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You win after 3 hours! Australia’s largest burger weighs 3.5 kilograms. Challengers can not only eat free of meals within 3 hours, but also receive a reward of 100 Australian dollars.

"Daily Mail" reported that Tony Moss, the chef of Geelong Peninuslar Hotel, has launched a super giant burger weighing 7 pounds.

It is reported that the width of this burger reached 36 cm, including two 1.2 kg beef patty, 5 bacon, 5 eggs, and a small amount of caramel, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Because the hamburger is too big, its bread must be specially customized.

Moss said that customers who want to challenge this burger must apply 24 hours in advance so that they can order the ingredients to make the burger.

It is reported that the challenger needs to pay a $35 meal fee. If he can eat all the burgers within 3 hours, the restaurant will not only refund the meal fee but also provide a $100 reward.

Moss also said that there are not many guests for the Hamburg Challenge on weekdays, with an average of about 10 people per year. As of now, only 2 people have successfully challenged.

The Australian media reporters challenged, everyone can watch the film before deciding whether to participate

Challenge video:


The result of the reporter's challenge is of course... defeated

News compiled from "Daily Mail, ntnews"


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