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Victoria, once again at the forefront of the world, will become the first state in Australia that can legally execute euthanasia! The passage of this bill, which can be implemented as early as 2019, will give people suffering from disease in Victoria see a glimmer of light.

Euthanasia has always been a controversial and sensitive topic. Euthanasia in English, Euthanasia, the word comes from Greek, meaning good death, good death. Refers toWhen the patient needs to endure the unrecoverable pain for a long time, it is a way to let him die as painless as possible under his own will.

For a long time, euthanasia has been controversial because it was regarded as "murder" and "assisted suicide". Euthanasia is currently divided into three types:Voluntary euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia, unconscious euthanasia.Currently, only voluntary euthanasia is legally recognized in some countries and regions.

Currently, only these countries allow euthanasia in the world:

Belgium, Colombia,

印度(Only for permanent plants),

Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg,

Mexico, the Netherlands and some states in the United States.

The euthanasia bill currently submitted by Victoria stipulates that patients need to confirm their willingness to die without coercion, and the implementation of euthanasia requires three applications:The patient needs to submit an oral application first, followed by two written applications, stating his intention to die, and then there will be a final oral application.

It takes at least 10 days for the three applications to be evaluated and reviewed by two separate doctors. If the patient's condition is too serious and is likely to die within 10 days, the review speed will be accelerated. If the review is passed, the doctor will prescribe euthanasia drugs.

Finally, patients must self-administer or inject euthanasia drugs.

What kind of people are eligible to apply for euthanasia? This bill provides 7 standards:

1. The condition is serious and will not live for 12 months

2. Over 18 years old

3. Incurable disease

4. The late stage of body function is in a state of irreversible decline

5. Being suffering from long, unbearable pain

6. This pain cannot be relieved in a way that the patient considers tolerable

7. People with dementia, mental illness and mental disabilities are not allowed to apply for euthanasia.

The clause also stipulates that all doctors and nurses are not allowed to intervene in the patient's euthanasia application, and doctors are also prohibited from opening any discussions with patients about ending their lives. In other words, euthanasia must be done entirely out of the patient's own wishes, rather than being encouraged, suggested, or persuaded by anyone.

At present, Congress is discussing how long before the patient’s estimated time of death euthanasia can be implemented. Congress hopes to extend this period of time so as to reduce the suffering of patients. There are currently three alternatives:24 months, 12 months and 6 months.

In other words, if Congress finally chooses 12 months, it means that if a patient is diagnosed to live for less than a year, he can immediately apply for euthanasia.

Whether this bill is decided or not is extremely important to critically ill patients and their families. Although nothing in this world is more important than life, if a person cannot decide his right to birth, is it also a kind of progress to have the right to decide to end his painful life? What do you think?

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