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Anyone who lives in urban areas in Australia will inevitably go to Woolworths, the largest retail supermarket in Australia, several times a month.

Many people's favorite payment method is credit card, no change, convenient and fast.

In the last two days, a large number of Australian netizens complained to Woolworths on social platforms, exposing their ownBank cardSuddenly inexplicableDeductedOff:

  • Bank records show that the deduction isConsumption at woolworths;
  • Everyone hereDid not go on the day of deductionWoolworths shopping;
  • The deduction information turns out to beMarch and AprilConsumption at Woolworths

In other words, when the customer did not go to the store to produce any consumption,WoolworthsFor March and Aprilin the shopCredit card consumptionOverOf customersBank accountsConductedSecond charge!

Numerous netizens exposed Woolworths' behavior on social media.

Everyone quickly check your bank account! When I checked my account this morning, I found that Woolworths copied my purchases on the eftpos machine on April 4th and 10th 11 times and deducted three sums of money worth more than A$3! ······Called the bank to ignore me and told me to call Woolworths. Woolworths said that the refund would take a few days! WTF? Suddenly, the balance of my account was overdrawn. I was in Queensland. Who would normally have more than 300 yuan in free money to put there? Obviously it was not me who was the victim. Please check your account!

Thank you Woolworths for clearing my bank account! I went to the hospital for B-ultrasound when I was 36 weeks pregnant, but found that my bank card balance was insufficient to pay!

Thank you for taking my money from the bank card today!!! It was still deducted for the consumption in March!!!! Super inconvenience! There is no money to refuel early in the morning, and I can’t work because of you!!!

Very upset about Woolworths' repeated deductions! Fortunately, we only deducted 60 yuan. God bless us. Fortunately, we only do big shopping at Coles every week (the supermarket that will not deduct our money repeatedly). Can we expect the deducted money to come back?You can still debit the customer's bank account 5 months after the purchase. Is our account information still safe? ?

In this regard, Woolworths only stated that they were aware of this repeated deduction incident, saying that the deduction was caused by an error in their financial center data, and it is under repair... As for when the repair will be made and when can the deduction be returned , Just say as soon as possible, nothing else, no mention...


Finally, a warm reminder:

In the first few months, especially those who spent money in Woolworth in March and April, everyone hurried to check their bank accounts.

If you check out anything, please call1300 767 969-Woolworths customer service number.

News compiled from "The Australian"


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