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Two days ago, an unusual and mysterious note was dug up from an old house near Sydney's CBD.

On this note that has been in dust for 22 years,Full of incredible prophecies!

This old house that has been more than 40 years old is in the Rozelle district of Sydney. After several waves of owners, after several renovations, the new owner was in the hands of 138 million Australian dollars not long ago.

Thus, another round of renovations began.

This time, the new ownerPlan to tear down the entire bathroom wall, Plus the latest waterproof layer.

In this wall that has not been touched in more than 40 years,Found a secret...

Ilic, the construction worker, took apart the bathroom wall to reveal the stud wall inside. Some old newspapers are stuffed into these gaps.Although the newspapers were neatly folded, Ilic did not care too much.I thought it was used by the predecessors to fill the walls, so I dug them out and threw them into the trash can...

Until a photo fell out!

This is a very well-preserved and flat photo,It is absolutely impossible to fill the wall casually. Only then did he realize that something was strange! So he picked up the newspaper on the ground,I found a letter really inside!

This letter was written by a male host named Gregg (Greg Wilkinson) in 1995 to anyone who discovered this letter in the future...

He found someone else's time capsule!A letter to the future!

Ilic held these pieces of paper that had been in dust for 22 years and read these kind words.Feeling in a trance to travel back to a completely unfamiliar era!

1995 year 4 month 15 day,At that time he was just a kid...

Ilic saw it at first sightSeveral eye-catching prices :

Total house price: 17

A loaf of bread: $2.25

A pint of milk: $1.25 (equivalent to 470 ml)

A newspaper: $1.2

A mention of beer: $24.95

One liter of gasoline: $0.68

Wow, what is this concept? Ilich immediately converted it curiously...

Big price PK in 22 years:

Double the breadBeer doubled

Doubled gasoline

House prices doubled 8 times!

Only the price of milk,Instead, it is half cheaper than before.

It turned out that Australia was like this 22 years ago!

So, Ilic put aside his work and continued to read the letter with interest. Gregg also recordedAt that time, the Australian Prime Minister was Paul, a good leader who was arrogant but compassionate to the people. He felt that Paul could continue to be re-elected...

Although Paul resigned after a year...

Gregg used a 486 computer with Windows 5 Word software, and slowly typed this letter...

Probably many people have never seen such an old antique...

Gregg said that in their era, the Internet was an earth-shattering event! Even dogs want to go to the Internet to "make waves".

But what he didn't expect was,People are crazy about the Internet now than they were in 22 years!

Looking at these interesting comparisons, Yili Wizards discovered thatTwenty-two years is not long, but the world can undergo such a radical change!

After introducing his life back then, Gregg began to boldly predict the future! This part of Ilic can no longer calm down!

this letterThe more you look back, the higher the tide!Let's take a look at what Gregg has predicted...

Return to single-employee families:

Gregg said that at that time in 1995, most families had parents working to earn money and leaving their children in nurseries. So he feltThere should be more and more fathers or mothers returning home to take care of their children. Let this society be less utilitarian and more interpersonal.

Islam will become a major disaster:

Gregg predicted 22 years ago that Islam will become the world's next ideological dilemma.In order to obtain equal right to speak, Islam will launch a "jihad" on a global scale!And religious wars will be endless, because no one can defeat anyone...

The Chinese economy will rise:

Gregg specifically mentioned China,He believes that China will become a semi-democratic country in the future, and will become the world's strongest economy, no one can stop it!The United States will abandon Australia and rely on China instead. If Australia doesn’t want to lose too badly,They can only learn Chinese and Chinese culture, and introduce a large number of Chinese immigrants.

Australia will be jealous of the world:

He believes that whether the world is dispute or peace,As long as Australia maintains its own multi-ethnic culture,It will always be the most livable place in the world!

After seeing these god-like predictions, Ilic could no longer sit still. He couldn’t wait to post the letter to Facebook.He really wants to meet this old man who can predict the future!

This post is spread ten, ten, and a hundred, which is crazy! Everyone is desperately searching for this divine prophet in human flesh!

