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In the past two days, many people living in Melbourne have discovered that there is a small river called Merlynston Creek in the park where they often practice morning exercises.There are countless dead fish floating on the water.
More than 100 dead fish surfaced

Everyone walked along the river,Even more dead fish were found.

And the original clear water became muddy, exuding an unpleasant smell.There are still some black ashes floating in the water...

Residents saw that the original clear river turned into what it is now. They quickly contacted the Melbourne Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to report the situation. Not long after, EPA water officials came to investigate.More than 100 dead fish were caught in the river at once.

Afterwards, water workers sampled the river water and discovered another frightening fact:There are a lot of toxic substances in the river water,As a result, the originally clean river water became "poisonous water"!

And in the follow-up investigation,EPA water workers also discovered that these highly toxic substances and the ashes in the river water are all from burned plastic.

The physical condition of nearby residents is abnormal

EPA staff immediately reported the situation to the government, and the nearby hospital also issued a warning at this time.They found that the number of residents with respiratory tract infections and toxic gas poisoning symptoms continues to increase!

Resident Murillo is one of them. For some time now, he has always feltDifficulty breathing, chest pain,"It's like a fire in the lungs!"

In addition, Murilo’s condition is getting worse, dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision... after a doctor’s examination, it was concluded thatMurillo was due to excessive inhalation of toxic gases,poisoned by carbon monoxide.

In the hospital where Murillo was, the densely packed patients blocked the respiratory and thoracic departments...Most of the patients have the same symptoms as Murillo,Many young children and elderly people have more severe symptoms.

This series of situations occurred because of the Melbourne garbage dump a few days ago.

A large fire released a lot of toxic gas

According to reports last week, a fire broke out at the SKM Recycling Centre in Melbourne's garbage recycling plant.

SKM Recycling Centre is Melbourne’s largest garbage dump,every dayTens of thousands of tons of waste plastic and paper products in the cityAll are recycled and processed by the SKM Recycling Centre garbage dump.

Densely packed plastic bottles, cartons, and cans are stacked in every corner of the garbage dump. These combustibles have caused the fire to spread rapidly at an unpredictable rate.Swallowed the entire garbage dump all at once,The fire is difficult to control for a long time.

The raging fire light makes Melbourne in the evening as bright as day, under these raging fire tongues,It is tens of thousands of tons of plastic that has been burned to ashes.

Everyone knows that all kinds of toxic substances will be produced after plastic burning, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide...These toxic gases released by the fire,It is more dangerous than fire.

Because there are so many types of plastics that are burned, all kinds of dangerous poisonous gases are mixed together. They accumulate in the sky over the city with the direction of the wind and gradually spread.

After the fire broke out, residents and factory employees near the dump were evacuated urgently, and major Australian media also issued warnings.Remind all residents in the north of Melbourne to stay at home and close doors and windows to prevent the intrusion of toxic gases.

Toxic gas spreads and residents suffer

The garbage dump fire burned for three or four days before it was gradually extinguished. However, although the deadly fire was extinguished,Dangerous and toxic gases are still spreading unscrupulously.

This week, the residents who were forced to evacuate due to the fire returned to their homes one after another, but soon everyone discovered that the toxic gas brought by the fire,Far more terrifying than they thought.

Many residents have obvious symptoms of poisoning such as chest pain, headache, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.Poisoning in young children and elderly people is more serious.

Although many days have passed since the fire, the number of patients in nearby hospitals has been increasing. These injured residents never expected,Escaped the fire,
Can not escape the raging poison gas.

Situation upgrade: Toxic waters are spreading

After so many days, the toxic gas not only did not dissipate slowly,Instead, it expanded the scope of pollution.

After the fire broke out, a large amount of toxic smoke covered the sky over the city, and the oxygen content in the river continued to decrease. In addition, the toxic ash produced by burning plastic fell into the nearby river.As a result, large areas of water are flooded with numerous harmful substances.

The fish in the river became the first victim of the poison.

but,This cold back phenomenon is just the beginning.

Everyone knows that plastic waste is very difficult to dispose of and must be recycled by a professional garbage dump. It cannot be landfilled on site.Because the toxic substances in the plastic will slowly penetrate into the ground after landfill,Make the groundwater quality worse.

And this fire burned tens of thousands of tons of plastic to ashes, which is equivalent to maximizing the harm of toxic substances in plastic at once.A whole river in a few daysIt becomes toxic waste water.

EAP water officials also solemnly stated that the harm of toxic gases to water sources is difficult to eliminate in a short time, although they have begun to rescue live fish in polluted waters.However, the number of dead fish is expected to continue to rise.

At the same time, in the water quality sampling, water officials also found pieces of poisoned fish,Brought high levels of E. coli.

This is called the "Poison River" of Merlynston Creek, which is a tributary of Merri Creek, and the final direction of Merri Creek,It is the Yarra River.

Now the relevant departments have issued a warning,Remind everyone to be especially careful about toxic gases recently,Keep away from polluted water sources!

The editor is also here to remind everyone,Don’t go to the river to play for a while,People with pets should also be careful not to let their owners drink water outside.

Anyone who feels uncomfortable to contact the family doctor or call as soon as possible1300 60 60 24.

The harm of toxic gas has not been eliminated,Pay more attention these days!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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