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In the past six weeks,A large number of counterfeit banknotes of 50 yuan and 100 yuan have appeared in Western Sydney, St Marys police urged merchants to carefully identify when they receive banknotes.

According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, in6月19日至7月30日期间,当地有多家商户表示收到了假钞。目前出现的假钞大多为面值较高的50澳元和100澳元,It is used to shop in St Marys, Mt Druitt and Penrith stores.

Vincent said,Larger denomination banknotes are easier to forge, such as 50 yuan and 100 yuan.

St Marys security manager Barry Vincent said that reports of counterfeit banknotes usually appear one after another. "We occasionally receive reports like this. We call on the public to be vigilant, especially when they get large banknotes, to check if they are genuine."

Another police spokeswoman from St Marys said that between June 6 and July 19, several stores have been recruited. She called on people familiar with the matter to provide clues. "St Marys police received reports that five merchants had received counterfeit banknotes recently. Australian banknotes have many anti-counterfeiting features to identify authenticity."

She said,People who suspect that they have received counterfeit banknotes should not continue to use the banknotes, try not to touch it, hide it in an envelope, record information that can help identify the user, such as appearance and driving vehicle, and contact immediately police. 

Anyone who has clues about counterfeit banknotes in the St. Marys area, please callCrime hotline 1300 333 000 to report

Tips for authenticating Australian dollars

  1. Australian banknotes are made of special plastic and have a delicate touch. Friends who touch money every day will not be unfamiliar with them~ while counterfeit notes are rough and thin.
  2. If you put the Australian dollar into a ball in your hand, the real Australian dollar will quickly bounce back to its original shape, while the counterfeit banknote will not visibly bounce back to its original shape.
  3. Check the banknotes in the sun. The banknotes have the national emblem of Australia. (Icon 2 below)
  4. Look at the position of icon 3 in the figure below. If it is a real coin under the sun, a seven-pointed star will be displayed here.
  5. The bold letters on the Australian dollar should have a prominent feel.
  6. In the transparent part of Australian dollars, you can see a five-pointed star and two embossed "50" characters.
  7. Icon 4 in the figure below, flick the transparent part, it is seamlessly connected with the banknote, forming a whole, if there are traces of connection or even falling off, it is a counterfeit currency.
  8. The background picture of the Australian dollar has clear lines, will not fade, and the color will not be too dark or too light.
  9. If you have a magnifying glass, use the magnifying glass to look next to the Australian dollar character's head, which is printed with small but very clear fine print.
  10. According to UV test, real Australian banknotes should not show fluorescence.

News compiled from "dailytelegraph"


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