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"My baby left the family that loved him and refused to work,Become a homeless marijuana zombie! ! ! "The story I want to tell today is a desperate mother from Brisbane.

Leanne Thompson isMother of five children,she wasweeklyTo fly from Brisbane to Melbourne, the tired journey of 2800 kilometers each time, just to do one thing:Take care of her homeless, drug-addicted son who wanders on the streets of Melbourne...

Her 25 year old sonDaniel, Currently "living" in Melbourne, "professional" is a homeless. . .

Daniel graduated from a famous private Catholic school in Victoria,Also obtained the TAFE certificate for horticulture, land protection and land management,After graduation, I have a job as a full-time gardening planner.In 2016, he moved to Melbourne to live.

Two years ago (2015), Daniel was a high-spirited big boy. Ms. Thompson naively described to reporters what Daniel looked like before:He is six feet and four inches tall, broad shoulders, a beautiful face,He has a humorous personality and is an extroverted teenager who loves art and music.Daniel's great change occurred after a music festival.

Every year in VictoriaAt the Rainbow Serpent Music Festival,There will be countless scandals of revellers carrying drugs and overdose.

It was during this period that Daniel, who loves music, met a group of friends, and at the same time, he became addicted to drugs...

Maybe it was infected by the artistic vitality of the city of Melbourne, maybe it was influenced by the people around,Last July, Daniel made an incredible decision...

He left home and "lived" on the corner of the famous graffiti street in Melbourne's CBD. There is a paradise for graffiti artists, musicians, and drug addicts.

Daniel has been out of control since March this year. He has been dependent on drugs and wandering on the streets of Melbourne.

Now, Ms. Thompson flies to Melbourne every week, day and night, watching her stray son from a distance, guarding him, reminding him, and persuading him to go home...

"It makes me feel sick, it is simply a nightmare!!! How did my son become like this when he arrived in Melbourne!!!"Ms. Thompson said."Even in the scariest dream, I never thought that my son would take drugs, or that kind of highly addictive and dirty synthetic drugs!!"

At the age of 16, Daniel likes art, music and skateboarding. He has a good personality. Both his elders and his peers like him.

Ms. Thompson was extremely anguished: "What's wrong with his mind!? He had a good future, but now he has become this virtue!!"

When Daniel was wandering, he refused the shelter provided by the rescue agency. He slept under the bridge and on the street all day, taking drugs.

Ms. Thompson couldn’t help but worry and fear,Because one day, she heard her son asking other homeless people:"Hey, friend... Do you have any'goodies'...?"

"When he fell asleep, I was standing across the road, looking from a distance...because I was worried that he would be in danger" Ms. Thompson’s mental pressure is very high,"I have seen someone steal his socks and other things while he is asleep. One of them is a woman who injects drugs into a teenage child's arm. That woman doesn't blink her eyes when doing this kind of thing!"

"Not only my son, but all of them pose a risk to this society."

Ms. Thompson hurriedly glanced with her son on the streets of Melbourne: "I watched him smoking and taking drugs and being lethargic. At other times, he was so happy as a kite, it was terrible..."

Ms. Thompson wanted to send Daniel to a voluntary aid organization called "Tomorrow's Hope" for help, but there is no such group in Victoria.

She believes that Australia needs to introduce compulsory drug rehabilitation centers:"Take Daniel's example, he himself didn't realize the seriousness of the problem, and I don't think all the wanderers really understand their problem."

For this reason, Ms. Thompson pointed the finger atThe Australian government,And blamed the Australian legal system,Because Australia is too tolerant of people taking illegal drugs!

Ms. Thompson said,Daniel was arrested for smoking marijuana on the street, but a magistrate rebuked the police. The police did not get support from the court, and there was no communication between the mental health department, the court, and the police. In this case, it is not surprising that Melbourne will have a lot of drug problems...

"If this continues, his brain will get worse and worse. Not only do drug users do not understand, I think the government does not seem to understand this."

She will meet with Fisher's federal member Andrew Fisher next week to follow the example of New South Wales and Queensland, and strive to implement involuntary (compulsory) drug rehabilitation in Victoria.

Ms. Thompson said: "Daniel hasn't stopped taking drugs for a day. His period of detoxification is too short. I have no way of knowing whether these drugs have caused permanent damage to his body..."

Ms. Thompson said,She will never forget the first time she saw her son cowering in the streets of Melbourne,The difficult and painful scenes left a sad mark in her memory...

"When I first saw him on the street, I was shocked by the sight.On such a cold day, he had only his hands and knees covered with a thin blanket. . .I took a picture, but every time I look at that picture, I feel sad and want to cry. . .He was lying on the street with pedestrians walking beside him without even looking at it. . . "

She dreams that one day Daniel will no longer be addicted to drugs,She dreams of seeing him go to work and travel,Actively integrate into society and lead a prosperous and meaningful life.

Ms. Thompson dreams that one day her son will get rid of drug addiction. Daniel could have been a useful person, he could do anything as long as he wanted. But he chose to embark on this path of no return, which broke everyone's heart, especially those who knew Daniel before taking drugs.

At present, the Minister of Family and Child Relations and the Salvation Army are trying to help Daniel, and it is reported that another psychiatrist is investigating his condition. But the effect is not satisfactory.

The staff said: "We told Daniel before that we could drive him to the hotel, but Daniel said,'Let me think about it,' and then never came to us again."

Ms Thompson said that during her visit to her son, she gradually got to know many homeless people living on the streets of Melbourne. (Above: Wanderers in the city of Melbourne)

Interestingly, on the streets of MelbourneOther wanderers, Felt that Daniel refused to help his motherAngry and puzzled

A wanderer named Darren said:"This guy (Daniel) is crazy. He has a family but he chooses to wander around! God knows how long I have been looking for a place to live, but I can't find it. Daniel's family has everything he wants, but he chooses to refuse. HeIt's so lucky to have a mother who cares about him so much. This behavior of him is really horrible. "

Daniel’s story attracted great attention from Australians on Monday.In this matter, there is a lot of controversy about who is right and who is wrong.Who is responsible for such incidents has also triggered heated discussions.

People flock to social media to express their opinions. Although most people support Ms. Thompson and her efforts to "save" her baby boy, others have different reactions. ↓↓↓

"He (Daniel) doesn't care at all, this mother is wasting her time."

"For more than 50 years, I have witnessed the experiences of countless addicts. Some of them died of drug overdose, drove their cars into trees or were killed by other people after hallucinations. Although they were all arrested in the end, I also watched. I have been to an addict who bit a police dog when he was caught!! Others were sent to a mental hospital and lived a hopeless life. These people made their family members desperate. If you think about it all in your head If you smoke this rubbish, you are wasting your life! These things (drugs) should be banned!"

"If this mother can afford the weekly round-trip airfare from Brisbane to Melbourne, why not save some money and send her son to the drug rehabilitation center?"

"Take this son back, lock it up, keep it under strict control, and it will be fine!"

"Nothing in this world is completely harmless, but ifNatural hemp is legal, Then this highly addictive and dangerous compound does not exist. This is another example of a prohibition order making things worse. "

"'Choice', adults can make their own choices, and they must take responsibility for their actions!"

"Really cannabis is so weak compared to synthetic drugs. It has never affected the social environment so much! Our (Australia) laws against drugs are too stupid! The harm of political mistakes is reflected here!"

As long as drugs, nothing is natural or unnatural, they should be banned!

As early as January this year, during the Australian Open, the police spent a lot of time confronting homeless people living on Flinders Street in Melbourne. Most of these homeless people were also drug addicts...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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