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There are four most common payment methods in Australia: cash, debit card, credit card, cheque. The most commonly used payment methods for restaurant meals are cash, debit, and credit. And the words Cash Only must be seen frequently in the streets of Australia! However, don't think that if you secretly earn a little cash and keep it by your side, it will be unknowing! Well, you will be surprised when the tax bureau staff comes and knocks on the door.

In March this year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently announced a major policy.

The Australian Taxation Office announced that it will conduct a thorough investigation of cash transactions in Australia to pursue the black gold economy, and Chinese owners are the first to be investigated!

According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" report, all restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops, hair salons, beauty salons, nail shops, courier services, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, construction industry technicians, cleaners, large garbage recycling industries, etc... …Almost all small business owners are under attack.

Three months after the implementation of this plan, there were already Chinese recruits!

According to a document recently released by the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal, a Chinese national was audited by the Tax Office!

Here's the thing... When this Chinese was audited by the tax bureau, it was discovered that he had a lot of undeclared income!

Since his business is mainly based on cash income, he cannot provide a clear proof to ATO!

Australian Taxation has reviewed the tax bill submitted in 2013!

In the tax bill, the Chinese described him as the manager of a coffee shop and this job was his main source of income.

His declared income for a fiscal year was only $20,800.

After that, he received an audit letter from ATO!

However, the ATO conducted an investigation on his bank account, and during the audit process, it was discovered that the company he operated did not declare all the income of the 2013 fiscal year!

However, when the Inland Revenue Department was investigating his bank account, he discovered that he frequently deposits cash in the bank! In fiscal year 2013, a total of $60.8 was deposited in the bank!

What shocked the tax bureau was that the ATO also discovered that he owns multiple investment houses, and he also collects rent from the investment houses, and these incomes have never been reported to the ATO!

According to the investigation of the tax bureau,The total income of this Chinese in the 2013 fiscal year was 14.7!

According to ATO’s audit, his income is like this...

The tax bureau believes that he submitted an incorrect or misleading tax declaration to the ATO.Therefore, he was required to pay a fine of up to 2.8!

However, the Chinese believed that the ATO's investigation was wrong. He said that his parents had brought him 7 Australian dollars in cash in the bank from China.

However, in the entry declaration form of his parents, they did not declare A$7 in cash when they entered the country. Therefore, the arbitral tribunal document stated that if the money was brought into the country by his parents, then they committed a felony. !

Although the Chinese appealed the ATO's judgment to the Administrative Review Tribunal, according to a series of investigations by the arbitration tribunal, the original judgment was still maintained and a fine was imposed on him!

In addition, in July and August 2014, ATO has sent 7 Mandarin-speaking and Cantonese investigators to visit 8 restaurants and coffee shops in the Sydney Tang Dynasty, reminding small business operators to comply with tax and Pension obligations.

It also conducted 43 audits of many small businesses and recovered up to 820 million Australian dollars in taxes. Prior to this, the Australian Taxation Office has hired investigators who speak Asian languages.

Check all small businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide and all over Australia, especially those who only accept cash!

According to the ATO, the concealment of income is used in cash transactions to avoid tax payment. There are approximately 160 million small business operators in Australia who have designed 233 different industries and used the method of collecting cash to conceal income to avoid tax. These companies are currently in the ATO. Within the radar range.

Paying cash wages is also under investigation

In addition, the ATO has also launched investigations into non-declaration of operating income, payment of salaries without correct accounting, or failure to provide employees with pension insurance.

According to reports, how many 5500 employees report to ATO every year about their boss’ illegal payment of cash wages!

Owners of restaurants, small supermarkets, and gift and health products stores like to post small advertisements for recruiting part-time waiters, dishwashers, and handymen to attract international students who want to work-study.

