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A young fitness coach in Melbourne, Australia invested 2000 Australian dollars in ethereum electronic money (Ethereum) four years ago, and now its value has risen to more than one million Australian dollars. He sold most of his ether and became a millionaire overnight! This lucky boy is only 21 years old this year.

This electronic currency is similar to Bitcoin.

He forgot about it afterwards.

In April of this year, he saw a piece of news about Ethereum electronic currency, so he remembered his previous investment.

That night, Chuvas returned home, logged into his account, and found that he had 5190 units of Ether, and was shocked.

He said, "I called and told my parents that my mother jumped up and screamed in excitement! My father couldn't believe it was true."

Chuvas' father suggested that he immediately sell 75% of his ether. Unexpectedly, in the next four weeks, the price of Ethereum increased by 6 times.

Chuvas eventually realized A$75.9 and also held Ether worth A$34.

If he cashes out a month later, his ether investment will be worth 250 million Australian dollars.

Although he was lucky, Chuvas did not use the money to buy the property. He said: "I want to travel and continue to study, and finally I want to do business by myself."

He understood that luck would not appear a second time, and he said that he would no longer invest money in electronic currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

He is currently working as a fitness trainer in the North Fitzroy area.

Melbourne investment consultant and writer Scott Pape said, “Perhaps you might think after seeing Chuvs’s million-dollar fairy tale, if you have 2000 Australian dollars, you can be like him. But you don’t do that.”

He said that he would never invest in things he did not understand, and would not invest because the price of a thing has been rising in the past.

Ah... someone else's 21 years old...

News compiled from "The Age"


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