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The romantic and artistic Melbourne weekend has prepared wonderful evening activities for you, allowing everyone to explore the other side of the city, the day and night of Melbourne. Come and see what activities are there~

7. July 21 (Friday)-July 7 (Sunday)

Gertrude Street Projection Festival

The Street Projection Exhibition held in Fitzroy in July attracts a large number of Melbourne tourists and residents here every year. This year is the tenth year.

In the past 10 years, it has excavated a large number of outstanding artistic geniuses. They have launched various ideas and projected lights on the buildings to give this street alive and vitality.

With the artist's ingenuity, the walls of each building tell different stories and become an alternative dream factory of light and shadow.

Starting from this Friday, more than 30 old buildings, bars and restaurants, and even withered old trees on Gertrude Street have all become mobile screens, covered by creative or artistic projections; the entire street changes instantly It became an open-air art gallery...

In the long winter nights in Melbourne, where the days are short and the nights are long, linger on the streets of Gertrude and look up and feel the flow of art.

Travel information:

Those who live far away can take a train to Melbourne Central or Flinders St station and then transfer to a tram or bus.

Departing from near Melbourne Central:

At Swanston St/ Lonsdale St station, take bus 1 at Bay905 towards Pines SC, get off at Australian Catholic University/Victoria Pde and walk approximately 380 meters to arrive.

Or at Swanston St/ Bourke St station, take tram 86 towards Bundoora RMIT via Smith St and get off at stop 13 Brunswick St/ Gertrude St.

Departing near Flinders St:

Walk to Melbourne Town Hall/ Collins St station, take tram 11, head to West Preston via Brunswick St, and get off at stop 13 Brunswick St/ Gertrude St.


地点:Gertrude Street, Fitzroy 3065



Melbourne's art fan is more than that!

7. July 27 (Thursday)

Nite Art

Meet the art and experience Melbourne's unique night tour!

Next Thursday, this night alone, many galleries, museums and undiscovered spaces in Melbourne will be open until late for free! Put on warm clothes, bring friends and confidants with you, and explore the other side of our city together in the long night.

This art festival called Nite Art is a new niche event in Melbourne in recent years. Although it has not had time to publicize it, there are already many loyal fans. This year, it has cooperated with the University of Mexico. More than 50 artists' works, including projections, paintings, electronic music scenes, etc., will be distributed in 25 locations including Melbourne city center and Mexico University.

In the Nite Art night next Thursday, you can plan your own exclusive visiting route, or you can grab a Nite Art volunteer on the street and let him lead you to experience Melbourne’s literary nightlife and enter the art venues on the streets and alleys. A great opportunity to explore the other side of Melbourne!

Art activities are mainly distributed in Flinders Lane and MoU. Before visiting, you can check the interactive map of the festival on the official website niteart.com.au for more details of the event location.

time:July 7 (Thursday) around 27pm-6pm

地点:Flinders Lane and the University of Melbourne



7. July 21 (Friday)-23 (Sunday)

Melbourne Career Expo

Australia's largest comprehensive recruitment event, whether you are just graduating and looking for a job, or looking for an opportunity to change a job, don't miss it! Come here to interact face-to-face with professionals from all walks of life, get professional guidance, education and training opportunities, this weekend is not in vain!


December 7nd 21am-10pm

7月22日,7月23日 10am-4pm

地点:Royal Exhibition Building

Tickets:Adults are $12, children under 13 are free, discount tickets are $6, and families are $26


7. July 22 (Saturday)

The Luna Park 2017 Hot Dog Eating Competition

Do you want to see the demeanor of the Australian big appetizers? Don't miss the hot dog appetite game at Luna Park on Saturday! I have only watched Japan's Big Appetizer game on TV before, and this time I can finally watch the live version! Tickets are free, and you can also take a walk around the St Kilda beach, so great!

time:December 7nd 22am-11pm

地点:Luna Park Melbourne



7. July 22 (Saturday)

Bendigo Collectables Fair

Bendigo actually hides an interesting antique market. This weekend you will have the opportunity to play and collect small objects that testify to history, or buy one or two out-of-print books for yourself, or buy some retro-feeling small accessories. Every half an hour, there will be lucky draws, come and try your luck!

time:July 7 (Sat) 22am- 9pm

地点:Bendigo Showgrounds, Cnr Holmes Rd and Havilah Rd, Bendigo 3550


7. July 22nd and 23rd (Saturday and Sunday)

Frozen Disney Tour Frozen-Disney on Ice

"Let it go, let it go! Can't hold it back anymore" the Disney movie "Frozen", a large-scale stage play on ice, is being staged in Melbourne! This Saturday and Sunday will be the last two games. Those who want to take the kids at home should hurry up and buy tickets! Go to see the magical world carefully designed for the children and all kinds of difficult extreme ice actions, travel through the castle scenery created by ice and snow in the movie, and feel the most shocking stage effects!

time:October 7, 22

地点:Melbourne Hisense Arena

fare:From $ 32


7. July 23 (Sunday)

Melbourne Bridal and Honeymoon Expo 2017

If you are looking for inspiration for your dream wedding, you must not miss this wedding expo! Different styles of wedding dress and dress design, fashion wedding photography, wedding site layout, honeymoon travel planning, wedding banquet and other services. If you want to prepare a dream wedding in Melbourne, or if you are looking for a local wedding dress, you can come here to bargain, shop around, there is always one that suits you.

time:July 7 (Sunday) 23am- 9pm

地点:Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 2 Clarendon St, South Wharf 3006

fare:$ 22 online ticket purchase, $ 27 on-site ticket purchase

7. July 23 (Sunday)

Christmas in July at Dandenong Market

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is always in midsummer, so it is difficult for people in Melbourne to experience the strong atmosphere of Christmas in winter. Why don't you go to Dandenong to climb a mountain on Sunday and visit Dandenong Market by the way. What is the experience of Christmas in July? This Sunday, there is a traditional Christmas dinner here, turkey, pork rolls, roasted chestnuts, etc. for you to try.

time:July 7 (Sunday) 23am- 10pm

地点:Cnr Cleeland & Clow St Dandenong 3175


Are you satisfied with this week’s literary fan Melbourne? Get ready, the weekend is coming! ! !

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