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According to the Daily Mail report, last year, the number of people who died of heroin overdose in Victoria was 190, which is much higher than the 2009-14 average.

Now on the street, you only need to spend less than $20, even as low as $17, to buy this drug.This price is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes or 6 cans of beer!

You must know that in the past few years, the price was around $50, but now because of the low price, more and more people are induced to become addicts.

In Richmond, Melbourne's drug-affected area, you can find various injection needles, most of which are uncovered, scattered in the corners of the block.

More than half of the deaths caused by heroin overdose occurred in public places, in parks, parking lots, public toilets, and even on the streets. This number of deaths has risen year after year, which has had a bad impact on the entire community.

This phenomenon has caused the public and the media to call on the government to take action. Like the existing safe injection room in Sydney, the same house is also established in Melbourne for drug addicts to give injections under supervision.

However, the Governor of Victoria said:"The state government has no plans to establish a similar safe injection room in Victoria."

Regarding drug abuse, a government official said:"This is a complicated problem, and there is no good way to solve it all at once."

Although all sectors of society are actively trying to promote the proposal of safe injection rooms, the state government still has no clear attitude towards this and is still ignoring more and more addicts dying on the street.

The City of Yarra, which governs Richmond, has found that there are more and more syringes on the streets since the past few years, and the number of addicts who will harass the surrounding residents has also increased year by year.

The police currently hold the principle of "zero tolerance" for the sale of drugs. In the past year, Melbourne police have arrested hundreds of criminals suspected of drug crimes in the Yarra area alone.

However, this still cannot completely solve the problem of drug proliferation on the street.

In addition to the addicts themselves, the neighbors who are most affected by this are:

"Even if it is written that no entry is allowed at home, and high walls and surveillance equipment are installed, there will still be addicts coming. And drug transactions on the street happen every day, and feces can even be seen on the corners. Now the government is a typical "what "Never do it", even because it may affect the number of votes in the election, I dare not decide whether to establish a safe injection room."

Regarding the proliferation of drugs and addicts, Australian netizens have a lot to say:

"This is the most livable city in the world. The police only adopt a zero-tolerance policy for drug sellers, but they have nothing to do with drug addicts. Maybe they should start arresting those drug addicts."

"Alcohol is so expensive now, but buying heroin is getting cheaper and easier. The government is so good that the tax on alcohol is getting higher and higher, so that people choose other cheaper alternatives."

"Cheap heroin represents more drug addicts and more crime, and we are in trouble."

Cheap drugs will inevitably make more people addicted and cause trouble to the entire community. However, the solution to the establishment of safe injection houses called by all walks of life has not been approved by the current state government.

Melbourne has always been hailed as the world's most livable city, but judging from many small details, there are still many areas that this city needs to improve.

News compiled from "Daily Mail, Herald Sun"


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