Melbourne has a magical market every month, no need to bring money! Because all products are free

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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If you come to melbourneReally Really Free Market (RRFM), You will know that you can get what you want without money,Because everything in this market is free!

Last Sunday, atPreston, MelbourneRailway Reserve Bike PathNearby, nearly 1000 residents participated in the RRFM.

Some of them cooked it in their own homedelicious food, Take it to the scene and set it up, let the visitors take it for themselves.

Someone is doingFace painting

Someone provided15 minutes of Bonn therapy

Someone brought itVarious needles and threads, by the way, also help visitors to sew and repair

Someone stillOpened a course on the classification of waste food

All this is free!

Hailie SommerhalderIs one of the commodity providers of this market. Previously, every month, on the Sunday when the market was held, she would come to Preston from Nillumbik Shire, 30km away, to display her clothes, books or clothing accessories and give them to strangers.

So far, the total value of the things she sold hasMore than 1000 dollarsThe.

Sommerhalder said that he likes the practice of "giving to others for free".

"It feels like a paradise away from money. Because in this world, money is everywhere, and there are really few free things. So it's great to see so many people, open and honest, and give without conditions."

RRFM will beThe last Sunday of every monthHold. Such forms of activity have existed before in New Zealand, Greece, Singapore and Canada.

Singapore's RRFM

Suse ScholemIs one of the 10 organizers of RRFM. She said that people can find all kinds of goods in this market.

The publicity of the whole event is only Facebook, posters and word of mouth. Through the introduction of residents who had participated in the market before, more and more people participated in the market.Only 500 people participated in April this year, but by July, the number of participants increased to 1000!

"We want to create this event to explore how unity the residents of the community are outside the secular money system, and to see how happy everyone can be in an environment without money."

Because it was initiated entirely by community residents' organizations, Scholem encourages anyone to participate.

"We call on everyone to offer their goods or services. Anything you don't want, or something you want to give to your neighbors."

However, money transactions cannot be carried out, nor advertising.

"Money has no effect here."

Residents who have participated in the market have praised this event again and again:

"This idea is really great, and it helps fight food waste."

"The best idea ever! What a beautiful day! Looking forward to the next market."

"I am so happy to get so many good things today, and the food is delicious."

"Wow! This idea is really great! I will definitely prepare better next time and bring more things to everyone. Also, I am grateful to River for helping me pick up the colorful wigs, and thank you for making Indian tea for me. Handsome guy."

Regarding everyone's praise, Sommerhalder said, "I am very happy that everyone can be a part of this market."

"It seems that the bazaar supplies tangible things, but in the end everyone harvests intangible wealth, which cannot be measured by money.It's like, you give out a book that you have read and loved very much. After the other person has read it, you two will get in touch through this book and begin to exchange the contents of the book. "

"Those things you no longer need may become what others need. By giving each other, these items can gain new life."

Many residents get to know each other and become good friends through this kind of "exchange" without money.

Everyone eats food cooked by each other and read each other's favorite books.

Those who have a good skill also have an extra stage show, and at the same time they can win the admiration of others.

Not to mention, this market alsoSolve the problems of hoarding and food waste in residents' homes.

This kind of community life can hardly be better.

If you want to experience this beauty, you can do it on the last Sunday of August, which is8/27Take part in this market event! For details, please check on the Facebook page:

With your friends, experience this kind of "no need to talk about money to hurt feelings" and live a harmonious life!

News compiled from "The Age"


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