Find the top 10 folk delicacies in Melbourne! From 2.5 yuan

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Melbourne has filled the streets and alleys with crowded food. It is difficult to choose, and you can't look for it aimlessly. The editor searches for the folk delicacies that must be tasted for everyone and becomes the first step for the successful social platform Ji Like.

1. Cupcake Central ($2.5)

You can't resist the colorful, delicious cupcake desserts, piled together is definitely the best choice for punching cards. With more than 25 flavors, there is definitely a taste that suits you. The editor’s personal recommendation is Red Velvet, Raspberry White Chocolate, Devil's Food Chocolate Cupcake, it is really endless! Feeling that eating just one is not enough? This restaurant carefully prepared mini cupcakes, and it’s no problem to eat a few at a time.

Address:Level 2, Dining Hall, Melbourne Central, VIC 3000

Business hours:

10:00am – 7:00pm (Mon-Wed)

10:00am – 9:00pm (Thur)

9:00am – 9:00pm (Fri)

10:00am – 7:00pm (Sat & Sun)

price:babycake $2.5 big $4.5

2. Soi ($10)

The most authentic and delicious Thai boat noodle Soi 38 in Melbourne, in addition to its rich taste and popular price attracting countless diners, it can taste the traditional Thai cultural flavor. You can freely match the taste of soup, noodles, chicken or pork balls, the way of eating, and toppings such as coriander and bean shoots. The fragrant soup and the smooth and springy Thai-style noodles will definitely leave the fragrance on the cheeks.

Address:38 Mcllwraith Place, Melbourne City (Under the Wilson Carpark)

Business hours:11:30am – 4pm (Mon – Sat), closed on Sunday

price:$ 10

3. Bun Bun Bakery ($4.5)

Springvale is a place where Vietnamese people and shops gather. If you want to eat the most authentic Vietnamese bread, you must come here. There are many types and unique tastes. The bread has a crispy taste and different meats with different flavors. The real color, fragrance and flavor are complete.

address:1/288 Springvale Road, Springvale VIC 3171

Opening hours:

6am – 6pm (Mon – Sat)

8am – 4pm (Sun)

price:$ 4.5

4. Daniel's Donuts ($3)

Melbourne's first 24-hour donut shop, you will be blessed if you are hungry in the middle of the night and want dessert. In addition to classic jam and full sugar donuts, there are also a variety of unique donut flavors, such as Tiramisu, Red velvet, etc. It is particularly famous in the Springvale area. More than XNUMX donuts are sold every day, and I am salivating looking at the pictures.

address: 819 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171

Opening hours: 7 days & 24hours

price:$3 each / $15 (6 pieces)

5. Jinda Thai Restaurant($ 8.5)

Don't think that this Thai restaurant, which is crowded with people every day and takes an hour in line, is not only famous for authentic Thai dishes. Many Internet celebrities recommend this cake. There are six flavors, especially Thai-style milk tea and coconut flavors, popular pandan, green tea and taro flavors, and classic caramel. A small bite of the Melaleuca cake with a bite of ice cream, the perfect interpretation of this cake.

address: 3-7 Ferguson St, Abbotsford,

Opening hours: 

Chinese food: 11:30am – 3:30pm (Mon – Tue, Thurs – Sun)

Dinner: 4:00pm – 10:00pm (Mon – Tue, Thurs – Sun)

5:00pm – 10:00pm (Wed)

phone:(03) 9419 5899

price: $ 8.5

6. 8 bit ($10.5)

The hamburgers are all the same, with similar tastes and textures? The 8bit burger will definitely surprise you. The unique taste of his house not only integrates local flavors, but also adds a lot of other countries' flavors. For example, American cheese, red onion, etc. The tender texture of the gravy makes you want to stop!

Address:231 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Opening hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

price:$ 10.5-14.5

7. Porked ($9.95)

A century-old classic Hawaiian specialty, this is a healthy food created by fishermen. Mix different seafood, fish with sea salt, seaweed and rice to enjoy together, healthy and delicious. It also adds kimchi, beans and fruits to add color and sweetness. It is definitely one of the essential menus for healthy self-cultivation.

Address:3/551 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Business hours:

11am – 9pm (Mon – Fri)

12pm – 9pm (Sat – Sun)

price:Small: $9.95 / Medium $11.95 / Large $13.95

8. Smith & Daughters ($8)

I usually throw up a brunch with bread and egg?Then this Spanish tortilla will become your new favorite for breakfast, a thick and delicious potato cake, accompanied by aioli, to sublimate its flavor.Enough to make you have the urge to taste again.

address: 175 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Opening hours:

6pm – 10:30pm (Tue – Fri)

10am – 1am (Sat)

10am – 10:30pm (Sun)

price: $8

9. Hophaus Bier Bar Grill ($35)

German sausages and beer are a match made in heaven. The most famous German restaurant is Wursptplatten. This 5 famous Walmas sausages roasted over charcoal fire, plus the unique Löwensenf sauce, is a good place to have a long conversation with friends and beer.

address: MR5/3 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006

Business hours:

11:30am – 12am (Sun –Thurs)

11:30am – 1am (Fri – Sat)

price: $ 35

10. The Kettle Black($ 16.5)

Want to drink a bowl of healthy and appetizing oatmeal, this Polenta Porridge adds burnt maple syrup, pink strawberries and colorful flowers. Opened the prelude to a beautiful day, eating and looking at the mood!

Address: 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Business hours: 

7am – 4pm (Mon – Fri)

8am – 4pm (Sat – Sun)

price:$ 16.5


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