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The state government officially launched a regional railway renovation project

Lendlease, Coleman Rail and SMEC recently won the bid to refurbish the Ballarat Line, and the Victorian Regional Railway Refurbishment Project has officially started.

Ballarat line upgrade project worth 5 million yuan. The 1800-kilometer track between Deer Park West and Melton will be changed to a double track, paving the way for the electrification of Melton in the future. The project will also provide additional traffic loops, new railway stations and more parking spaces. These upgrades will provide passengers on the Western Victoria and Ballarat lines with more trains, including a XNUMX-minute off-peak frequency. The project will create XNUMX jobs during the construction period, and the regional railway renovation project will create more than XNUMX jobs throughout the state. The government conducted extensive community consultation on the project, including meetings with district councils, online surveys, and communications with more than two thousand passengers.

The final plan for the project is under development, and the contract will be signed later this year. The main construction is expected to start early next year.

The government helps immigrants integrate into the national sports capital

The Victorian Government allocates funds to help multicultural communities participate in sports activities at all levels.

The twelve sports institutions in Victoria will share a grant of 400 million yuan to develop community projects to attract more Victorian residents to participate in sports. The project aims to encourage residents of immigrant and refugee backgrounds to participate in local sports clubs and provide them with opportunities to participate in professional sports. The AFL, the Victorian Basketball Association, the Tennis Association, the Australian Cricket Association and the Victorian Football Association are all involved in the project. Other sports funded include tennis, rugby, softball, surfing, basketball, paralympics and track and field. The funding for this program evaluated the plans of various organizations, including connections with young people, women, and communities with refugee or immigrant backgrounds, and the sustainability of the plan. Sports organizations will provide their own resources and cooperate with community groups to enter new communities and promote mass sports.

For more information about the Multicultural Sports Fund and the project, please visit multicultural.vic.gov.au.

Deaf youth participates in Victorian Youth Council for the first time

Victorian deaf-mute youths will participate in the Youth Council Program this year for the first time.

A total of six students from the "Deaf and Dumb" group sponsored by the Australian Deaf and Dumb Children's Organization participated in the three-day youth council held in the Victorian Parliament. One hundred and twenty young Victorian "Members" between the ages of 10 and XNUMX will discuss issues affecting young people and propose bills for legislation. The state government allocated more than XNUMX yuan to ensure that the voice of young people can be taken seriously. Participants will debate a series of topics including different penal sentences, parental leave, homelessness, racial discrimination and student transportation fares. A news team composed of nine young reporters will report on parliamentary debates, send reports to the media, and publish the news on the "Youth Parliament News" website. The young "Members" come from all parts of Victoria. Participants participated in the YMCA training camp the day before the start of the event and learned how to formulate, write and submit bills in Parliament.

The YMCA Victorian Youth Council program has helped to formulate more than XNUMX bills in the past three decades, including mandatory bicycle helmet regulations, roadside drug testing and gun reform bills.

Congressman AndrewThe Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

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Mailing address: 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne 3002

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