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The gradually tightening Australian customs seems to be in charge of everything. Just a few days ago, the Australian Border Force (Australian Border Force) posted a post on its Facebook to warn overseas passengers who need to enter:The customs staff has now begun to "crack counterfeit"! If you wear it on your body, have a fake brand name (A goods) on your hand, or carry pirated movies and TV series, then you may be fined! If you are carrying illegal pornography, you are more likely to be arrested!

(We are already organizing training courses for our staff to teach them how to identify fakes. These courses allow our staff to receive practical training to help them identify the fakes that passengers want to bring into the country...)

With the prevalence of fakes, many "pseudo celebrities" and "pseudo-rich second generations" are all "famous brands" and travel the world in business class every day. However, next time you come to Australia, these people's fakes may be confiscated, fined, and even more serious may be refused entry.

On the government website, fake luxury goods are clearly listedRefusal to enter AustraliaRequirements. These items include:There is a brand logo, forged copyright, or high imitation clothing, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, hair straighteners, etc...

In addition, pirated movies and TV series are not allowed to enter the country.

In addition to confiscating the fake goods with the above-mentioned illegal items, passengers carrying these fake goods may also be caught by the authorities.take to court,orFacing huge fines!

Of course, there are some people who do not want to "show off their wealth", but want to save money and buy "high imitation" luxury goods. however,After all, imitation products are not original and genuine products. It is recommended that you try not to bring them when you enter Australia next time.I also want to remind everyone here:If you are buying luxury goods, you must carefully identify the authenticity. It is best to go to flagship stores and other brands that actually operate stores, or go to the brand's official website to make online purchases.Some people may have paid a lot of money to buy A cargo without knowing it, and finally enter Australia, the customs may directly fine you!

In addition, illegal pornography is also prohibited from entering the country!

Earlier, major Australian media published an article about a Chinese doctoral student studying in Australia who was sentenced to one and a half years in prison at home by the local court in Australia for downloading a large number of pornographic pictures and videos.

The 25-year-old Chinese doctoral student Fangzhou Zhou (Fangzhou Zhou, transliteration) is a doctoral student at the University of New South Wales, majoring in engineering. He was sued for downloading 32 pornographic pictures and 1717 AV videos, which also included child pornography.

On September 9, Zhou Fangzhou was tried at Downing Centre Local Court. During the trial, Zhou confessed to his mistakes. To avoid viewing these documents, judges tend to use text descriptions as evidence. This move also caused controversy, and therefore made the headlines of major newspapers. In the end, Zhou Fangzhou was sentenced to 26 months imprisonment at home, using a computer to be monitored and controlled.

in western countries,Law enforcement agencies attach great importance to pornographic content,Once discovered, the consequences are serious.

Case 1: Sydney
In 2011, a teacher at The Kings Preparatory School, a famous private school for boys in Sydney, stored 3.5 obscene photos of children ranging from babies to teenagers on their laptop. Downing Centre District Court sentenced him to at least 2 years and 8 months in prison for possessing and disseminating tens of thousands of pornographic photos of children.
Case 2: Adelaide Customs
On February 2016, 2, a Taiwanese man flew from Hong Kong to Adelaide. He was stopped by airport border guards for questioning and aroused suspicion. He then searched his suitcase and mobile phone and found pornographic content in his mobile phone. Later, during the forensic examination, it was further discovered that there were 14 child pornographic pictures in his mobile phone. The man appeared in the Adelaide Local Court and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to six months' imprisonment by the court and will leave Australia immediately after being released from prison.

The lawyer said that the biggest taboo among contraband is child pornography.When the customs has doubts and asks to see your mobile phone immediately,The lawyer said:"If you don't show it, you can be deported immediately;Let me see, if there are prohibited content in your phone, you may be prosecuted. "

Therefore, it is very important not to have any pornographic information in your electronic device, because you may be sentenced to jail for this!

News compiled from "australian border force facebook"


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