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Not long ago, a man in Australia encountered something that made him very depressed-he went to McDonald's to buy ice cream and was rejected...what is going on? The Australian male's name is Luke Ieraci, who lives in Western Australia and is a dairy farmer. Australian men ride their beloved horse Zara to herd most of the time every day, soThis horse is the same as a car to him, and it is used for transportation.

Last Sunday, the Australian man rode to visit a friend who lives in Australind. On the way back, he saw a McDonald's on the roadside, so he decided to buy an ice cream to quench his thirst in the drive-through channel.

However, after he rode in, the staff told him:"Sir, I'm sorry, we can't provide service for you, because you are riding a horse. A horse is an animal, not a car."

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Australian men are stupid at first, what is this?"Horse is also a legal means of transportation, why can't you use drive-through?"

The staff said:"We know that horses are legal means of transportation, but drive-through vehicles are all cars. What we worry about is the welfare and safety of horses."

The Australian male explained:"Our family Zara has long been used to walking on the road, and she has a good temper, well-trained, and won't cause any trouble."

However, after talking for a long time, the staff in the drive-through channel still insisted on refusing to sell his ice cream. They suggested that the Australian malePut the horse aside and buy ice cream in the store. But Australian maleI'm worried that parking a horse is not as convenient as parking. If the horse ran off accidentally, then this ice cream is not worth it, So to the end of the toss, the Australian man did not eat ice cream after all, and went home sadly.

Later, he tried to communicate with McDonald's, hoping that they could modify the relevant regulations.

But a spokesperson for McDonald’s in Western Australia said,Only those who drive cars can enjoy drive-through services.

"It's a safety issue, so we won't modify this rule."

The Australian man is very worried, is it really necessary to count the car like this...

However, some people are curious about this rule. The Mounted Police in Melbourne also ride horses. If they go, will McDonald's sell it?

Some fans revealed that the Mounted Police in Melbourne City often ride horses to buy coffee and never dismount.

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I feel that although there are regulations on this matter, it probably depends on the mood of the employees in many cases. After all, there are many winners!

In fact, buying ice cream on horseback is not uncommon in Tuao, where everything can happen. After all, people still haveDrive a helicopter to buy McDonald'sWhat about it.

In May of this year, a man in Sydney drove a helicopter and parked on the grass of a local McDonald's.

The McDonald’s staff looked scared, but after the driver got down, he said lightly"Sorry guys, I'm in a hurry, please come with a package".

After taking the meal, the man drove into the helicopter and left...

Leave the staff alone in the wind messy...

It can only be said that the employees of McDonald's Australia must be open-minded. Really any kind of customer will meet, the customer is the god...

News compiled from "Perth Now, 9 News"


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