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Recently, Australian schools are closed, andA worksheet for the third grade of an Australian elementary school was also circulated on the Internet and instantly became popular on social platforms!Many people are dumbfounded! Everyone is skeptical:WorldSuch a holiday homework! ?

Not much to say, let’s take a look at the picture above, let’s take a look at what this worksheet contains!

1. Ride a bicycle or play a scooter.

2. Read another book.

3. Don't forget to watch your favorite TV show.

4. Remember to keep smiling.

5. Delicious snacks are also essential.

6. Remember to spend time with your favorite person.

7. Try what it feels like to laugh when your stomach hurts.

8. Don't always stay in the house, go outside and feel the nature.

9. Go out more and wander around, just go around.

10. Spend more time on hobbies you like.

11. But be sure to rest.

12. Be sure to remember to visit your friends.

13. Try to run as hard as you can.

14. Cook delicious food or do some crafts.

15. Eat more delicious snacks.

16. Play in the garden.

17. Do something you have never done before.

After reading it,Is it a little skeptical? This is the third grade homework?

I can bear reading, but watching TV is homework?in those days.In order to watch TV and prevent parents from discovering.Train yourself to become a spy.

I can understand how to ride a bike and exercise a lot, but is it also homework to ask people to go out and play throughout the article? !When I was young, I was taught by my parents because I played with my friends too often. The Australian teacher said,Not enough to play, go out to play more...

For those of you who have attended elementary school in China, no matter how long it has passed, everyone will remember that,Whenever it is vacation time, I will always receive several "summer homework".

Chinese, mathematics, and English are all availableIn addition to this workbook, which is definitely inevitable, the teacher will arrange various additional homework in a variety of ways:There are countless weekly diaries, endless writing notes, reading after reading the four famous books, copying the vocabulary list, copying each word 10 times, and mathematical calculation problems, endless and endless...The slightly more novel format is to let you make a handwritten newspaper.

I remember the summer vacation,Where to take homework, write and write, and write, it is really sour after copying!

Now that I see the worksheets of Australian kids, I have suffered XNUMX points of harm!

Their homework:

My Homework:

Therefore, after reading the homework list of Australian primary school students, netizens said one after another:

I am willing to do such homework every day!You can do it as many times as you want!

Of course, the content on that paper is not all the homework of Australian primary school students.They usually have written assignments, but most of them are very practical.

In addition to reading books, spelling, and doing calculation problems,They also hope that their children can help their parents with housework after class, go shopping together, water the backyard plants, and do exercises.Even put pet care into the homework sheet!

Because in Australia, narrowly dealing with exams is never the meaning of education.Guide children to experience life, Discover the potential,Exploring the world and communicating friendly with others is what they want to teach their children. In their eyes:The talent of every child is unique!

The Chinese idiom "teach students in accordance with their aptitude" has been best demonstrated in Australia.Because in the eyes of Australian educators, every child is special, and they respect their children's hobbies!

often,Only those children who are encouraged to develop their hobbies can fully display their creativity and achieve success in their favorite fields with this momentum!

Under the Australian education system, many children have stimulated their potential!They are more active thinking than many adults, and some even made actions that shocked the world!There are many Asian children!

Asian high school students are equipped with life-saving drugs

Just last year, a piece of news shocked the world.Because the monopolist keeps raising the price of medicine, Wantonly squeeze the hard-earned money of patients! thenA group of high school students made up their minds to re-study a drug formula!BBC: Martin Shkreli: Australian boys have made life-saving drugs!

Teachers, parents, classmates and friends knew their plans,Although I feel that so many cutting-edge medical institutions have not done it, how can a bunch of high school students do it? but,No one questioned them.

Parents and teachers give unreserved help, Tell them how to find information and how to do experiments independently.Classmates and friends give supportive eyes, I think what they do is the coolest thing in the world!

Because of these supports, they really succeeded!The life-saving medicine priced as high as $11 was allocated by them to a group of Asian high school students for $20!

10-year-old kid was invited to the Apple Developer Conference

Another Asian child in Australia,At the age of 10, the dream of the world's programmers was fulfilled. He was invited to participate in the Apple Global Developers Conference.This is not only because he is a genius, but more importantly:Parents' support

Yuma was interested in electronics when he was a child,His father found that every time Yuma saw the iPad, he was not as addicted to games as other kids., And as if researching something, I kept flipping through the APP store.

After asking the children, they understand that Yuma is interested in the new and strange APP, and want to know why a small book-sized thing can do so many things.So instead of blindly preventing him from playing the iPad, his parents allowed him to use an extra hour of iPad every day.

So when he was 10 years old,Already onAfter finishing the programming online class at Stanford University, you can also teach others to program! As a result, he became the youngest developer in history to stand in Cook UniversityNext to Uncle!

Male high school students get 1.5 sponsorship fees for improving electronic boards

A Chinese-Australian boy named Ben Wang has become a famous talent in the circle at a young age!He invented an improved electronic prototype version that can lead to simpler circuit creation and custom electronic design. Ben also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise AU$1500 to improve his concept.Once this project was launched, it received support from all walks of life in Australia, and it didn't take long for the fundraising to exceed 1.5 Australian dollars!

This is Australia’s primary and secondary education,It looks like a play, in fact, every detail encourages the child's nature and talent!I finally understand why there are such great primary school students in Australia!


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