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Every city has its unique culture and charm, but also has one or another flaw, even Melbourne, the world's most livable city is no exception.

Earlier, Herald Sun initiated a topic called "#MelbourneProblems" to solicit everyone, "Living in Melbourne, what unsatisfactory places have you encountered?"

Everyone's answers are really diverse and bright!

1. Every time I meet an American, I have to explain to them: I am not from Melbourne, Florida, I am from Melbourne, Australia!

2. Netflix's program updates are always later than other places!

3. It took 5 hours and 46 minutes to drive from Melbourne to Mildura. If I live in London, I can go to Paris at this time!

4. Searching for the route from Cheltenham to Croydon on Google, it pointed me to the UK!

5. For Melbourne's gang history, which is longer than some of the cultural relics in the museum, I don't know whether it should be proud or should be proud?

6. I bought a bottle of water for $3.20, and found that the water in it was actually tap water, and the water quality was the best in the world!

7. At Christmas, while fantasizing about snow, snowman and Santa Claus sledding scenes, I thought in my heart: Well, today you can go out and make eggs on the road again.

Other people’s Christmas:

Christmas in Melbourne:

8. For the price of buying a dilapidated house in Melbourne, you can buy four castles in France!



9. Every time you lose "Wurundjeri Way" or "Birrarung Marr", it will pop out and automatically correct it.

10. The bars hidden in Melbourne's CBD are like the elf in Pokemon, you can never find each one.

11. As long as a major international sporting event is held, don't sleep at night.

12. The wine here is too good and cheap, and I have to buy a few bottles every time I go out. As a result, I opened the cabinet and found that I couldn't put it inside. (You know why there are so many alcoholics in Australia.)

13. I often meet moody baristas.

14. Must pretend to have strong opinions about the East West Link project-but in fact, there is no idea what is going on.

15. 7月份,在车上的暖氣热起来之前,得先冻5分钟;1月份又得等5分钟才能凉快下来。

16. The nearest International Exhibition Centre is located in Christchurch, 2400km from Melbourne.

17. Every time I see a cyclist on the road, I find it particularly annoying, except when I go out on a bicycle.

18. The suburbs of Melbourne are not cold enough to snow in winter, nor too hot in summer.

19. The weather is overcast and sunny. Four seasons can change in a day. In summer, you have to wear winter clothes suddenly, and you always have to bring an umbrella when you go out. It is not unusual for the temperature to drop by 3 degrees within 10 minutes.

20. No matter when, there are always fireworks.

21. Public transportation is too capricious and slow. Lateness is commonplace. Whenever there is bad weather, various systems are paralyzed.

22. If the train heading for Flinders St accidentally stops at platform 13, you will have to walk several miles.

23. I opened the door to let in some cool air in the house. As a result, the cool air didn't come in, and a bunch of mosquitoes came in.

24. There is no decent theme park.

25. Sizzler in Melbourne closed down, but Sizzler in Queensland has been open for many years!

Anyone living in Maoben would like to say anything else, welcome to add!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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