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Chicken Nugget and Fish Fillet can be said to be a favorite food of many Australians. In supermarkets, there are also products of different brands and different prices for everyone to buy.

However, how much chicken and fish are contained in these chicken nuggets and fish nuggets?

The results of a recent survey were surprising.

In the investigation, three brands of fried chicken nuggets and three brands of fried fish nuggets were investigated separately. The results are as follows:


Woolworths own brand chicken nuggets 

Content: 44% chicken

Price: 57c/100g


Content: 41% chicken

Price: $1.14/100g


Content: 45% chicken

Price: $1.24/100g

Woolworths own brand 

Content: 46% fish

Price: 79 minutes/100g

Woolworths own brand 

Content: 51% fish

Price: $1.20/100g

Birds Eye 

Content: 51% fish

Price: $1.49/100g


The chicken content of these brands on the market basically does not exceed 50%; the content of fish pieces has only just reached about 50%.So the question is, what are the remaining 50% of the ingredients?

Nutritionist Kate Wengier points out,LPart of the ingredients are water and flour.Of course, different products may also contain different raw materials, such asSugar, potato pieces, riceAh, wait

Later, in order to test which chicken nuggets and fish nuggets are popular with the children, they asked four children to blindly test which one is more delicious.

The result was also greatly unexpected. In this section of fried chicken nuggets, it was praised by four children and turned out to beThe cheapest Woolworths own brand fried chicken nuggets.

This is it! Cheap and delicious!

As for the fish nuggets, which has received unanimous praise from everyone, it is a slightly more expensive Woolies brand.

After reading this evaluation, the editor feels that all good brands are fake, and the ingredients are all the same. You can buy the cheapest one with peace of mind~

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