This Australian boy sold eggs when he was 9 years old, but he became a legend! 16-year-old has become the first brother of the Australian egg industry

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Children in Australia always surprise people...

Yuma, who fulfilled the dream of programmers all over the world,

"Mini Picasso" Cassie Gee, who sold hundreds of paintings,

Ben Wang, who makes it easier to create circuits and custom electronic designs,

The high school boy who developed a $20 life-saving medicine with a 11-dollar formula,

Now, there is another entrepreneurial teenager,Josh Murray is only 16 years old!

At a young age, he runs a farm of 9000 chickens and supplies more than 55000 eggs for the entire Australia every year. He has eggs in supermarkets of all sizes.

It only took less than 10 years to have such a great achievement, which amazed and envied countless adults.

Who would have thought that the reason for starting from scratch was because of a set of toys...

Seven years ago, Josh in Victoria was only nine years old. Like other kids, he wanted a set of Star Wars-themed Lego toys.

At that time, Josh cautiously asked his family to buy toys. Mom said to him half-jokingly,"If you want to buy toys, you can earn pocket money yourself."

Mom also said,"Didn't you raise a few chickens at home, or do you sell eggs to make some money?"

Little Josh thought it was reasonable, so he started knocking on the door from door to door, asking the neighbourhood if he wanted to buy eggs?

In this way, the little brother sold 12 eggs to the neighbor in one go. During this period, he honed a lot of sales eloquence...

Little Josh, who tasted the sweetness, realized that there was a shortage of eggs in the community, and he often had to go to the supermarket to "rush to buy" them.

With the help of his parents, Josh decided to go to the chicken farm personally and buy eggs to sell in the community.

Since then, on weekends, neighbors often see Josh yelling at the market stall...

It turns out that making money in business is so interesting!

The business is getting bigger and bigger, and Josh's ambition is getting bigger and bigger. With the funds, he decided to contract a farm by himself!

Doing business is not so easy. After school, when others are happily going home to play games, Josh's mission has just begun...

In order to fulfill this dream, I sought the opinions of my parents, consulted the teacher, and did a lot of investigations to understand the characteristics of each farm’s eggs...

After long-term investigation, Josh finally achieved the first step: buy a small farm and raise his own chickens.

Then Josh started to study how to raise chickens again. He spent a lot of time reading books, taking notes, and asking some farmers for valuable experience...

Josh is no longer living as an ordinary student. After class, he changes into casual clothes and rushes to his farm to see his baby...

"Every week, I work on the farm for three nights, and on weekends, I also take care of the farm's business. If there are some important meetings to attend, I will sacrifice some class time, but this does not happen often."Josh said.

As for raising chickens, Josh also found out his own set of methods to ensure that his baby leads the best life...

For example, set up activity sheds and rest sheds so that the chickens have their own activity space.

For example, move the shed once a month so that the chickens can enter the fresh grass and poop on the new soil.

For example, a solar power supply was designed for the chicken shed to get rid of the limitation of the fixed grid, and the chickens were stocked to other places every month.

For example, to keep the shed warm so that the chickens will not be cold at night, for which Josh paid a lot of electricity bills.

For example, remember that each group of chickens has its own characteristics,"The chickens in the fourth nest like to peck my trouser legs and shoelaces, but the chickens in the other nests won't".

In this way, the chicks thrive and the quality of the eggs laid is quite good.

Josh’s "Egg Empire" has been officially namedJosh's Rainbow Eggs.

The two major supermarket chains in Australia, Coles and Woolworths, are sold as a whole...

After becoming the boss, Josh did not stop. He often went to the supermarket to personally promote, chat with customers, and collect a lot of market information.

The little thought of "want to buy Lego" made her a "legendary boy" in business in one fell swoop...

Now, Josh is a 16-year-old high school student, running an egg business while preparing for college exams.

After graduation, he plans to go to Switzerland for a gap year before studying business.

After reading Josh’s experience, although he lamented that he was "a child of someone else’s family", the chance of success was never accidental...

With his own efforts and long-term vision, Josh is going step by step...

News compiled from "The Age"


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