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Online retail website giant Amazon has confirmed its presence in Melbourne! The first base in Australia is set at Dandenong South, southeast of Melbourne!

And they are already hiring people!

In the past few weeks, Amazon has published a large number of recruitment advertisements for its Dandenong South base, seeking talents including base security chiefs, area managers, operations managers and public relations managers.

In addition, Amazon is also looking for employees who are engaged in heavy labor. They wrote in the job description that "due to job requirements, you may need to be exposed to manual work."

These "manual tasks" include carrying heavy objects weighing about 16 kg, climbing, and patrolling facilities in a large-scale base.

We are very excited because we will bring thousands of jobs to Australia and bring business opportunities to a large number of small Australian businesses through Amazon Marketplace.

As soon as the news came out, all Australian netizens could not sit still!

"Australians can finally buy high-quality and inexpensive things. Over the years, these retail businesses in Australia have been exploited for long enough! When I lived in the United States and Europe, I only knew what "customers are God"!

"Amazon in the US starts delivery within 4 hours regardless of the city. I recently bought something online in Australia, but it has been 12 days, and there is no news at all! Calling to ask, the attitude is good, but I don’t know if I ask three questions. . Then it’s shirking. A merchant like this will definitely be swallowed by Amazon!"

"In Australia, a country with highly developed agriculture, it costs US$289 a month to buy vegetables. In the UK, it only costs US$227 a month. I always think it’s weird..."

"Hervey norman is dead. They should cut the price by 40% to be competitive, or take the burden."

Amazon’s entry into Australia has become a foregone conclusion. Australian companies are therefore horrified. Electronic retail stores such as JB Hi-Fi have to adopt price reduction measures. K-Mart simply moved the factory to Java Island to achieve permanent price reductions to ensure Can compete with Amazon!

As for JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman, they announced that they will reduce the price of their products by 2018% in 19-10 to face Amazon's low prices!

The share prices of Woolworth and Coles have fallen sharply!

It turns out that Amazon will also launch a full set of high-quality cold-chain distribution retail food business in Australia, and will fight against local supermarkets with a fresh + low price strategy!

According to the latest research report of CouriersPlease, an express delivery service company, 58% of the people interviewed would choose to buy the goods they need online;

After telling Amazon that it can provide lower-priced products, 90% of the respondents said that they would buy the products they need on Amazon instead of buying them in physical stores!

It seems that the bloody storm in the Australian retail industry is coming! I sincerely hope that Amazon can provide consumers with better products and more affordable prices!

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