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In order to ensure flight safety and prevent terrorist activities, the Australian Federal Government is considering implementing more stringent new airport security regulations:You must present a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, when taking flights within Australia.

This sounds incredible, but for previous domestic flights in Australia, although you are also required to bring your ID.But in fact, in most cases, you do not need to show your passport.No wonder many people lament that flying in Australia is as convenient as taking a bus.

But the new mandatory ID check will not be executed immediately. In recent months, senior government officials have been discussing this plan.After the new Home Affairs office is established and operational, this plan is likely to be passed.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten also expressed support for this plan. He said: "In some countries, as long as you travel by air, you must show a photo ID, but in Australia it is not. We need to know who is on the plane."

However, mandatory ID checks also face certain difficulties in implementation. For example, some people, especially young people, do not have a driver’s license or passport. In addition, in order to ensure that passengers are not showing fake documents, all airports must install corresponding document scanning and verification equipment.

and,Adding ID checks will undoubtedly extend the security check time, May even lead to a repeat of the situation earlier this week.

On Monday, in order to smash terrorist plans to bomb planes, the Australian government strengthened security measures at major airports:Passengers’ hand luggage will be scanned by X-ray first, then opened for manual inspection by security personnel, and finally scanned again.

Strict baggage inspection also caused passengers to face long delays at the airport.The security team even lined up outside the airport!

The airline also sent special text messages to remind passengers: Because the Australian government has implemented additional security checks on international and domestic flights, soPassengers on domestic flights should arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance, and passengers on international flights 3 hours in advance.

However, Attorney General Michael Keenan stated that the government has maintained an open attitude towards mandatory ID inspection plans."If this can ensure the safety of Australians, then of course we will."

Prime Minister Tan Bao also said: "We must continuously upgrade security measures to ensure everyone's safety."

He also said that the security department is now assessing the level of terrorist threats, so thisStrict luggage inspection will continue

In other words, those who travel by plane during this period of time still have to arrive at the airport early to avoid flight delays.

News compiled from "Herald Sun, Daily Mail"


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