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Yes, this is one of the most liveable city centres in the world.

Recently, the two major cities of Sydney and Melbourne have been discussing the many problems caused by the perennial homeless people in the urban areas. I don't know what will happen on the streets of Melbourne next month.

Last year, a move by our prime minister caused countless controversies.

Melbourne City Hall will discuss new regulations for cleaning up camps for the homeless in the city centre in the next September.

Due to the opposition of many people, especially those welfare groups, this issue has been noisy since February.

City councillors are faced with more than 2500 submissions, and the new law will still have to abide by the human rights charter by then.

I have tried both hard and soft before.

Mayor Robert Doyle said that Melbourne CBD now cleans up 560 kilograms of household waste related to homeless people every week.

They also entered the campus quietly.

The mayor said: I am not saying that the homeless is guilty, but this is not a good choice and way of living alone in the city. Many large obstacles and camps in the urban area are spreading, which prevents citizens from using the public realm.

The upcoming new regulations will redefine what street-sleeping is, and will allow city officials to confiscate unattended items in public places, even if they appear to be private.

Now part of the new planHas been revealed, Is the model proposed by the Council to Homeless Persons (Council to Homeless Persons).

Just build a house for them to live in:

The homeless wanted to be neighbors, and the local residents began to object.

The two pieces of land valued at between A$370 million and A$400 million in the government's favor, located at 226-228 South Road, Brighton East VIC 3187, will be used for the construction of these units.

Before the official house was built, six temporary houses have been built here, each of which is expected to house 6 people.

A local resident, Rosetta Caponio, said: "Know that some of them (the priceless) have mental illnesses and some are drug addicts. It is too unsafe. How dare we go out or go home at night?"

The old man named Russell McDonald on the right of the picture above said, "I have 5 grandchildren. How can they play happily on the grass outside in the future? There will be people who smoke and drink in the future."

Residents complain that the government will build these houses without even sending a document.

There are only 6 nearby families who have received flyers. If they hadn't conveyed the news to their neighbors, no one would have known it. Subsequently, the municipal telephone has been blown by the residents of this community.

Resident Frank Deak said: "My wife has switched to panic mode."

However, the government has always comforted them not to worry, there will be nothing wrong.

But he said that there is really no recruiting now, and only as originally planned, the house will be built in September.

Good sunshine, coastal land.

From now on, the housing prices around here will probably be...

Residents face such things, but many netizens gloat:

"Haha, luckily it's not in my community."

"Haha, wonderful"

"Give them a tent to live on the beach, haha."

"The good news is that my community doesn't have any space for them, unless they want to live in tents outside. Place them in Brighton. Thank you."

"There are already a bunch of street sleepers living there in a 5-minute walk. These selfish residents don't usually drive a SUV worth 10? The residents are not afraid of them, the residents are just afraid of falling prices."

Some netizens blame the government:

"Are there any facilities for street sleepers next to the governor's house?"

"??? What about the vacant lots and rooms next to the parliament... there are already existing houses for them to move in????..."

Although the life experience of many street sleepers is worthy of sympathy, there are also people who simply do not want to work...

An earlier survey pointed out that many of them are not really homeless, and some are even professional beggars with good income. I am idle, and I don’t have to pay taxes.


A Wang with melancholy eyes, standard for many homeless people.


Its owner, don't look at the smelly nest on the street. During the unannounced visit, he said that he did not ask for much money, aboutA$1 a week, And still need to work hard.

Of course, you cannot conclude that none of them need help.

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Someone suggested giving the homeless a chance to work, and everything was solved. However, many netizens said that many of them are drug addicts or alcoholics, and they can only spend money where they shouldn't be spent, and it has no effect on solving the problem.


This country complains all day about the lack of labor, and as a result, all labor is sleeping on the road.

News compiled from "Daily Mail, 7 News"


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