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Australians are very health-conscious, and there are many different allergy sufferers and vegetarians, but at the same time, many people follow the trend and pretend to be allergic or vegetarian, but they can't restrain their desire to eat good food...

According to 7 News,A star chef in Sydney, faced with the many demands of so many tricky pseudo-allergic eaters, he can't stand it!

This one is holding a big fish in the picture,The man who smiles gently is called Patrick Friesen, he is the chef of a restaurant in Sydney!

He is always gentle, but he finally can't stand it recently!He broke down and posted a long post on his Instagram to anger these tricky pseudo-allergic eaters.

Dinner is always the busiest time for Patrick, who works in the restaurant.However, he recently discovered that some customers always make some unreasonable requests!

"I have a seafood allergy, but I really like your oyster sauce!"These people said they could not eat seafood, but they ordered a lobster set meal!

Patrick said that it was not the only guest who would make trouble like this!He also came across an order saying: "I am allergic to gluten, but I accept grains other than bread."

Also, there was a customer who claimed to be a vegetarian, but ordered chicken wings...Patrick was really dumbfounded. It was the first time he heard that chicken is also a vegetarian!

In the face of such a customer, Patrick really wants to fall into trouble!These people are obviously not allergic, but they are picky eaters and pretend to be allergic...

If these orders contain people who are really allergic, in case the wrong dish is served, it will be their chefs who carry the pot!

Unexpectedly, Patrick sent this long article,Although many people agree with him, a large number of netizens also replied to him like this:

Paul Caldwell: Stop complaining. Since you are a chef, you have to meet the needs of your guests.

Manal Maarabani: @路人甲, this is how I am! I can’t eat eggs but can eat cakes, I’m allergic to dairy products but can eat cheese and yogurt haha

Chris River Chambers: Is he a chef like this? Oyster sauce is not made from oysters, but from something called oyster mushrooms!

What do you think?

News compiled from "7 News"


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