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It is often said that "food is the heaven for the people." Australia is also a country that takes food seriously. There are countless top restaurants in various cities in Australia. These restaurants not only have fresh ingredients, sophisticated materials, and first-class tastes, but they are also unique in their location, decoration, and overall atmosphere.

As Australia's top food, travel and life magazine——Gourmet Traveller,Every year, industry insiders are invited to select hundreds of restaurants in Australia. These authentic "diners" will visit each restaurant in person, and select the best in their minds based on their taste, touch, and dining experience combined with various senses. restaurant.

This year, the entire judging team has eaten all over Australia409Restaurant, in their mindsFavoriteWho will it be?

First place

Its name isOrana,lie inAdelaide in South Australia!

This is also 20 yearsfirst,Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne have not been crowned.

What is so special about this restaurant?

Also start with their chef and shopkeeperJock ZonfrilloSpeaking of:

He is 38 years old and a Scot. He is not a native of Aussie.

Also because I’m not familiar with the local Australian culture, in the past ten years,He has in-depth contact with many aboriginal communities,From Kimerley to Daly River in the Northern Territory, he communicated with the local elders about crop harvest and cooking skills, and learned how to preserve the original flavor of the ingredients themselves.

So, in his carefully built Orana restaurant, heCombining the essence of aboriginal cooking,And his cooking works are also like fearless warriors who cross the cultural gap with thousands of troops.

Orana won the grand prize

Those who come to Orana for the first time can choose"Alkoopina",It is a "tasting menu" containing nine dishes. Although it is only a "tasting", the price is still very high ($195/head), but at the same time, you can also harvest nine kindsShockedDishes!

The editor can't help taking a peek at the pictures of the dishes on the menu, it's really exquisite~

One of the dishes that contains seafood is Spencer Gulf Prawn

Topped with grated Davidson plums and a little salt.

▼The color matching is too beautiful and harmonious

The other dish is Coorong mullet

Dessert is a special meal made of bark, adding a surprise twist to the classic taste!

Orana, who draws inspiration from the lives of the aboriginals, has not forgotten to give back to their source of creativity.

They established a restaurant named after their restaurantOrana Fondation,This foundation, in cooperation with the University of South Australia, received $125 million in funding from the South Australian government toSupport and support the development of the catering industry in indigenous communities,Establish a local food database to help cultivate the commercialization of ingredient production and create a new food industry for indigenous communities.

Intensively introduced the first place this year,These are the other nine restaurants in the top ten!

02.Attica, Victoria

Attica itself is a superstar in the Australian food and beverage industry, and it has also ranked among the world’s best restaurants this yearTop 50.

Their cooking inspiration comes from the vast land of Australia, and the most prominent feature is among themThe collision of diversity.

03.Momofuku Seiōbo, NSW

Friends who like to eat modern Australian cuisine may be familiar with this restaurant, which is characterized by the perfect fusion of Asian and European cuisine.

The chef of this restaurant was born in Barbados, determined to makeUnique and creative dishes.

04.Brae, Victoria

Brae is also a restaurant specializing in modern cuisine. It is located on the mountainside and has more than 30 hectares of organic pasture.

There are all kinds of seasonalVegetables, nuts, berries and olivesWait, there are more than 100 fruit trees in the orchard.

The free-range chickens here produce real free-range eggs every day, and the honey produced by the farmed bees is enough for them to be self-sufficient.

The menu in the restaurant has been changing with the seasons in order to make full use of the fresh ingredients produced in its orchards and vegetable fields.

05.Cutler & Co, Victoria

This restaurant is located in Fitzroy, one of Melbourne's most literary and trendy districts, and is located in an old metal factory.

Since opening in 2009, Chef Andrew McConnell has been committed to creating aMemorable and very specialHe has a dining experience and hopes that his cooking works can achieve a balance between elegance and simplicity.

06.Vue de Monde, Victoria

Located on the 55th floor of Melbourne’s most iconic Rialto building, this restaurant can bring your dining experience to oneThe new "high" degree.

With a unique location, the chef of this restaurant hopes that guests can treat "eating" as an experience, not just a physical need.

In addition to enjoying exquisite dishes, diners can also watchThe most gorgeous view in the entire city.

Its menu uses ingredients that are easily available daily, beautiful organic vegetables, fruits, and high-quality meat and vegetables from the local production area.

The most influential dishes on the menu are emu egg salad, red kangaroo meat with muntari berries and roasted marshmallows

07.Quay, NSW

Located on the shore of Sydney Harbour, this super famous restaurant can provide diners with a five-star service experience.

Here has the most breathtaking scenery, exquisite cuisine and warm and luxurious dining atmosphere.

This restaurant has also won multiple awards and is well-known worldwide, attracting diners from all over the world.

08.The Bridge Room, NSW

This restaurant is located in Circular Quay, Sydney. It has been awarded by major Australian food publicationsRave reviews.

The two most important things about its dishes are freshness and high quality. The taste of the dishes is deeply influenced by the owner Ross & Sunny Lusted who travels all over Asia and Europe.

09.Bennelong, NSW

If you want to find some Sydney"Wonderful"In Bennelong, you may be able to experience a little bit of the quality.

Located at the Sydney Opera House, under the helm of the well-known chef Peter Gilmore, the goal of this restaurant is to show people Australia's most wonderful food and wine.

What it is best at and insisting on is to ensure the source of food and retain the original flavor of the ingredients. The entire menu is the product of various experiences and understandings with farmers, fishermen, herders and various suppliers.

10.Bentley, NSW

InnovationAs a special feature, Bentley is almost the most unmissable restaurant in Sydney CBD.

The specialties here include char-grilled Kobe beef, topped with mushroom soup, red cabbage, and a carefully selected wine list, attracting people who love wine and food from all over the world to come and taste.

Since the restaurant opened in 2006, it has been consistently ranked among the top restaurants in Australia.

In addition to the top restaurants, Gourmet Traveller also selected many different awards. Below are the attributions of other awards


Chef of the Year(CHEF OF THE YEAR)

Mat Lindsay – Ester, Sydney

Best New Restaurant of the Year(NEW RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR)

Fred's, Sydney

The most talented newcomer of the year(BEST NEW TALENT)

Josh Niland – Saint Peter, Sydney

Best Restaurant of the Year in a Remote Area(REGIONAL RESTAURANT)

Igni, Geelong

Best Bar of the Year(BAR OF THE YEAR)

Bar Rochford, Canberra

Foreman of the Year(MAÎTRE D'OF THE YEAR)

Chris Young – Café Di Stasio, Vic

Wine list of the year(WINE LIST OF THE YEAR)

Kisumé, Melbourne

Best Sommelier of the Year(SOMMELIER OF THE YEAR)

Caitlyn Rees, Fred's, Sydney

Service Industry Outstanding Contribution Award(OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO HOSPITALITY)

Ronni Kahn, OzHarvest

Seeing the concentration and professionalism of these restaurants and chefs for each dish, I suddenly felt that the easy and ordinary thing of "eating" was extremely sacred. With this seriousness and perseverance, it is no wonder that they can be "top" in Australia and even the world!

Their rigorous and serious attitude is also more worthy of the respect of diners. I hope that I have made enough money to eat these top restaurants one by one!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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