Due to the fierce competition for many positions of international students, businesses do not need to worry about finding suitable candidates. Therefore, the hourly wages (ranging from 8-12 Australian dollars) are far below Australia's minimum hourly wage standards. Moreover, this kind of black economic industry usually pays wages in the form of cash, which can avoid taxes. Second, there is no payroll or bank slip as evidence. Even if employees complain, it is difficult to obtain evidence.

In 2016, Chinese student Kenny (pseudonym) worked in a well-known Chinese restaurant with an hourly salary of only 8 Australian dollars. He said that although Australian law stipulates that students cannot work more than 40 hours every two weeks after school starts, he and his companions basically work overtime in order to make money. He said: “I know I’m illegal in this kind of illegal work, and I’ll be sent back to my country if I’m found out. But too many students are looking for jobs. If I don’t do it, there will be a bunch of people waiting to fill my position.” Kenny said An hour’s salary of 8-12 Australian dollars is common for students from Asian countries, and his Vietnamese friends are also ruthlessly exploited where they work.

Tomoe (pseudonym), a 23-year-old working tourist visa holder from Japan, has changed 6 jobs within two years of staying in Australia due to lack of a perfect resume, rich work experience and limited English proficiency. Not only the wages are very low, working overtime every day, but there is no wage subsidy even for weekend work. She said that apart from the Fratelli Paradiso restaurant in Potts Point that pays her wages in strict accordance with the Australian minimum wage standard, the other five restaurants not only offer her very low wages, some even do not pay her. In the beginning, she worked as a waiter in a Japanese restaurant in Newtown. The boss paid her in cash according to her working hours in order to avoid tax. There was no pay slip at 5 Australian dollars per hour. She also worked as a baker in a restaurant in Paddington. Although she had no payroll for $12 an hour, she also gave her cash for tax avoidance. Friends around her work in Japanese restaurants with an hourly salary of 19-10 Australian dollars, so she has to accept this price. Since she was given cash and did not have a payslip as proof, when asked about the shop owner, Ms. Chen, she said that she recorded the tax numbers of all employees and had payslips every time she was paid. If Tomoe did not have it, it might be because she was just a trial job. There is no evidence that she paid Tomoe a very low salary.

These are very few people who are willing to tell about their experience of being exploited. Even those who bravely stand up to expose the black-hearted vendors do not want to disclose their real names.

According to data from the Australian Taxation Department, from 2015 to 2016, about 5294 people (95% of the total) anonymously reported that their employers used cash to pay wages to exploit legal loopholes.

Most of the "working slaves" who are oppressed by low-paying and overworked jobs keep silent because they worry about losing their jobs or being forced by the shopkeeper's prostitution.

All migrant workers, whether they are students, working visa holders or local Australians, need to review Australian work laws and employment regulations before working. Once they encounter labor disputes, they must be brave enough to defend their rights and must not face their vested interests. There is any backlash.


International students should bear in mind that, except for unlimited holidays, they should not work more than 40 hours every two weeks after the start of school.

Be sure to apply for a tax number before working to pay taxes! The application URL is as follows:


It is the registered company, not the owner of the company, who signs the work contract with you. Only contracts with companies are protected by the government's minimum wage, and most contracts with individual bosses are below the minimum wage.

Employers should regularly give you pay stubs, clearly setting out your working hours, wages and taxes payable, and the amount on the pay stubs should be consistent with your actual income.

The minimum hourly wage shall not be less than A$17.7 and after July 7st it shall not be less than A$1. Once it is necessary to work at night or on weekends and public holidays, the employer should additionally subsidize overtime pay (the overtime rate is shown in the figure below).

According to the regulations given by FWO, no one shall deduct or delay the payment of employees' wages under the pretext of financial damage caused by machine equipment failure. Wages can only be provided to employees in cash or transfer, and cannot be offset by any equivalent coupons or the provision of board and lodging services.

Once you have been unfairly treated or exploited, please bravely contact FWO at 131394 (working hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am-5:30pm). Applicants who are worried about poor English and unable to express themselves can call 131450 first. FWO will provide Chinese services.


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