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Drive in a small car, call a few confidants, beer snacks in the trunk, and we are on the road!

There are waves, flowers, and waves along the way, and in a blink of an eye it is a paradise and a paradise on earth. We just played and made noises, watching your dearest smile like a child by my side.

Let's take a look at these "good places for self-driving". There are romantic sunsets and vast starry sky. There is always one that is your love~

Southwest Line: 377KM

Departing from Melbourne, we will pass through the wonderful town of Geelong, the forgotten Queenscliff in the old days, and the stunning seaside holy land of Lorne, directly to Port Fairy, a gathering place for whales and seals.

Along the way, you can not only enjoy the magnificent and beautiful coastline, but also slow down and bask in the sun in the old town. Time seems to have stopped~


The most important activity in Geelong is to look for the scattered wooden people. These wooden people were originally just wooden boat bolts. They were later used as canvases for painting by naughty artists, creating various wooden people with different themes. In Geelong, there are more than 100 wooden people of all kinds, large and small, hidden in Geelong seaside.


Queenscliff perfectly preserves the ancient buildings of the Victorian period, and everything in the town is romantic and elegant.

Two good places are highly recommended, one is Fort Queenscliff, which was built in 1880. It was originally a garrison fortress, but now it has become a museum. All the furnishings inside are telling the ancient heroic legends of those years.

The second one is Sea All Dolphin Swims. Take a boat out to swim with dolphins and seals and gently touch their silky soft skin. This experience will surely make you unforgettable!

This small town is peaceful and peaceful. After a happy day, you may wish to find a hotel in the town at will. There is the most beautiful and comfortable beach view here. In the evening, the sun sets and the water and sky are as bright and colorful as fire~

Port Fairy

This is the oldest harbor in Victoria. Walking through it, you can vaguely find the shadows of princes and nobles hunting whales and seals here.

It is also a surfing mecca. Those who like excitement must not miss it~

Northeast Line:369KM

Different from the southwest route, the northeast route takes you directly into the hinterland and feels the colorfulness of spring~The gorgeous garden landscape of Marysville, the hidden gold spectacle of Beechworth and the wine-rich Rutherglen will all make you a worthwhile trip!
This small town hidden in the beautiful valley is known as "God's own garden". Looking around is also a variety of private gardens, including the mysterious Bruno's Art Sculpture Garden, and some hidden Marysville Crystal Gardens with crystal jewelry. You will never know how exciting the next scenery is.


It is currently the best-preserved 19th century gold mining town in Australia, with retro buildings and various mineral deposits on display. The most recommended attraction is its old prison. When you stroll through it, you can still feel the residual temperature on the bricks. The scenery here is also beautiful. The mountaineering overlooks and the whole town has a panoramic view of the sunrise. ideas!


Rutherglen is a paradise for wine lovers. Can you imagine that this place was once a gold rush town. Later, the reputation of wine made people gradually forget its past. Are you also passionate about wines of all kinds, then you shouldn't miss it here.

Southeast Line:373KM

The direct journey from Melbourne to Alpine National Park will bring you an unforgettable experience~
Alpine National Park
In the world of life, suddenly like a traveler.

In this magnificent national forest park, you can see semi-melting snowy mountains and lakes that are as quiet as a fairyland. You can choose to ride through the forest or walk on foot. You will admire the creator every moment The magic.

Northwest Line:299KM

The romantic lavender sacred place Daylesford, the stunning Halls Gap and the strange stones, the Grampians National Park surrounded by mountains will bring you a wonderful natural journey, all without the breath of freedom and greatness. Natural supernatural craftsmanship~



It is also known as the'Spa Capital'. After a comfortable physical and mental relaxation, you can taste the wine in Passing Clouds Winery and feel the woody fragrance of cork, or you can take a hot air balloon and experience the fun of flying into the sky.

Halls Gap

Halls Gap is located in the corner of Grampians National Park. In the interesting Halls Gap Zoo, there are silly little raccoons, rare white kangaroos, Dingo, Australia's only'ferocious' animal, and so on. Tourists can have close contact with them.

There is also the famous Pinnacle, which gives you a kind of domineering conquest that "will be on the top and see the mountains and small mountains"!

Grampians National Park

There are strange rocks, surrounded by mountains. The landforms here are like a gift from the creator. They are wide open and fall, and they are so beautiful. There are also waterfalls and streams in the mountains. Once you enter it, you will be taken by the extreme scenery. Stay in this place forever, watch the sun everywhere, and watch the mountains and rivers change.

Salt Lake: 419KM

This place is as beautiful as the sky, in which you will lose yourself unconsciously, and just want to indulge in it forever. The vast Milky Way, I just want to share with you.

When the sun slowly rises, the lake water turns pink; when night falls, the color of the starry sky will be reflected again here~

In front of it, I always feel that the words are too weak, because no matter how gorgeous the rhetoric is, they can’t describe its shock and purity.
The vast starry sky, go to a Wushan cloud and rain with you~

Rose Cave:424KM

The ancient rhinestone cave contains stalagmites and stalactites slowly created by water for thousands of years, which is amazing.

You can camp nearby, and there is an optional 45-minute cruise to take you to the most beautiful place here.

Short-distance self-driving one94.2KM

It only takes more than an hour to drive directly from Melbourne City to this mysterious labyrinth garden, during which you can have a good time passing through the Dandenong Mountains~

In this garden, there are green plants and lakes, which are perfect English garden plans, accompanied by all kinds of exotic flowers, birds, fish and insects.

The maze in the garden is also very romantic, and forest games will add a lot of fun to your day trip~

Price: $59 for adults and $49 for children Address: 55 Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat VIC, 3936

Time: 9 am to 4:30 pm

Short-distance self-driving two:222KM

In the short one-hour trip, we will pass the famous white sandy Squeaky Beach, enjoy the sun and fine sand, and finally run happily in the Wilsons Marine National Park!

Squeaky Beach

Here is the most unique beach in the world-walking on it will make a "creaking" sound. According to scientific explanation, it is because the white sand contains a kind of quartz material. When pressure is applied, the quartz blocks rub against each other, so you will hear This kind of sound.

The white sand here is dense and soft, holding it like a cotton in the hand~ Stepping on it is more like walking in the clouds.

Wilson's Marine National Park

This is the largest marine nature reserve in the region. The beautiful seascapes, steep granite cliffs and complex and scattered deep-water reefs form a beautiful landscape.

Surrounded by the 17-meter-long winding coastline, there are many colorful and rare animals, and the snorkeling will definitely open your eyes!


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