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If you drink too much pearl milk tea, tribute tea, etc., you should occasionally remove your stomach for a new taste; the desserts of cats are not limited to cafes and restaurants, not limited to cakes and pancakes. So the editor today found a few "sweet dessert shops" for you to eat while taking photos.


In the summer, Dex2Rose is an ice cream shop that flocks to. In winter, it also launched 3 new desserts to cater to everyone’s demand for desserts; one is a 20-layer cake with matcha flavor and milk tea. The taste, because of so many layers, is actually not very sweet, so rest assured to bite it down;

The second is Belgian chocolate waffles, which are very fancy whole, because they are indeed rich in ingredients. There are waffles, syrup, ice cream, fruits, and matcha and chocolate to choose from;

The third is hot chocolate that is indispensable in winter. There is really a small dish of charcoal fire for you to light, including chocolate, marshmallow, raspberry, and ice cream;

Finally, if you like to eat ice in cold weather, don't miss the ice cream in this restaurant famous for its delicious ice cream.

Time: Mon-Sun 1pm-11pm Address: 377 Lt Bourke St, MELBOURNE


As a editor who has lived in Hong Kong for many years, I really feel like tears when I see the egg waffles. Don't miss this one in the city! There are original flavors, matcha flavors, etc., and you will choose a ball of ice cream you like to put on it. It will be decorated with some fruits and cookie crackers. The two days of ice and fire will bite the happiness of khakaka .

In addition to egg waffles, there are also waffles that every family must have. They also have hand-made yogurt, which is also pretty good.

Time: 11am-11pm Address: 81 Grattan St, Carlton VIC 3053

Desserts By Night

If Melbourne wants to make a list of delicious and cheap desserts, this one will definitely be included. It is definitely enough to take $20 to eat; besides, this dessert chef is really in control, and the presentation of each dessert is beautiful , May be convenient for everyone to take pictures and share.

As a shop that only concentrates on making desserts, in addition to displaying waffles, chocolates, fruits, and ice cream, another highlight is that it directly uses fresh fruits as the base for desserts, such as passion fruit and coconut... This is also everyone A single product that I almost always try.

Time: Mon-Sun 12noon-12am Address: 38 Edgewater Boulevard, Maribyrnong, Melbourne

Fancy Nance

Fancy Nance is more arrogant and only picks up guests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cost of the name, the desserts and the decoration of the store are also very fancy, but everyone likes it~ You can see that there are constantly girls standing in front of their flamingos taking selfies.

Desserts are mainly pancake, nuts, fruit, and cream mix and match, focusing on fresh, healthy and organic food; you can also choose the luxurious afternoon tea set for $49 or $69, which contains 3-4 items. They will launch new products on a Saturday every month, starting from 6:XNUMX pm until closing, and reservations are required in advance.

Time: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5.30pm
Address: 21 Daly Street, South Yarra, Melbourne


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