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Recently, Australian media listed 12 driving rules in NSW that surprised Australian drivers. Can you avoid these mine pits?

1. 离未上锁的车3米开外,犯法!

Have you ever parked a car and then quickly ran to a nearby store to buy something? If the store you go to is more than 3 meters away from your car, it is not good, and even if you lock the car but the windows are not closed, it is illegal!

In addition, it is illegal to leave the vehicle if you do not turn off the flame!

2. If you are a P card holder, mobile phones are completely prohibited!

That's right! complete! Even if you don't hold the phone in your hand, turning on Bluetooth and voice activation are not allowed! !


3. Drivers will also be fined for putting their mobile phones on their laps and answering calls.

Even in the car catering take-out driveway of restaurants such as McDonald's, this is completely forbidden! Because it can be regarded as using a mobile phone on the road! If you do this, you will face up to$325 fine and 3 points deducted!

4. Turn on the lights when leaving the roundabout.

If you enter the roundabout, common sense is that you have to turn on the lights according to the direction you are driving. But do you know that when you are leaving the roundabout, you also have to turn on the left turn light?

If you didn't fight,$180 fine, 2 points fine!

5. Such asIf the vehicle changes lanes to give way to the emergency ambulance, it stops at a traffic light and is captured by the camera, Then...

$433 fine, 3 points deducted! Is it wrong to give way with politeness?

6. There is a penalty for overtaking too slowly.

It is correct to follow the regulations of “Keep driving on the left unless overtaking”, but drivers may still be fined if they overtake too slowly or cause a traffic obstruction, and the fines are heavy:$235 and 4 cents!

7. Even if it splashes on pedestrians!

If the driver deliberately or fails to control the vehicle, he will also be fined if the muddy water inside splashes to pedestrians on the side of the road when crossing the pit! Especially people who are splashed and waiting for public transportation will face$ 180Fine.

8. Lie down and rest is fine.

If the passengers in the car feel tired and want to lie down flat, they will also be fined$ 325, Because it will be regarded as improper use of the seat belt.

9. The child will be fined for sitting in the wrong position.

Children 7 years of age or younger must sit in the back seat and will be fined if they sit in the front, unless you are driving a two-seater car. 4 years old and below require special safety seats. If not,$325 fine and 3 demerit points.

10. If you save more parking tickets, it won't work!

If you have saved a lot of parking tickets on the windows, please clear them in time. Because you gather three pieces on the front glass of the car, you will summon Shenlong:$108 fine! The loading area is more stringent, more than one parking ticket, Shenlong's will appear!

11. Expired vehicle inspection is the heaviest penalty!

If your annual inspection is about to expire, please update as soon as possible, otherwise such a car will be parked on the road$650 fineThe gold-absorbing stone.

12. Notify the authorities when you move!

Finally, if you plan to move, make sure you notify the Road Bureau, otherwise there will be$ 108Fine!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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