In the end, it really reached Gregg himself!

A curious friend @了all the people named Greg Wilkinson on Facebook,Among them is Gregg himself! The old man was still on vacation in Croatia...

At this time, Gregg is already a 61-year-old grandfather! When he saw the pieces of paper he hid when he was 39 years old, especially the photos of himself and his wife, tears burst into his eyes...

The past is vivid,But the wife is already separated from the sky...

This house was bought by Gregg and his wife Roslyn in 1989 for 17 yuan. then,This is just a broken house in the corner of the CBD that can hardly live in.

But most of his energy and money are spent on starting a business, and he is unable to buy a better house. butHis wife complained nothing and stayed with him in this shabby house for 6 years!Until the end of 1994,Ruo Si Lin is pregnant!

The good news made Gregg happy. He decided to renovate the house anyway and giveA comfortable home for pregnant wife and future baby!

In 1995, when he looked at the disassembled wall, he remembered a little experience when he lived in London. He lived in a dilapidated house when he was poor. Once, the wall peeled off, exposing the gap inside,He saw a letter in the gap!

This is a letter deliberately left by the owner of the house long ago. Write to anyone in the future who finds it. In the letter,The old master described the leisurely life in the chariot years and the countries he had been to. He was also full of curiosity and predictions about the future.But most of them are very pessimistic, such as war and fear of technology...

After reading this, Gregg suddenly discovered that his life is much happier than the world the old man imagined!

Gregg has remembered this kind of dialogue across time and space!

So, before he renovated the wall,I also wrote a letter to the future, and clipped it together with that photo in the Sydney Morning Herald of the year.Hidden in this wall, after many years, someone will find this surprise!

The reason why he put the photo with his wife is because this photo represents the happiest message he can convey to the future.

He hopes people who see this letter in the future,A slight smile can be shown for this.

However, unfortunately, less than two years after their baby was born,Ruo Si Lin died of breast cancer.Shortly after,Gregg, who was afraid of seeing things and thinking about people, took his son and moved out of this home full of memories...

Twenty years have passed, and Gregg rarely visits this old house again, and almost almost forgets this letter. Now, he never thought that one day he would see such a photo on Facebook again! He says:

When he saw Ruo Si Lin’s gentle smile in the photo,All the happy memories are back...

You know, Ruo Si Lin left too few photos, and this photo taken on the wedding day has not been seen in 22 years!He is very fortunate that he did this stupid thing that year so that he can relive his old dream again in his lifetime~

Gregg did not expect that the secret that he thought would be hidden for at least 80 years was discovered only 20 years later.I didn't expect that the biggest surprise was for him!

Time capsule, letter to the future...These seem naive things,It seems to be a fashion in Australia:

Julie:I found some old postcards and wedding photos while refurbishing the Lilyfield kitchen! I still keep it!

Michele:I used to work in Blacktown Hospital for 12 years and lived for 34 years. When I left my job, I left a letter in the locker for later employees. I hope they can enjoy their time there.

Kerri:When I was in 1984, I took advantage of the renovation of the Weethalle police station and hid my time capsule behind them~

Lesley:Around 1990, I left a time capsule in a house on Australia St in Newtown. Last year, I was found by the new owner. In fact, I hope he can put a little more in it, and then bury this secret back.

Sharon:I threw a cup behind the kitchen wall in 1992. So, I simply wrote a note, leaving my name and phone number and threw it in! I wish someone could find my secret!

Karen:What a beautiful story reminds me of my own experience. In 2000, when I returned to school to attend the class reunion, I realized that on the day we entered the school, the school wrote all of us on a piece of paper and put it in a time capsule and buried it in the soil. Now the school has become a house, and our names have been kept inside, no one can touch...

Alison:I just found a note left on July 1969, 7. It was left by the builder of this house in Glenbrook. They are for the historic moment of the first moon landing in a few years!

After reading these stories, I found out that there are so many interesting secrets around! It turns out that there are so many lovely people in Australia. Maybe they don’t even know that these little tricks, one day in the future, will bring endless warmth and touch to many strangers...

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