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In a lifetime, there will always be a few little lies that "no one will believe when you listen"... For example, when you are late, you will say"Because of the big train traffic jam", Just say when you don’t want to go to work"I have diarrhea", But it was discovered the next day to have a big meal...

However, if you are speeding, there should be no excuses. At least I can't think of any excuses to prevaricate the police...

but! Australians are always surprising. A few days ago, the Australian police made a bunch of strange excuses that Australians told the police after speeding, all of which were eye-opening...



In January this year, a female driver was stopped by the police in Bootenal in Western Australia’s Midwest becauseShe drove up to 110km/h on the section with a speed limit of 127km/h!

However, it is speechless that the reason given by the driver for speeding is:

"Just now there was a gust of wind,I didn't want to speed too fast,But the wind is so strong! Keep blowing me forward!what can I do! "

She even "clearly" stated her reason for speeding on the ticket:

It was the gale that pushed me to speed! (The wind was pushing me! )

Even with this IQ, I still learn how to speed. As a result, the policeFine her 200 yuan, plus 2 points!

And the following female driver who speeded in April this year:

"I rushed to buy Nando's (roast chicken) for my kids!"

In the end, this reason was of course not over...Was fined 300 yuan plus 3 points.


But the low point is not low... continue to look...

The following driver, the police issued a document saying that this new excuse for speeding is "reasonable":

"My car is running out of gas, so I have to rush to refuel."

The results areA fine of 400 yuan plus 4 points will be deducted.

and this:

Drive 80 on a road that is 118 kilometers per hour... the reason is "Because it is too cold, I want to go home quickly"

Result800 yuan fined and 6 points deducted!

There are some strange reasons:



"I want to take my son to measure the weight." The speed is 155km/h (100km/h section)

"I'm testing my new windshield." The vehicle speed is 115km/h (70km per hour)

"My leg cramped and I accidentally stepped on the accelerator." The vehicle speed is 103km/h (70km/h section)

"I'm in a bad mood today. I just broke up with my girlfriend. I'm rushing home now." The speed is 123km/hour (90km/h section)

"I'm very tired, I have been up since 4 in the morning." The speed is 110km/hour (80km/h section)

"I just changed a new tire. I didn't know I was speeding." The speed is 88km/h (60km/h)

"My sound is broken (?)" The vehicle speed is 88km/h (60km/h section)

"I just finished washing the car, and now I want to dry it." The vehicle speed is 80km/h (60km/h section)

"I'm going to participate in a friend's weightlifting competition, I will be late soon." The speed is 78km/h (60km/h)

"I didn't wear socks, and my feet were frozen." The speed is 82km/hour (70km/h)

There is even this kind of reason for not understanding what he is talking about:

"A magpie flew over in front of my car with a piece of metal in its mouth. It was detected by your testing equipment."

Finally this absolutely:

Driving 100 on a road at 135 kilometers per hour...The reason for speeding is "Nothing, I'm an idiot"

Traffic policeman Marcus Boorman said that although these excuses sound like jokes, the police do not find them funny.

Marcus stated:"They have a serious face when they say this, so we treat it strictly when we give punishment."

Those drivers who come up with super strange reasons just want to break their heads, really have to convince you!

However, although these reasons are funny, the safety of life is still the top priority. Don't make fun of gambling with your life...

新聞採編自《Daily Mail, canberra times》


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