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Today, according to the Australian media "Sydney Morning Herald", 6 Chinese citizens were intercepted and arrested by Australian police, and 5 of them were immediately deported to China!

According to Australian media, the Australian border guards intercepted a ship near the Saibai Island in Papua New Guinea, north of Australia on the 20th of this month. The ship successfully entered Australia’s territorial waters and proceeded straight ahead, ignoring the Australian border guards. Enter Australia.

It was immediately intercepted and controlled by the Australian military police. There were 7 people on board, 6 Chinese citizens, and one person from Papua New Guinea.

According to Australian media, Saibai Island is only 4 kilometers away from Papua New Guinea, and the closest distance to Queensland, Australia is only 150 kilometers.

After repeated inquiries by the Australian police, the leading Chinese citizen and the Papua New Guinea citizen explained their purpose of taking the boat: to smuggle the other 5 Chinese citizens on board to Australia!

Earlier, Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton just said that Australia has not successfully smuggled and smuggled ships into Australia for at least 1000 days.

Unexpectedly, Peter Dutton was slapped in the face, and the ship had already successfully entered Australia.

Subsequently, the Chinese man and the Papua New Guinea man who participated in the lead were immediately arrested by the Australian police and filed a lawsuit in Cairns. Australian media claimed that they were arrested by the Australian government on suspicion of "Smuggling and Smuggling Act" Article 233C, Article 1. Accused of "helping them smuggling" (aggravated people smuggling).

The two will face long-term detention and heavy fines!

The five Chinese citizens who participated in instructing the two to help them complete the smuggling to Australia were also quickly taken away by the Australian police and deported immediately!

Australian media said that the ship was suspected of seriously threatening Australia's border security, and the handling method was in line with the current requirements of the Australian government.

Earlier, since the Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton formally implemented the Australian border policy, at least 31 similar smuggling vessels have been arrested, all of whom have been arrested and repatriated.

Earlier, the Australian government issued a statement that all attempts to enter Australia by boat, whether criminals or refugees seeking asylum, will be arrested and repatriated on the spot, implementing a zero tolerance policy.

Australia also stated that the five Chinese citizens repatriated this time do not know what their purpose is, but they will never be tolerated.

It is not just repatriation on the spot. Anyone who enters Australia by smuggling by boat will permanently enter the Australian blacklist once discovered by the Australian government, and will not be allowed to enter Australia in any way thereafter.

The reason for adopting such severe measures is that the Australian government is deeply endangered by "black people". According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are currently at least 64000 people illegally stranded in Australia.

Among these 64000 people, nearly two-thirds have stayed for more than 2 years.

According to the Australian Immigration Service, 1/3 of these criminals have formal jobs, and 2/3 of the criminals frightly avoid the Australian government's scrutiny every day.

Among them, there are about 9440 people in Malaysia, more than 6500 people in China, about 5710 people in the United States, and about 3680 people in the United Kingdom staying in Australia illegally. Except for obtaining legal visas and staying in Australia overdue, most of the criminals are smuggling. Travel to Australia illegally.

It’s no wonder that the Australian government has made such a big fire. Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that “targeted joint operations” will be regularly used to liquidate and control illegally stranded people.

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