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It's the annual tax filing season again! Is everyone getting busy?

However, some criminals used this hot event to forge the phone number of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to defraud the public!

A few days ago, Consumer Affairs Victoria (Consumer Affairs Victoria) released a phone recording of fraud, reminding everyone not to be deceived.

This phone recording looks like this:

When you hear"As per our recent audit..."When, be wary!

"According to our recent review, we found that there is a problem with your tax documents. We regret to inform you that your account is considered a violation of the regulations because of tax avoidance..."

"We therefore sent a letter to your registered address, but no one signed it. Because the letter could not be delivered, we must issue a request against you, including your arrest warrant."

"Now you have received a notice of legal proceedings before the execution of this case. Please call our officials immediately on 03 83...630, and repeat, 03 83...630, please call to solve your problem immediately."

That's right, when you call the above number, the money will be cheated!

Sheriff Gillies said:"If people receive such suspicious calls asking for money, they should contact the local police immediately."

At the same time, Australian media announcedTop 5 distinguish suspicious calls :

1. If you call and ask you to pay immediately (whether it is a fine or any fee), it must be a fraud. If the tax bureau wants you to pay, they will send you an e-mail first.

2. If you call to ask you to pay taxes, but don't give you any opportunity to inquire, information, or appeal the payment (fine) amount, it must be a fraud.

3. If he asks you to pay your taxes by a specific payment method, such as recharge (prepaid) credit card, it must be a fraud.

4. If he asks you for your credit or debit card information during the call, it must be a fraud.

5. If he calls and threatens that if you do not pay, he will find the local police or law enforcement organization to arrest you, it must be a fraud.

According to ATO data, 7 frauds occurred from July to October last year.

Since the beginning of this year, the Inland Revenue Department has received more than 17,000 fraud cases.

among them,113Was defrauded of 150 million Australian dollars,2500Provide some personal information, such as tax file number.

ATO Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson said that one victim was cheated out of 90 yuan within a few months and even borrowed money from family and friends.

Recently, a large number of taxpayers have filed their taxes, and scammers are also waiting for opportunities, especially active! Therefore, be careful of suspicious calls and protect private information.

Earlier, email scams were also common.

The scammer will send an email saying that the ATO wantsTax refundHere you are, let you provide the details of your credit card, and they will send you the money.

However, this method is relatively outdated. Nowadays, it is more to send viruses via email.

This will be an email that looks a lot like an ATO sent, saying you have a copyEvaluation notice,orThere is a tax refundAnd attach aannex.

If you click, it will automatically download a malware virus and take control of your computer to blackmail the ransom.

Kath Anderson said that if you are not sure whether it is true or not, you can call ATO,+1800 008 540.

At last,Don't call the number provided by the scammer!Don't click on links and attachments in strange emails!Usually, government agencies know who you are,So don't provide any private information to the caller!

# remember! ATO will never:

Warn you for arrest

Let you pay

Let you pay with discount cards and gift cards

Request personal information from you (tax document number, credit card number, etc.)

Let you send money to your personal account

Let you download files from the Internet

Remind everyone again:The Australian Taxation Office ATO will not take any form,Let you provide the details of your credit card! ! !

Suspicious mail received,Check the official website first!

If you have any questions,Directly dial the ATO hotline for inquiries:+1800 008 540

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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