day guided walking tour,Strolling in the Bay of Fires Explore the wild ecological wonders along the coast

• Kate's Berry Farm in Swansea Eat a fresh fruit meal

• To Freycinet Marine Farm Taste the delicious local oysters and mussels

• Can also be in St Helen Enjoy fresh oysters

• Taste the Pyengana Cheese Factory carefully Cheddar cheese made from ancient secret recipe

• Experience Freycinet Adventures Exciting canoe

• Join Bicheno Penguin Tours,Discover the natural scene of the little penguin returning to the nest

• Take a dipSafariEast Coast Natureworld

Saffire Freycinet Address:2352 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215

Kate's Berry Farm Address:12 Addison St, Swansea TAS 7190

Freycinet Marine Farm Address:1784 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215

Pyengana Cheese Factory Address:St Columbia Falls Road, Pyengana, Tasmania

Freycinet Adventures Address:2 Freycinet Dr, Coles Bay TAS 7215

Bicheno Penguin Tours Address:70 Burgess St, Bicheno TAS 7215

East Coast Natureworld Address:18356 Tasman Hwy, Bicheno TAS 7215

Cradle Mountain and the West

The southwest region is the center of Tasmania’s World Heritage Site. Off the beaten track, it looks a bit desolate, but it’s really cool.Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park is one of the highlights of Tasmania, only two and a half hours from Launceston. Starting from Launceston to the west of Mole Creek, you can taste honey along the way, visit safari parks and explore caves. If you come to Elizabeth Town, it is recommended to taste cheese and raspberries, and then pass through the small town of Sheffield to reach Cradle Mountain (Cradle Mountain).

Activity experience

• Explore Marakoopa or King Solomon cave,Looking for glowworms in the dark

• At Trowunna Wildlife Park Get close to wild animals

Hike Cradle Mountain, or take a scenic flightAerial view of Cradle Mountain

• To The Honey Farm Tasting and selecting honey products

Ride West Coast Wilderness Railway , Explore the natural beauty of King River Rainforest Gorge

• Go to Zeehan Pioneers Memorial Museum and Gaiety TheatreLearn about mining history

King Solomons Cave Address:1535 Liena Rd, Liena TAS 7304

Trowunna Wildlife Park Address:1892 Mole Creek Rd, Mole Creek TAS 7304

The Honey Farm Address:39 Sorell St, Chudleigh TAS 7304

West Coast Wilderness Railway Address:62 Esplanade, Strahan TAS 7468

Zeehan Pioneers Memorial Museum Address:114 Main St, Zeehan TAS 7469

North-west region

The northwestern part of Tasmania is also almost a product of natural nature. You can enjoy its beauty. Such an open environment will definitely let you relax and enjoy it. Located at the most northwestern tip of the land-CapeGrim, known as the "margin of the world", from here looking south across the South Pacific is South America. Take a cruise across the Arthur River and see sea eagles and the extremely difficult blue kingfisher. This opportunity is really rare!

Activity experience

• Taste the House of AnversExquisite handmade chocolate

• Participate in Creative PaperHomemade paper activity

• Participate in the Tall Timbers Tarkine Adventure tour,Walk into dense temperate rainforest

• Experience Rocky Cape National Park Magnificent coastline

• Bells Parade in Latrobe Explore the mysterious life of the platypus

• Appreciate Table Cape from September to October Tulips in full bloom

• In Don Village near Devonport,Shop for famous local handicrafts

House of Anvers Address:9025 Bass Hwy, Latrobe TAS 7307

Creative Paper address:2 Bass Hwy, Burnie TAS 7320

Tall Timbers Tarkine Adventure URL:http://www.talltimbershotel.com.au/adventurers/

Rocky Cape National Park Address:Rocky Cape, TAS 7321


After reading this, did you discover that there are so many places where Tasmania can be HIGH? It is also very exciting!The editor warmly reminds:Please remember to make arrangements in advance, because some activities may be seasonal! Have a good fun!


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